Reviews for Duel Masters: Rise of the chosen duelists
Shuriken16 chapter 54 . 8/14/2013
Finally after two months (exactly) I somehow managed to find myself back here. Good chapter, for what its worth. Still don't know much about the Monk as of yet, but i"m sure we'll get into more detail of him in the next chapter. guess all thats left to do is to move on
Shuriken16 chapter 52 . 6/14/2013
Finally I managed to reach this point :D Well I gotta say as a whole thus far, this is an excellent follow up to your last fic. Subaru dealing with the lost of his friends, turning Emo, accepting his new friends, leaving the team after destroying mumbai (think thats how u spell it) and then going up against Megatron himself. Gotta say this was a real fun ride, despite my continuous hiatuses that I kept doing (my bad ') but all in all an enjoyable one.

Love the characters, although it took a minute for them to finally grow on me, especially Tiger. Suby and Hanna are still my favorite :3. anyway moving on from that, the new characters and their backstories and relations to other characters was interesting and I can't wait how they continue to play out in the coming future. I've said it before, kaizer and his personality didn't give me the idea that he was a demonic entity, just wasn't evil enough, like he was a rated G villian for a rated R movie... maybe because you based him HEAVILY on Megatron and his sense of humor but thats just me. Ah well, wish I had more to say :/ but since I have 25 more chapters to go, I have plenty of time to give my feedback :)
Shuriken16 chapter 49 . 6/13/2013
So chapter 48 did have a nostalgic feeling since u tested me on how well I could interpret Subaru. So tough talk from his dear deceased pops has him returning from Hell to defeat Kaizer and get Edo back. Now this part I didn't see coming (honestly)

kaizer is DDZ! or rather him in essense; or... a clone... or- whatever point is, they're one in the same. sorta .

On that note Kaizer's gone for good, Suby's gets whooped once more, and DDZ in Edo's body (orochimaru would be jealous right now) goes to ressurect the Wicked witch of the DM world: tabitha.

Tabi gets resurrected, Leona betrays Dumb and straight-up retarted (Alien and Alwyn) and Tabi and DDZ go and start what they were doing way back when... again. Only this time: Hanna's still alive, and there's no Last Storm XX to stop them... or is there? o.O

oh well, gotta move on to see I suppose :3
Shuriken16 chapter 47 . 5/12/2013
woo read chapter 47 without u reminding me :P

Not much to say, aside from the fact that as always well written, no complaints (almost) :) Leona's inward demons was a nice touch, i like that (might steal it ;) ) and i also came to the realization that "it's the future, they can do anything" in refference to the part where edo's basically irrecoverable but luna's family has the tech to make him good as new.

Gotta say tho, the one complaint (which is a first in a long time) was the scene when Subaru and Edo encountered each other. maybe i read it fast, but that whole scene just seemed rushed. I kinda expected a bit more dialogue between the two before Kaizer's like: "Surprise motherf*cker!" Kinda like Megan and Adam from we, the 13. Of course, that's my personal opinion.

All in all, great chapter, and i edge ever so closer to the epic climax of this story arc
FeministFighter chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
Thx for removing mu reviw and prooving what a fascist of a man you rally ar. I will be sore to get your story down for daring to silense me.

Hey there, acuma-some hard name to pronounce. I’ve been reading your story for a few hours and I’ve sum criticizms to show u sinc liek critizicm a llot.
Personlaly I find ur characters as the worst way a womans can be portrayed! And to proove my point, I’ll analise each of the main females in part:
Tsugmi: Presented as a submissive female that is obesed with Subari and cannot think for herself. All she does, she does for her lover, who is her master.
Sura: A psychotic sexual pervert. (are you sure she is not a male in disguise?)
Luna: A brilliant mind in a weak body. Do you want to suggest that we women are weak?! I’ll show u weak when I TEAR OPEN YOUR FUCKING BALLSACK, YOU MYSOGINISTIC RAPE SUPPORTING PIG!
Leona: A soulless serial killer. (again, you definitely sure she is also not a male in disguise?)
Basically this is the bigest shameful writing I’ve ever rad. Do the intrenet a favor and kill urself, u pathetic excuse fur a human being.
WhiteWaterLily chapter 49 . 5/5/2013
Dear…why do I even write ‘Dear’?

