Reviews for Worst Case Scenario
Guest chapter 74 . 3/7
xSapphirexRosesxFanx chapter 74 . 3/1
Interesting story. Nice one and complicated situation.
RedScotch444 chapter 11 . 1/28
RedScotch444 chapter 7 . 1/28
Robin x Batgirl? Please...PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ pretty please?
RedScotch444 chapter 6 . 1/28
Amazing chapter! Loved the detail and the suspense!
RedScotch444 chapter 1 . 1/27
Great start!
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 74 . 11/18/2014
Sorry, guest was me. I don't know why it didn't accept my name.
Re looked this over (for the 17th time!) I also liked the part where Artemis kisses Wally instead of kneeing him in the groin. If only we could have heard those thoughts during Auld Aquatience.
Please update!
Guest chapter 74 . 11/1/2014
Ok confession time. I saw your fic lots of times, and truthfully seeing the AU I ignored it to be a horribly written fan girl fic based on normal life instead of the super awesome heroes (bad experience with another story I'll never forget). I also thought it was from the villeins point of view.
I'm so glad to be wrong. I'm sorry I thought it was bad in the first place. I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I bow to your writing expertise.
Fav line:"Guys!" shouted Rocket, stamping her foot again. "It doesn't matter! We need to find the others, get this girl some help and then there's still the actual mission to do! Now how is this conversation helping us do any of that?"
(Yeah you officially made Rocket one of my fav characters)
Fav scene: Where Aqualad finds out that Black Manta is his father.
Fav fight:Kid Flash vs Tigresses (He knew had to push all her buttons!)
Yeah, I really can't wait for Madhouse. Can't you give any spoilers? Please!
ShadowCatAlex chapter 74 . 10/30/2014
Congrats on (finally) finishing WCS! It's been a pretty incredible, albeit long, ride. But HUGE KUDOS for actually sticking with it for so long! I've run into a lot of fics that just never get finished.

You probably get this a lot, but your plot twists are AMAZING! I've never read a fic with so many, with each one just as shocking as the last. You've got one beautiful, evil brain. On top of that, your characterization is perfect. You also managed to utilize every single character, which is a pretty rare skill around here.

And at your request, some favorites:

Favorite Quote - It's pretty hard to determine a favorite quote for a fic that's been going on for so long, but it was probably something Robin or KF said.

Scene: Not-Artemis revealing her betrayal to the team was great (I was so angry at the time). It was a very villainous scene. Betrayal's a favorite of mine.

Fight: I really enjoyed the fight with Robin and Psimon (and Psimon-possessed Rocket). Robin's my favorite, and you delved into his background, which I loved a lot. You also showed his mental strength which I also kind of loved.

To conclude: this story was super rad, and I'm definitely looking forward to future installments and other works from you!
Veritas1995 chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
Okay. Now that it is all over, here is my review:

Damn, you're good.

The suspense was killer. You stayed true to the cartoon, and it was thus very easy to see this all unfold in my head.

I'm interested to see where you will go with Power Girl (or who I assume that is).

I shall see you... in the madhouse.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
Already said a lot of what I think about your story before, but I will say again, this is fantastic.
Special notes for the end though:
-having the Calculator guy look like he was planning for the Light losing and providing all the info the League would need to take this cabal down made it look like we were facing a solid happy conclusion; therefore your actual ending was an even more delightful plot twist with hooks for future great stories!
-more reminiscent of season 2 ending in that it looks like the Light has taken a serious blow, but is already regrouping with ominous implications for the future (and lots of code names to keep us on edge)
-nice Supermartian twist, with M'gann still unable to reveal her secret. Ready to see where that leads!
-clones and dimensional clone issues, especially since it looks like there may be THREE Psimons. Lovely :-( Makes sense since he is a signficant villain though

Looking back though, what I really like about this story is your intricite plot twists, combined with a very believable storyline. Many thanks and waiting for more (and glad you were delayed, this came out on a downer day, so cheered me right up!)
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
I know I'm a little late to the gam, but I finally got around to reading this story! A-mazing!
I never been so confused, excited, confused, upset, and got blown in the face by bad-ass over a story ever!
Rocket has becoming my favorite character and you just confirmed it. I just wish they continued the show so that they would show Noble and Amistad from the comics. Love the little details you added like Clustrophobia. For some reason I imagined that she would not like being gagged because it reminded her of something else, but whatever.
So back to your story. God, god, god. Is it going to cross-over to S2? and that has to be Supergirl right? Love the little background info, it's so professional writer.
Madhouse! Madhouse! Ay yi yi yi!
Oh pls can't wait to see what's next!
A few things you don't have to do, but I would love to see.
Hawkwoman (Justice League/Justice League Unlimited "Less talking more hitting!")
Superboy/Artemis team-up (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters style)
Anyway, when do you update, and how fast can you go. I will be practically checking every study hall during school!
Please keep it up!
I'll be waiting
Fives32 chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
Aww...but familial executions are the best execution. Okay. I'll cut a deal here. Do the same thing. But the the Evil Artemis (Revive her mother if you must. We have the technology.) And I AM expecting a death-via-thermite-white-phosphorus-and-napalm for Miss Martian.
Brightpath2 chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wow. You are amazing.
My favorite quote was actually the same one as yours (go Black Canary!)
My favorite scene was actually in Running on Fumes, where Rob and Wally are all alone and running out of steam but still going at it.
My favorite fight was definitely Wally and Rob versus Cheshire and Tigress because that was just AWESOME.
And my favorite moment was the Tigress reveal because I KNEW that Artemis wasn't evil and was just waiting to be proved right and you did it so well and it made me happy .

