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bridgeportfox chapter 3 . 9/25/2014
It's going to take longer for Severus to clear out his bad memories than it will to clean up the house. At least he has his neighbors for support.
bridgeportfox chapter 2 . 9/25/2014
I had wondered why Severus' house at Spinner's End hadn't been vandalized. An empty house is always a temptation especially in a less prosperous neighborhood. I'm glad Severus still has friends in the neighborhood. With all he is going through, it's good that he has someone to talk to, even a Muggle friend.
excessivelyperky chapter 7 . 9/19/2014
Stoner High (I have to giggle about this name. I really do). I told my husband, a teacher, about Snape's situation, and he laughed and laughed and laughed. He's been there.

And Snape is going to have more trouble with Hogwarts students, some of whom either heard about or saw him stripped naked and turned upside down. Not good for class discipline.

Although with all that lovely money, wouldn't he be tempted to simply work on his business and forget about the war?
excessivelyperky chapter 6 . 9/18/2014
Good chapter. I'm glad that the Malfoys are such good friends to Severus; he needs them.

And I like him being able to interpret what Draco is really saying. We all need that talent!
excessivelyperky chapter 5 . 8/21/2014
Good chapter. I wonder what's on the other side of that new door on the other side of the powder room?

And it's clear that Severus and Lucius are good friends, too.
Chantilly's Mom chapter 13 . 8/16/2014
Well, well, well, well...I just re-read this story and I do believe it is one of my very favorites of yours. (Why else would I stay up until after 1 am reading it?) I love the interaction of Severus and THE END and do hope (Yes I know there are other stories set in this universe) that one day you'll get back to writing about it *Grins* maybe after Wren on that list of yours.
excessivelyperky chapter 4 . 8/14/2014
I think it's a very good idea for him to get some teaching experience before facing students who have seen him upside and down and stripped, actually. And having a backup if he ever has to leave the Wizarding World would be an *extremely* good idea. It's quite possible for either, or both, of his masters to turn on him, and having an escape route might literally be life-saving.

And it's so good to see that he isn't totally isolated from someone who means him well.

Cleaning the house to clean out the bad memories-very good idea.
excessivelyperky chapter 3 . 8/11/2014
Yes, I hope he's cleaning out the memories along with the dust as he takes care of his home. I'm glad he has neighbors looking after him, too (and it's no surprise that he took on the extra work of Muggle courses when Lily didn't).
Syl chapter 7 . 3/26/2014
I've subbed a time or two in the past. So, I'm feeling Severus' pain-been there done that. Enjoying your take on Snape's early days.
Seraphin Shadowmoon chapter 1 . 11/25/2013
Hello love, i had to stop before going on with the rest of the series to say i have probably read this, and all your others, over and over to the point that i have memerised some things and yet, i still love reading this. Seeing severus in this light makes one trully fall in love with him all over again. Had it been a book i would have defenitly bought it, it's herd copy, and collectors edition by now. Keep up the amazing work!
Ever fasinated,

Seraphin E. Shadowmoon
Seraphin Shadowmoon chapter 14 . 8/28/2013
i turly love this story/series. I've already read it completly a couple of days ago but i saw it and just had to read it again. you do an amazing job at makin Severus so human and kind, before i found this i never even put a thought on how it was for him before he was teaching. i've read many of your stories even if i havn't reviewd them and have come to love your writing stile as a whole. Keep up the amazing job, i wanna keep getting sucked into your stories to the point i don't even notice the chapter number i simple want to continue reading.
- Seraphin E. Shadowmoon
Chantilly's Mom chapter 14 . 5/27/2013
Oh I like this story. So far I've enjoyed everything of yours I have read. I hope there are more stories about SS and his "real/secret" life. thanks for the good read
Schattengestalt chapter 14 . 4/8/2013
I loved this story!*smiles dreamily*

I didnt plan on reading the story so fast, but after I started finished reading the first chapter, I couldnt stop anymore.*smiles* It took me most of the night to read the story, but at least I now know how Severus felt after working for so many hours.*winks at him*

I dont know if Ill be able to do your story justice with my review, since Im certain that I might forget to mention some important parts, but Ill try to remember as much as I can manage.

I loved how you portrayed Severus in this story. I was always of the opinion that JKR gave us much too little background information about him and considering that he is such a deep character, thats a shame.*sighs* But now, Im relieved that she only gave us a few hints, because it made the story even more believable and I could easily consider it to be canon, because Severus was very in character.*thumbs up*

Its nice that you gave us a good reason why Severus became a Death Eater in the first place and why he started spying for Dumbledore. We all know that Severus grew up in a Muggle neighborhood, but its never mentioned that he had any friends besides Lily. Im glad that he had not only a very good friend, but also a caring family that treated and still treats him like their own son.*smiles at Jessica and the others*
Its clear that Severus started spying on Voldemort, because he wanted to safe Lily, but I like the fact that he is also disgusted by Voldemort, the other Death Eaters and how the torture Muggles and that that is also a reason for Severus to help the Order and turn away from Voldemort.*smiles at him and is ignored*

Severus friendship with Muggles also shows that he didnt join Voldemort, because he hated Muggles, but because he was lonely and no one really appreciated what he was doing. Lily wasnt his friend anymore, he couldnt tell the Jamesons about his Potion making and his father and mother would have rather seen him not being a wizard, so its no surprise that he turns to the only one, who offers him some sort of appreciation, especially since Lucius is also a Death Eater and helped convincing Severus.*pats Severus on the shoulder*