Nevermind, since the jerk Blane asked me to write you a letter for whatever reason this is, I guess I should stand forth like the good woman I am to tell you that…


I know you have a prob with me, but why did you even give me a life like that? You have some serious problems with your life. No, not just serious, you must have obtained brain damage. Yes, serious brain damage and is delusional. Me turning good? Now tell me, I am in love with Kaizer. Yeah, go ahead, tell me that.

*flashes knife*

And that feminazi is right. Why treat us women like such crap? You just…piss…me…off…now, I have gotta go kill someone, and you know, it is all your fault.


P.S. Blane wasn’t happy when he read what I wrote, but hey, he asked me to do it, what can I do? So I gave some AOL. Not America Online but Angry One Liners, lol.
WhiteWaterLily chapter 48 . 5/2/2013
Dear hewhowrotemeasavegetablesothaticanenjoytvallllllda ylong,

So watsup? Life is good, especially when I am back! From the world of vegetables! Muhahaha, time to conquer the world with some party and MLP funness!

Say what? Review? What? This is not my job! For me, I come I read I write, write not a review, but a just whatever I like, yes, no maybe so?

Though why is Subaru flying through space time into hell? What, I am not there to enjoy the flying voyage? That is so mean of you, writer! I want to spend time doing some exciting non vegetable like exercise too!

Then is that MUSHI, WAHHH I WANT A PIECE OF THAT FAT #$%RTGHU TOO, MUSHITO DON’T U ATOUCH ME BOYFRIEND! I WILL HAVE A PIECE OF YOU FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH PARTY DINNER AND PARTY! AND DID YOU JUST ask for forgiveness? Really? And Subaru you forgive him? That dirty arse of a…okay, Mushi, I forgive you too. You are just a lonely fat famished piece of scum that no one should ever forgive, but whatever, Subaru is always right. And he is always a lovely man…to love.

Then I was walking into the whatever looking at whatever stuff that whoever drew on them. I think they depict whateverclash to the zeta whatever, but yes, is that…DDZ?

And then, I couldn’t move any more. Now that is unfair. How dare you rob me of my mobility again! I just began to have had some form of fun! I am possessed but still it was fun to WALK! AH, whatever, so we get to witness a good duel…but Subaru you ass! How dare you put my face away from the Duel!? I want to see it I want to see it ERFG%# #!

Oh wait, there is a pond whom the writer did not describe, of which the reflection showed me some of the more impressive parts of the game. Both sides have quick set ups to their play with Subaru showing Kaizer how to grave cards and then ramp up to the massively cool Miracle Re Born! Yeah, Romanoff for the win! It reeks of Zakira by the way, but that’s fine.

But then…Queen, oh ye beauty whose light shines so ever cutely in ma eyes crushed that poor Dark Guy (not referring to Nolan, even though he is a darkish skinned guy) and send Subaru into misery…and holy molly the mother of all psychics appeared! DDZ appeared! That can’t be! Where did that…oh wait, why would I care?

DDZ says Kaizer is part of him? Lol that makes for some perfect sensed novelty. Just that…poor creature, it had to struggle to stay alive. Don’t worry, we have Boss Subaru on our side! He can dominate everything can he?

And then Subaru looses. Huh…so much for that.

So DDZ is on the loose with a dead Kaizer, poor thing. Oh well, we do like walking armors.

And then every one comes and then they leave. Yeah, go away, fags. Dawns like this must be spent alone :D

"Well, it's just the two of us, Edo-kun. It seems like we've got nothing to lose, so let's go and see what awaits us up there."

