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CuddlyKittehs chapter 12 . 1/3/2015
Oh, right, I can make portals.
Cuddly: *glances at her finished portal* You know what...I'm sorry guys should I tell you this?
Grim: Cud...
Cuddly:*fiddles with the settings, and a human filled town comes into view, with a high mountain in the distance*
Grim: You lost the portal last time someone came through! What are you doing?
Alex:*runs through without regarding anyone*
Cuddly:*moves to the edge of the machine*
-the machine begins to buckle-
Grim: Wait-
Cuddly:*with a sad glance back, she charges through the portal, just before it collapses*

(?): Yes?
Cuddly: Open the door
(?): What..but...*choking sobs* Baby...
-the door flings open-
Cuddly: I've missed you, *pauses to breath, a few tears streaming down her face* mom
-the two embrace-
Cuddlykittehs chapter 11 . 1/3/2015
Cuddly: *tilts her head, then sighs* I don't know sign language, kiddo
CuddlyKIttehs chapter 9 . 1/3/2015


I would scream if I rode one. I guess younger me did make Cuddly a mildly unique char.
Cuddlykittehs chapter 8 . 1/3/2015
MY char. is a engie. BY GODS.

Huh, this is just a consistent list of revelations, because I don't recall what my char. was originally designed to be.

Ironically, at this point, my direct Internet Persona avatar(the original cuddly OC. It was that bad, I know) is a Pyro.

Still, I have a wrench. But hitting people with it? Oh gosh I might threaten I could attack someone maybe but, it'd be followed by a, "OH MY GOSH DID I HURT YOU!? DO YOU NEED ANY HELP!?".
Cuddlykittehs chapter 5 . 1/3/2015
Grim is my homie..?
CuddlyKittehs chapter 4 . 1/3/2015
Ah, something I forgot to mention in my re-review-ish thing;

What, my older form character worked on cars? Wow, I didn't think she could do that. Though, ironically, in a roleplay with a friend, my newer form of that HTF OC attempted to leave after getting in. You know how we got in? That broken down car...well..broke down on us during a long drive.

Might be the same one, huh?
cuddlykittehs chapter 12 . 1/3/2015
What the hell was I talking about all dem years ago? Anyway, coming back to the story, I still enjoy it, even if I keep forgetting there are a lot of ocs in this story, and I'm 20% shure that the 'she' cuddly referenced is a early version of my Tree Friend design.

The only thing I might say it really wrong with it is the direction, sometimes it seems like a central plot is going to happen, but it always peters back out into slice of life territory.
bronycuddlykittehs chapter 12 . 6/10/2012
The list:

a ipod playing Eroupony music




Iron beams


and finally, a computers' motherboard
Dead Punk chapter 12 . 5/16/2012
Me: It's okay, dude. Also, I'm MegadethVengenz, not PunkX13.

Lars: *nods*

Me: Hey Lars.

Lars: *waves*

Me: Wanna be in this story?

Lars: Okay.

Me: I think you know Lars. See ya!

Lars: Bye.
XenaTheAlienChick chapter 12 . 5/15/2012
me:a cat? i luv cats! not in the weird way

shatter:is that why me and raven are cats?

me:no silly _

rawr:why is mittens being and asshole?

me:idk and i know what to do*holding a walmart bag an walks towards mittens*

mittens:*hisses at me*

me:*pulls out a vile with some type of green stuff in it and a grey mouse*

mittens:*looks at me like what the fuck does this bitch have?*

me:*opens vile*

mittens:*walks towards me wanting to know what the fuck fo i have*

me:*opens the vile then lets her smell the vile*

mittens:*purrs and rubs my leg*

me:*pours some of it in the mouse then closes the vile and mouse and tosses it broken's direction*

mittens:*runs and then plays with the mouse*

me:*smiles*aw cute _ and thats how ya do it :3

rawr:what's the green stuff?

shatter:*sniffs the air and pupils dialate and starts purring and smiles showing her very sharp teeth*CATNIP!

me:yep catnip a cats version of weed or cocaine

rawr:oh thats why she purred at you

me:yeah plus she might like alex because he can be rude sometimes or alex walked through a patch of catnip which catnip is part of the mint family and cats are somehow attracted to it and plus if ya wanna make your cat happy then get some catnip i should know i have four cats not including raven and shatter

shatter:*back to normal* yeah cause we arent your pets

me:yep here *hands broken the vile of catnip* change the catnip in the mouse after a week ok

rawr:oh xena tell them what you guys did in science!