Apropos Lucius, I enjoyed reading about him very much.*smiles at the blond man*
He is a much deeper character in this story than in the books and I like that very much. You didnt only show him to us as the typical arrogant pureblood and Death Eater, but as a good friend and a loving father and husband, too.
Its a shame that Severus cant talk with Lucius about his true alliances, but its nice to know that Lucius would even help Severus if the Potions Master got into trouble with Dumbledore or Voldemort.*offers a relieved smile*

By the way, it was great how you included the memories of Severus childhood and youth into this story, without making it too emotional. I imagine that it was hard for Severus to come back to Spinners End, but it proves how strong-willed he is that he was able to confront the ghosts of his past.
His grandmother was also a very nice person and I guess that its also because of her that Severus is such a great Potion Master now and also that he is able to use Occlumency, without having to practice much.*winks at the grandmother*
I should try organizing my mind, too, when I have to learn for a test the next time.*makes a mental note*

Obviously, Severus learned the most things from women.*glances at Patterson, Jessica, his grandmother and all the other women, who helped him*
I had to laugh when I realized where Severus learned his feared glare and that he had to practice a lot, until he perfected it.*stifles a laugh*
And he also had to learn how to make his robes billow behind him. Somehow, it was funny, but at the same time, it also showed that Severus is a perfectionist and that he wants to play every role perfectly. I guess thats also the reason why he is such a good spy, otherwise Voldemort would have already killed him.*shudders at the thought*

If Severus wasnt such a perfectionist, he wouldnt have been able to learn how to be a good teacher in such a short time.*nods at him*
It was interesting to see how every teacher was able to help him in her/his own way. So, Severus was able to learn the necessary skills like getting the students to do their work, but he was also able to create his own style, although Im sure that Severus would say that it isnt perfect yet.*chuckles*

I assume that Severus would have been better off if he was able to teach at a Muggle school.*sighs*
Not because he isnt able to explain how to brew a potion, but because he could be more himself at a Muggle school minus doing magic, of course.
Severus wouldnt have to favor students he might not even like, but he would be able to treat all students equally and the students would respect and probably even like him for his way of teaching his subject.*sighs* At Hogwarts, only the Slytherins like him, because he deducts points from all the other houses, especially from Gryffindor and thats a shame, since it also means that many students dont like Potion classes and do badly in the subject, although they could be much better if they, at least, respected Severus and appreciated what he is trying to teach them.*looks sympathetically at Severus*
And they might also learn more if Severus could teach them the way he wanted to, without having to stick to the traditional way of teaching.*glares at the Death Eaters*

Ah, finally I know why Severus is always in the dungeons.*smiles*
I know that JKR wanted Severus to have a certain reputation, but its nice to have an actual reason why Severus has the potions lab and his quarters in the dungeons.
The energy lines are an interesting idea and it sounds logical that they would interfere with the brewing of potions, its like you put a pot with water in front of the window, while the sun is shining, and then wonder why its soundly heating up.*chuckles*
At least, I got the feeling that Slughorn would be surprised by something like that, while Severus is a true expert.*smiles at Severus, but is ignored in favor of an exotic ingredient*

By the way, I liked Dumbledore very much in this story.*accepts a cup of tea*
Its obvious that he is using Severus for his own plans, but its also clear that he cares for Severus and that he doesnt only see him as a spy, but as an excellent Potions Master and a kind young man, too.*takes a lemon drop*
But really, if you are used to Dumbledore as a headmaster, then every other headmaster will pale in comparison.*grins*
He isnt only fair, but also very calm and gives everyone a second chance.)

But who wouldnt give Severus a second chance, after finding out that Severus is saving as much children as he can?!
It proves that Severus is a very nice man *ignores Severus glare* and that he would never hurt anyone if he is able to prevent it. In connection with that I was very relieved when I read that Severus didnt only want to save Lily, but Harry, too, after he got to know who Voldemort might get after.
Severus isnt blaming Harry for the behavior of his father, but sees him as a little boy, who needs all the protection he can get.*winks at a giggling Harry*
Maybe, Severus would even have been able to become one of Harrys favorite teachers, if the war didnt force him to pretend to be a good Death Eater.*glares at Voldemort*

I dont know what else to say right now, but I repeat that I loved this story very much and that Im looking forward to reading more of your stories.*smiles*

So long!)

muumi2three chapter 14 . 4/5/2013
I've enjoyed every chapter of this story. It makes a great backstory for Severus. The characters of the various teachers at the Muggle school were well realized. Interactions among characters were delightful. Fairly successful attempt to keep a feeling of being set in the UK also, save for the strange description of Snape walking out the front door, smelling the gardens and crossing the yard to his neighbours', which was not very like any urban English or Scottish neighbourhood I know of. Only once did I experience the jaw-dropping "this author must be American!" reaction (chapter three - Mr Jameson on the street with a rifle! not going to happen... not even in Canada where the number of firearms per capita is five times what it is in the UK and the police go armed, would that happen. You'd have a SWAT team out so fast...) and several times I actually noted successful use of Britspeak, so well done.
hwyla chapter 8 . 1/12/2013
I am currently rereading this story and one thing I did not notice before which is more noticeable as I read chapter after chapter instead of one at a time is that you have named the both the Botany teacher and the English teacher from the other school by the same name - Tavers.

I think it would be simple enough to change the name of the English teacher in the last chapter to something else. It would be less confusing.

Otherwise, I love this story - hence the reason I am re-reading it.
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