Indeed, we have nothing else to do, just to enjoy each other’s company…and manliness. Hey bud, what’s that shampoo you are using? It smells like peach.

"Nothing will ever tear us apart again, Edo-kun…"

I had to smile at that. Quite so my bff. Quite so.

Well, I guess here ends this part. So sad, I will be muted once more, oh well, I did have fun and will have more fun.



P.S. Now, Sora just told me that bff means boy friends forever? Is that true?
WhiteWaterLily chapter 47 . 5/2/2013
To my creator,

Oh dear Kok, where would ur long epic reviews be if it wasn’t me filling those empty lonely space? Achar? Nolan? Alex? But it could never be unless it is I who give you such randomly useless wordy and vexingly verbose speeches that means nothing.

So on a lighter note, let’s begin.
This is Chapter 47, the start of a marathon to the finish. Not just for me as a reviewer, but also for the Main Characters who so hastly go after the boss, Kaizer. As all literary goodness goes, the prologue is the window to the house, and the first few chapters the doorway. Now, what happens in the immediate beginning will set the pace for the 6 chapters that will come to be the ending of a particular arc—Kaizer’s arc.

So we start off with Leona. Yes, the murderous kitty, the one who wait faithfully by the side of Blane and wishes him a merry Christmas before going off to nowhere to hunt…wait, I mean she having a struggle to decide whether or not he will kill Blane (going to a hospital really? Good Duelists don’t have their special healing house? Don’t want strangers walking around in case the Duelists bring forth random creatures and slaughter them all)

Now I must question the idea of giving her this internal struggle. There is two of her? What? Don’t give the readers that. We want to see a badass evil girl who is transformed by her past events, not a girl who became a boss because she had mental illness.

Not just that, but this line: “"This requires heavy surgery … Once we get back home, I'll call my parents and we will try to fix your friend!" Luna explained.” Just baffles me. So Luna is either the daughter of a pair of mechanical medical geniuses who never goes out to the open? Or is the medical equipments of the hospital that backwards?

And then… “Luna was surprised of how much Subaru had changed.”
Actually girl, he didn’t change at all. He just became his old self after he pulled himself back together again. And mean Subaru? I think those are his coolest days yet; such and shame he returned to his static form.

At long last, after a minute of climbing, the longest minute in Kaizer's life…a minute of climbing…such an imagination shattering way to describte a long minute. No flash backs, no mixed emotions, just a minute of climbing .

Then we have a door that says, no humans may enter…and then changes its mind to say ‘well, give it a try.’ Should’ve just rejected him outright.

Then the Chosens arrive…instead of marching in like a boss because they have the number advantage, they actually cower like little girls…afraid of traps? Does Kaizer seems like the bunch of worthless scums like you all? He takes people down by duels, not merry go arounds. Of course, Subaru and Tsugumi make verbal sex, which was just strange…and wrong. I guess Subaru is having a good time…yet what they say just breaks the tension that would be coming soon.
Now comes even more absurdity…Kaizer knocking chosens’ unconscious. Yes it is for the plot, but please, by exhibiting something stronger than dueling, you kinda put the importance away from the game itself, which in a dm ffic, is very outrageous.

Of course, next thing we know Alien and Alwyn looses. Yeah, no surprise…The true surpise was when Edo come walking out with Kaizer, declaring they are husband and wife forever and ever…

Now kids that’s how you write a yaoi story worthy to be sold a million copies.
Learn from the master, shall we all?


P.S. This is but the prologue of the marathon of chapters. What does it say? It says that we are in for a treat. Sadly though, due to the insignificant amount of dueling that this chapter had since it was steamrolling by the two beasts known as Tsugumi and Subaru, we can’t really expand on it. Shame.
Shuriken16 chapter 46 . 4/27/2013
Well 45 and 46 are done; Weird, I was sure i reviewed 45 already...