me:they would care so no i wont tell

shatter:then i'll tell them. xena had to disect a frog in science :3

me:i had a partner too and stay out of my mind dude


roar:who wants to go to the happy tree town cafe and get chicken strips?

rawr and shatter: WE DO! WE DO!

me:lol bye guys! _
XenaTheAlienChick chapter 11 . 5/13/2012
rawr:hey Xena!

me:wtf do you want rawr?

rawr:can we submit roar?




shatter:your being submitted in this story!



me:lol plus rawr when you see someone on a roof dont scream at them

rawr:*looks down sadly* ok

me:*sighs* heres roar






body color:mint green

hairstyle:gold emo scene mane like

apperence:neon purple tshirt with black splatters and says in neon blue lettering "keep calm and carry on" and wears black sweat pants with neon purple and neon blue polkadots and wears black and red converse

personality:scene, only random when people are sad, kind, and very friendly

powers:has super speed

misc:when he was born his voice was autotuned so everytime he talks its sounds autotuned

me:there ya have it


shatter:i dont even know if we can submit anymore ocs?

me:*shrugs*probably but who knows
Dead Punk chapter 10 . 5/11/2012
Me: Guess what, Grim? I'm on Twitter.

Rev: That's true shit.

Me: I just signed out. I'm PunkX13 if you find me. Next up, my OCs are gonna have a twitter. Possibly.

Rev: It should be named-

Me: Not ducks.

Rev: Shit!

Dead: Well, Punk's on Twitter, so...hooray?

Me: *sarcastic* You're happy.

Dead: *mutters*

Me: See ya guys!
bronycuddlykittehs chapter 6 . 5/10/2012
Note i forgot to metion:

Cuddly has a major *space* issue. People to close to her and she will claw you away.

Hates Spiders and the dark

Sings somtimes. Notirous for sining Mlp Fim songs, the biggest one Cupcakes.

Doest like conflic. Horror games and movie voilance yes. normal gore? fine. people harming eachother of themselves? Not fine.

Books. Nuff' said. if you ever need her stationary, GIVE HER BOOKS.

Hope that makes things even easier.
bronycuddlykittehs chapter 4 . 5/10/2012
You keep wrighting mah bro!

:) and I suggest you read "animal I have become" .

Been awhile since the last orginal flippy fic.
Dead Punk chapter 10 . 5/9/2012
Me: Awesome chapter! I-

Syn: *hits face-first on floor* Fucking ow...

Me: Syn?

Syn: Yes...? Ow...

Me: You're back.

Syn: Yes, but I'm not the only one...*points at hole*

Matt: Hi!


Matt: Can you please call me Matt?

Me: Why not Shadz?

Matt: Let's just say it's kind of like Zack's name change.

Me: Okay.

Syn: I'm still on the floor...

Rev: I GOT IT!

Syn: Oh shi-!

Rev: *lifts Syn up* Going up!

Syn: *crashes through roof*

Rev: Oh, fuck...

Matt: Good one Rev.

Syn: *falls onto floor* Ow! Rev!

Rev: I tried to help!

Syn: Oh my Gates, my fucking head hurts.

Zack: Your fault, Syns.

Nny: Yes.

Syn: *growls*

Dead: Hey, Punk?

Me: Yeah, my other self who's a dude?

Dead: We have another newcomer. Make that 2.

Icky: Hi, I'm Icky!

Death: And name's Death, Dead's sister.

Dead: My fuckin' annoying sister! Really!

Me: Hmph...*grins* Double the torture, twice the pain!

Dead: WHAT!

Death: You heard Punks.

Dead: Fuck...

Frankie: Hi Icky!

Icky: Frankie!

Zack: Oh lord...

Lars: *groans* Two more?

Me: Fuck yeah!

Noodle: What did I miss?

Rev: Shadz and Syn are back and Dead's sister Death and Frankie's friend Icky is new here!

Lars: How many OCs do you fucking have?

Me: 21.

Rev: DAMN!

Zack: Oh my-

Dead: Why? What? How?

Me: No further questions asked. Tomorrow's 23!

Syn, Dead, Zack: *faints*

Me: *laughs* Bye!
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