This is an incredible story! I'm really glad that I found it, and that you continued it and completed it. So excited (and worried) for the sequel!
And the presence of Supergirl is rather concerning.

Teen Titans is amazing. Teen Titans Go! is not amazing. Apparently they plan to have the Team go and lecture the Titans on being better superheroes in an episode XD Still don't get how it works because Beast Boy and the fact that Richard Grayson is Robin in Teen Titans. But oh well.
This was a really good story.
Eric the Looney chapter 74 . 10/28/2014
Whoops. Forgot about Brain getting the slip. Well, moving on.

Honestly, as much as I enjoyed this fic, I think I'm going to take a break and not try to read madhouse for a couple months at least. Why? Because your writing style tends to favor escalation to the highest degree, and at some point, I felt I had to put my foot down and give myself a break. I always feel like I'd be getting a heart attack from how tense you make practically every chapter of the fic. Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed. Not welmed at all man. That being said, I think there were a lot of interesting beats used in your story. Robin and Batman connecting the dots of the light (almost completely, though by the end of this, they had essentially outlined the whole thing), that small beat regarding "Saying something quintessentially artemis" that alternate Artemis did, the way Robin managed to fight off psymon, Tala and savage in 2 days/nights. Or the final assault where we could FINALLY see the big guys like Superman cut loose. One other thing I felt was a bit...different was the AU multiverse explanation. I guess it works just fine, but I suppose that like the human cloning back in the other season finale, it's just not something you expect going in. On another note, in regards to the question of Dr. Fate, I don't think Greg really would've planned to bring Zatara back unless absolutely necessary. Not only does it carry that tragic dimension he loves to give some of his characters, but it also has years of comic books and higher power scales in its favor. Since you went ahead and had a Zatara fic for us to think about, I would like to direct you back to my absolute favorite season 3 YJ fic Darkness Falls (search for it). That story doesn't give the fate/zatanna story a lot of focus, but it does bring it back, and takes it in another direction, with it being less about getting Zatara out again, but getting Nabu to show a little sympathy to others. Also, shameless plug, but that story also has one of the best re-imaginings of Supergirl I've seen so far.

Speaking of Supergirl, "did more damage". (I read the closing word) HA! More damage? Please. Unless...(then I think of something) fudge. She's operation pedestal, isn't she? Someone to be held up, only to be another mole to bring down the league. But, if that's the case, or even if it's not, there's too much history here. And as soon as the light hands over anyone with a serious kryptonian gene, then there's already a precedent that the light's lost a major player. Also, if Superman starts fawning over Kara when she gets in, I will slap him HARD. How could he be so neglectful to his little brother and give his cousin/female clone/long lost sister/whatever you're going with so much more? It would feel like even more of a betrayal of the "superman the paragon" that modern writers are trying to balance out. At the very least, have him give conner a thumbs up or something.

Anyhow, so the team was put on reserve duty, but I get the feeling that they're only going to get around 12 hours real rest before they get another emergency to put their nerves and friendship to the test. And man oh man, the league's got its work cut out for them now. If they managed to get all the different villains in their world as well, then the league basically has twice the dangers and difficulties going forward. I have to wonder though, how are you going to incorporate the technosorcery of "Insecureity" into the story? I mean, for one thing, wouldn't all this craziness, despite all that happened, still not give artemis a kind of pass on what happened during that mission yet? The team would understand far more if artemis just came to you too ya white martian. Gargh. Girls.

So it looks like strange is getting the boot, and it also seems that you're recycling characters a lot more than greg did in some cases. While he did bring back a few as grunts, you'r bringing back the count, 2 scientists, ultra humanite, blockbuster and the senior ice man for battle.

Oh and riddler, obsessive compulsive behavior is rather questionable for mental heath. Arkham won't do you any favors, but it might be a bit more of a fit for you, oh criminally insane man.

On a final note, I never thought it would be Lex of all people who flipped out at this exercise for the loss of space, equipment, secrets and investments. This only has me believe even more in Angelus-v1's interpretation of that bald bastard. Luthor had the most to lose from joining the light, because he was the one with perhaps the best finances going in. Ra's might've had some comparible wealth, but it's luthor who must shoulder the burden of loss financially for every setback. Or as he put it, every catastrophic failure. And it seems that darkseid is not pleased at all by this turn of events, not at all. Though what could you think that Darkseid would want from earth? For that I again turn to darkness falls, but I'll stop harping about my favorite of the YJ fics for the moment at lest. One other sweet spot I want to hold onto here iis tht it looks like Wally and artemis are finally getting closer to their love connection in your universe. Oh, the romance. The spitfire shipping and the joy that will come out of both of them by the end of this.

So...yeah. It's been big, but I'm afraid I'll have to leave you there for a little while, if only because I don't always deal well with your writing style. Well, until later man.
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