Anyway, 45, short, sweet to the point. The final duel between Subaru and Raiden, with the ladder being hardheaded and stupid for his master who he swears to protect, despite the obvious betrayal that he'll face. Nice duel as always, not much to say there.

46, Suby and Tsugumi get the band back together :D. With the trio reuniting w/ their seniors, they all have a quick reunion duel to get themselves ready for the final confrontation against Kaizer. again, pretty to the point. Two duel-filled chapters. Now, I move on to 47 and on, to see the final confrontation of Kaizer unfold
Freelancer 1989 chapter 48 . 4/16/2013
Wow... Leave it to dad to give his son a pep talk to get his ass in gear and save the world
Shuriken16 chapter 44 . 4/10/2013
OK Reviewing these two chapters just because I find them interesting. Or rather, I find this specific chapter interesting.

43 in a few words: Tamma is bad at taking tests. And of course Kaizertron beats Blaney and retrieves the final map piece to make all hell break lose. dun dun dun... o.o

44: Tsugumi you sexy, sexy badass X3 I love the fact that she makes Leona feel so small compared to her in terms of control, when the Cat loves to show how ferocious she is. Tsugumi's like. Sit down, Shut up and listen to me! She'd make a great mother because she doesn't put up with crap from no one!

Alas, great chapters bro :)
Shuriken16 chapter 42 . 4/8/2013
So that's three chapters done. Well as before, Let's get started with my reviews for Chapter 40-42

So where we last left off The Kaizer, he's crawling after the defeat at the hands of Tiger. But then, as if by a miracle, his obsession for retriving DDZ regenerates him into a new set of armor (Conclusion: Time Lord). Anyway, back at his ship, his crew of ragtag misfits are sulking and the Cat and the Raiden-guy decide to duel for leadership, with Leona winning. You know, My Best Friend always tells me: "She may be my cat, but I don't own her, she owns me." Apparently Leona follows that same line of principle since its clear she's queen of this Jungle. But just as soon as she steps up to take the throne, her master shoos her away. Bad Cat!

Jump to 41 and Subaru gets a knock at the door in the middle of the night. Man, Jehovah Witnesses are getting creative aren't they? After the first rejection, and then the second, to which Subaru knows they ain't got time for that, Kaizer busts in and beats Subaru pretty badly, taking the final map piece. And to celebrate his return? Cyber Tournament time!

42 centers around a mini tournament filler thingy, with Kaizer and his crew participating in a scenario of a tournament to practice for future encounters with their enemies; of course, what tournament is complete without attractive commentators, in this case, Kikki and Nanna? Too many duels lol, kinda hard to keep track to be honest.

PS: Nanna has weird Evil Spirit/Armor fetish... _ and she criticizes Kikki for her crush on Blane .

Anywho, These three chapters were very well written as usual and I hope to have more fun as I head onto 43-46 :)
This is Shuriken16 saying: Andiamo!
Shuriken16 chapter 39 . 3/25/2013
Alrighty, 3 chapters done, and its now time to give my thoughts of the three.

Starting off we have the Paintbrush haired Robert, where I last left off (at an undisclosed amount of time since I last read .) captured and held hostage by Kaizer and is posse. Its a shame how stupid they are (except leona, especially alwyn) because Robert played with them like puppets. Of course, Boss-man ain't got time for that and he ended that quick. But it seems that it was a little too quick. Because the Calvary arrived!

Subaru and Tiger bust into the spaceship and are ready to save Robert and to end their struggle once and for all. Now, this is where i get kinda thrown off. Subaru vs Alwyn and Tiger vs Kaizer? But... Subaru's the Main character so... isn't he supposed to be going up against the big bad? Besides, Tiger has no history w/ Kaizer so them going up against each other in a final battle seems weird; there's no build up between their confrontation, no backstory between them. Personally I would've liked to have seen Subaru duel Kaizer, but that's just me and my cliche's talking.

