Reviews for How Reality Saved Fantasy 2: Arctic Sun
shuggaplum chapter 16 . 5/10/2015
I love your brilliant stories. I was so impressed by "how reality saved fantasy" and now I am enjoying your fantastic sequel, but I am REALLY annoyed by the fact that you are making Ariel out to be a weak character who needs protecting and does not go to battle. In the little mermaid, Ariel saved Eric's life, proved herself to be spunky and adventurous, and played a huge part in the battle against Ursula at the end- killing Flotsam and Jetsam. If disney were in danger, Ariel would fight and she would fight damn well! Do you know she has super strength and can wrench iron bars apart?Well, you would if you'd watched Ariel' s beginning.
TheDisnerd chapter 42 . 7/28/2013
Lol this one was better than the first! I can't wait for the real deal to appear! (also, should you have trouble with anything involving Akira, just let me know. I might be able to write out anything that you need for him, given i know the curent info of his circumstances)
TheDisnerd chapter 41 . 7/26/2013
Lol. Trailer style. I just can't wait to see how Akira will fit into this. (Btw, his mortal enemy should be Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph. I can't think of why but those two should just hate each other to no end. Plus then Akira can give him the greatest insult of all time: Lousy Wonka impersonator)
Agent Darcy Lewis chapter 41 . 7/17/2013
i am so sorry i havent gotten a chance to review. i have been super busy. I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER! i loved this story so much. Syrena has been in a corner crying for a week. i loved the trailer for the next story! So much adventure in store, cant wait! im gaining progress on my own stories and shell be posting chapter 3 soon. hope to see your review when i do.
Love Forever,
Sunny, Syrena, and Melody
LadyOfSlytherin101 chapter 41 . 7/6/2013
Ooh! I like! So eager for more! Why do I get the feeling that I know this new green skinned chick? Oh well! Ugh! So many tidbits you dangle! I have decided instead of 3 stories it will be four stories instead. Oh and I sent my idea in and they want to finish the first book and they wanna publish it! *Screams in joy*
I just got back from the lake and I am burned so bad. Plus I dropped my phone in the lake. But I had fun and have finally found the inspiration to write my Incredibles story! And I'm working on my Twilight stories again!
Can't wait to know what you think about the most recent developments in my Disney story.
reader2898 chapter 41 . 7/6/2013
YES! YAY! I am sooooo excited for the next story! The Jack and Julia bits made me smile. I love that couple! I cannot wait to read the next installment! Your really talented so I know it will be great :) post soon hopefully!
LadyOfSlytherin101 chapter 40 . 7/2/2013
*Crying into tissue* * Holds up finger* *Wipes eyes* Ok sorry. I couldn't quit crying. I loved this so much and I'm very sorry it ended! I'm excited for the 3rd story though! I don't think Mori will be to thrilled when she runs into Amber again. Oh please tell me the girls get to be Godmothers? That child will be so spoiled! Anyway, I loved the bit with the bouquet. That was epic! Pfft! Really loved the garter bit. Jack is the only one who could take a rum bottle to the head.
I can't wait for the trailer and I already know how I'm going to end my first story. I already have ideas for the 2nd and 3rd installment that I would like to talk with you about.
And with luck, after I finish the first book I might get it published! I sent the idea in and they want me to finish the book!
I can't wait to hear about what you think about my most recent chapters for Disney and Batman! I'm heading out for the lake on Wed. and I come back on Sat. I'm leaving today to go to my friend's house so I can spend the night.
I'll try to get the next chapter done so I can post it before I leave.
My internet was down for a few days and Word has locked me out so I'm having to use WordPad, so forgive me for any mistakes. I'm doing the best I can. But on Facebook, I'm a guest writer for My Take On Disney page on Facebook and my first article will be about how the Disney Princesses are wonderful role models and what they teach us. Most people think Disney Princesses aren't very good role models due to looks and their endings are unrealistic. So I intend to set it right.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next and I'm always open to help.
TearsForTheReaper chapter 40 . 7/1/2013
As far as Disney endings go, this one was positively golden! I can't count how many times I kept saying "aaaaawwww!" The feels! The feels are everywhere! Lol, but seriously, great ending to a great sequel. Can't wait for HRSF 3! I really hope you can find a place for my OC, but if you can't, I understand (I really hope I don't seem like a pest about that, I've just never had anyone use one of my OC's in a fanfic before, so I'm just uber excited :D). Keep up the awesomeness!
TheDisnerd chapter 39 . 5/25/2013
This. Was. Beautiful... I LOVED IT!
As always, you make it a real attention grabber, and I can't wait for it's continuation.
As for my character's love interest, I was thinking Audrey from Atlantis. His attitude is laid back for the most part, but he can always get his job done. And she is just raring to go at anything. It almost seems too perfect.
(And i don't know if you remember, but he is friends with the lesser known characters such as Professor Owl from the sing along songs and Elliot from Pete's Dragon. and his name is Akira.)
As always, good job.
LadyOfSlytherin101 chapter 39 . 5/25/2013
Hi! Sorry my review is rather late! Still a kitty here! And there is no way I'll imitate the crazy old dinosaur that's scary beyond all reason. I love Rock a doodle! I had the biggest crush on Chanticleer when I was a little girl. Omg the feels! I was practically squealing my head off when I was reading the part with Anna and Anika! They are so gonna be good friends! I loved the Secret where she knew Pooh Bear and they just zoom off to find them. SO CUTE!
