Reviews for Freaky Family
MaskFantome chapter 1 . 6/13/2014
Okay, wow good thing I came back to check this before my vacation, because my last review didn't go through apparently, ugh. Gosh internet what the heck is wrong with you lately?! So, I apologize in advance that this came up later than I said it would...I trust everything to go through a little too much it seems. ;

All of that being said though, I really love the direction all of this took. I wasn't sure exactly what you had planned for the end of this, but I'm not only satisfied with how this chapter of Guen's story wrapped up, but also looking forward to more of the next installment. I feel really bad for Guen and that horror she went through, but I do have to give you props once more for not blowing over it and acting like it was nothing. You handled it very well, and gave it the impact something like that would honestly have. I'm curious to see how those changes continue to impact her as time goes along and change her, as well as her new role as a criminal consultant. That's a clever move for them to make, and I'm dying to see how it all plays out.

ALSO MILO YOU TOTALLY BELONG IN THE ASYLUM, YOU PSYCHO DICK. You better hope you stay in there too, otherwise there are plenty of characters who I think wouldn't mind killing your scrawny butt for what you did.

I know you seemed to think there were people who wouldn't like this ending, but I really enjoyed it! It was very bittersweet, and I don't mind a bit of darkness the likes of which you utilized when it's actually done tastefully and not just laughed or shrugged off. Like I said before, it helps highlight how truly awful Milo is capable of being and how messed up he really is, and you're not making light of it or anything. All in all, I found this a very well-done, compelling story, and I congratulate you on finishing both this and Cry Wolf! You've done an awesome job on both of them as with everything else you do, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds from you as an author.
SeasonalQuxxn42 chapter 1 . 2/19/2014
I've read a few chapters and all of them are pretty good.
You seem to put a lot a feeling inside the story as you go and it makes the readers almost feel attached.
Auntie Tano chapter 16 . 1/18/2014
Okay, and let's see if this one decides to go through. xP I want to address the a/n and what you were mentioning in it first- personally, I'm not offended or so horrified by what happened to Wraith that I would walk away from this in disgust. What happened is serious, horrible, and I feel terrible for her as well as hope somebody breaks a few of Milo's bones for the implied act, but I don't see it as a mark against you, the author. While it's true some people use it in the worst possible ways, don't have the impact such an act would honestly leave and treat it like nothing, etc, I don't suspect you're one of them. I trust you to portray the aftermath and how horrible it all is realistically, and this chapter...well, you pretty much show you don't intend to gloss it over. Just the way Wraith is acting alone, how she's reacting, should give more than enough confidence. It's not a comfortable act sure, it's very uncomfortable...but I think it really helps highlight just how sick and twisted Milo is. I know a lot of people know it, though sometimes it seems like people underestimate his potential to be truly horrible, which you don't! And shocking as this might be to some people, it shows he's capable of being just as terrible and dangerous as the rest of the villains. Possibly even worse than some, in these ways.

MOVING ON..I think you handled this chapter really well, everything going on and all! Poor Wraith/Guen though, yeesh. Girl that's rough, I'm sorry for you..I hope that scumbag gets what's coming to him. Also oh my word Ramsey in this just...I love him, he's so awesome. ;u; I love that he's sort of the voice of reason now, finding at least some clarity in the wake of all the madness for the 'beloved priestess'. Ramsey I hope you get to suckerpunch Milo or something, I really do. But gosh the fangs thing just added to the dark, despairing feel of the chapter. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be good with the way the last chapter ended, but you def made it just a tad darker than I had expected. That's not a bad thing though, I thought it was well done! I love a bit of darkness and twisted crap myself, while still being able to feel so bad for the chars it happens to and feel disgusted by the ones doing the deeds.

Her poor feathers too! I'm really wondering if that was meant as just symbolism, that even more crap is happening, or a mixture of the two. I will find out eventually though. But yes, well done! And as hard as these sorts of things are to write, don't feel guilty or bad about it- you're not just slapping it on out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever, it's like you said the unfortunate consequence of somebody's creepy arse obsession. I think it really is expected from Milo, y'know? Like if he was obsessed but just let her go without doing anything especially with how pissed he is at her, it honestly wouldn't be realistic at all. It's hard to see her go through this for sure, but again I know you'll approach it the best way you can and I look forward to seeing Milo get his just desserts for all of this, as well as Wraith/Guen hopefully, though over time, being able to ultimately break free from the horrible psychological state this sort of thing traps you in.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/30/2012
Awesome! Update soon please!