There was one mistake in the song was it was with the really hip clothes but I'm not sure if you did that on purpose. The other was when the two little ones went down the aisle was you put Ashely instead of Anika. Other than it was beautiful! I loved the bit where Syrena just looked lovestruck and Mori just looks so happy on the arm of John Rolfe. You know I'm rather curious how those two got together. I mean we know that Clopin talked with Syrena about it but we never see how John takes her confession. Or how they got together. It's driving me nuts! I don't think they've danced together yet let alone kissed! Sorry rant over! Remind me to add the bit where Jack says something at Mori's wedding and Julia interferes. That was so hilarious! OH I hope Mori gets to dance with her little sister. That would be cute to see Anna and Anika dancing with the characters. Oh! Before I forget! I thought maybe Mori could sing Ever Ever After for Carmen as a gift. She doesnt seem to have any solos.
Can't wait to see Linus! He's excited! Right Linus? Linus?
Linus:*Too busy staring at Merida with a Lovestruck look*
Des: *Clears throat and points sword at his neck with a serious look* Don't even think about it.
Linus*Squeaks and runs off to take care of the cakes*
Des* Makes sure he's gone before looking at Merida's brothers* Alright boys. Keep Linus away from Merida. And he'll make you anything you want.
Boys* Look between themselves before the one in the middle makes a gesture to up the offer*
Des: And I'll make you that chocolate cake you guys like so much!
Boys*Nod eagerly and then scamper off*
Apparently Des doesn't like Linus eying Merida like that. This will come into play 3rd story.
Right now working on two Disney chapters A part one and part two for wonderland where a new Oc will be introduced
Looking forward to the next chapter and your reviews!
Guest chapter 39 . 5/23/2013
Really good wedding chapter! I really love Jim in this chapter. He and Emily are so cute. And of course so are Carmen and Peter! I love the balcony scene after they are married especially! Can't wait to see where it goes from here :)
Agent Darcy Lewis chapter 38 . 5/23/2013
I DIDNT REVIEW THIS CHAPTER OMGIMSOSORRY! I dont know what got into me! He is handsome! And i like him very much XD the only bad thing is that were seniors and we got togther 3 weeks before the end of school :( but well make it worth it. the story is sort of in the same world, but the orignal girls left and lived their lives, and Syreba has to gather 7 new kids to wok with heros and vallians o put down the biggest baddies of thm all, Churnabog and the horned king. Basicly what your girls and dez and doing is participating in the weadding and helping to train my new kids. The kids get new wepons, so im not gonna use the sowards, and they range in age from 13 to 18. I also have a little supprise for you and Lady sly in the works right now ;) i cant tell you anything about that yet. Sorry, but i know you guys will like it. If you need any more info on my story , just ask and ill enil it to you. Got to go, love ya rain
Agent Darcy Lewis chapter 39 . 5/23/2013
Good god rain, you always know the right thing to say! I was crying! Dam jack ruining the moment! urgh! I dont have alot of time, next chapter i promise a long review.
TheDisnerd chapter 38 . 5/14/2013
OHP, I feel dumb now... But yes, very good read as always. Also loved the monkey island references in your closing statement! And as for romance I'd go for a Disney character. I might send you a list at some point...
LadyOfSlytherin101 chapter 38 . 5/14/2013
*Camera pans over a seemingly empty room* OI! DOWN HERE! * Camera pans down to the floor where an adorable black kitten with blue eyes glaring up* *In a voice like Yzma's as a cat* Rain it's me! I was turned into a- Wait, is that my voice? *Cough, Cough* Is that my voice?! Oh, well. *Hops onto bed* As you can see, I was turned into a kitten. Puck was apparently teaching Alexander and Ani how to change into animals or something like that and I got caught up in it somehow. I'VE BEEN TURNED INTO A CAT! MREEOW! Oops! Total Roc a doodle moment there! Anyway! I loved this chapter! And yeah the dress may clash with Ashley's hair but who cares! I don't know if you already have wedding music but I was on spotify and found this album called Disney's Fairytale Weddings or something like that. The two I really liked were Endless Night and Lavender Dream. I think I'll use Endless Night. Just a suggestion because I really like them and thought that they were really pretty! As for Goofballs, he's decided to turn that story over to me and that will be in the 3rd installement of my story. Can't give to much away but it will be epic and Des is not gonna be happy when Linus starts crushing on Merida. I can't wait for your reviews and I really hope you like the Twilight ones! I'm thinking of adding a best friend character to the Vampires Shapeshifters and Witches Oh My! Story and I was wondering if you would be interested? Sol doesn't like Twilight. I seem to find myself in sort of a muddle. You said Celestia likes Captain Jack Sparrow right? Well there's the problem. I'm going to use the girls in the next story, and well Julia likes him too. I'd rather not have a b**ch fight over him. So Suggestions? Anyway! As for Solaria, who do you think got her to get her butt in gear about the guy? I told her to just be herself, normalcy be damned. If he couldn't like her for the way she is then I told her he wasn't worth it. And if he broke her heart I'd somehow come down there and kick his Arse! I plan on updating again either today or tomorrow. It depends since my niece is here. Thankfully she is holed up with my brother at the moment.
Why do I get the feeling that people are going to come after me and murder me at the end of the first story? I'm not giving anything away just no killing me! Swear it!
Sorry for the extra long review but you rubbed off on me! And I loved the bit with "A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around!"
Looking forward to the wedding hopefully something will happen with Des and John!
Amber better look out next story!
Oh can't wait to see what you think of the twist I added!
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