Now then, Subaru beats alwyn without trying, which was obvious, And Tiger is hanging by a literal thread. But Indeed, I can forgive this because its a Nature/Fire deck. To me, thats a Shobu and CJ tribute lol. Definitely a Shobu/CJ tribute when he used the 'heart of the cards' to get that last HP Spell to save him. Because Vaniglory is a BEAST! Just like Tiger :3. Wiping out Kaizer in typical Last hope for mankind fashion. Me gusta.

But what is this!? He's still alive after that!? *Looks at chapter number* Well, that sure explains a lot doesn't it? OK I guess kaizer's going to come back, with avengeance, and it's up to Subaru to clean up Tiger's mess. With that said, That's my review for chapters 37-39 and now it's time to move on to the next section: 40-46.

This is Shuriken6 saying: Andiamo!
WhiteWaterLily chapter 46 . 3/18/2013
Being a good fellow reviewer who got two big reviews from a good person, it is a good time to write one back for him. And thus, this is a review on the chapters of 41-46, 6 at the same time. This a beautiful way of getting to the end of the story, as a one good stride can cover many many contents. In a way, in these 6 chapters, we probably will get 6 different duels of good magnitude, and yes, if I don’t start now and keep with the trash talking, then all is good yes?

Kokujo will never forgive me for that blunder of course. So then, let’s bring on the fun.
Let's begin with 5 shall we?
Oh wait, have something more to say. Yes, I do like good reviews, so this is also a favor in return, capiche? But good reviews must be built on the back of good chapters, not just as a favor, or else the meaning of what a good review is will be twisted upside down in the wrong demeanor.

Well then, let’s go!

The first thing we have to look at when there is such a long series of chapters is of course number of words. There aren’t a lot, which is great, for I can focus on more of those individual events that made my day while I read it.

Then looking at a series of chapters, the first thing to notice of course is the title. What’s in a title? To the man called Kokujo_fma_le_deceased, title is spoilers. So here you go, let us take a look at the very cool assortments of 6 titles shall we? Note, I didn’t change a word or tense or ‘state’ of the titles.
1)Kaizer’s Return
2)The Cyber Tournament
3)The map is complete!
4)The Power of the Lioness
5)The Match of Destruction
6)The team is reunited!

Oh look, two of them are without capital letters! But it is okay, because both of them are completed by a very timely exclamation mark. Of course, looking at them, immediately any readers will be able to tell what the writer is planning to write about in that chapter. When you look at a title like ‘Kaizer’s Return’ what do you think will be in the content of that chapter? Yes, you got it, it is Kaizer returning to earth to be ready to pawn! Thus Spoiling is always good. Yes. Absolutely.

In Chapter 41, the tension is done quite right, especially one that gave raise after Subaru saw Kaizer after the apparent defeat of the boss. Now that is something you don’t want to experience…yes, think of it as a final. You don’t want to retake it over and over and having it becoming harder and harder every time.

Chapter 42 is the jolly one with the lovely babes called Kikki and Nana. Love for cyber AI’s, but those are pretty cool AIs. Finally Alwyn wins, which is extraordinary given how he likes to get pawned with his straightforward brainless decks. Of course, he has to improve sooner or later, but to whoop computer and actually feel good about it….well, he wouldn’t be the last for that matter, but it is still really…okay, it fits his character’s themes.

Onto Chapter 43 we now know that the map is completed. Hurray, now pls just go get your DDZ, and stop talking about…oh wait, other than just getting the map we do have the test do we? It is a fun chapter after all, but wasn’t the twist from the test into the completing the map far too fast? Of course Blane did give some efforts into defending it, but his level vs Kaizer’s is just too far. No chance no way, no Jose.

Chapter 44, Leona is back with a vengeance! She came she saw she conquers! And then she bites her victim in their necks and devour their flesh! And then…nevermind, I can’t get overhyped about Leona can’t I? Actually I was thinking that the Duel was quite a spectacle with two chicks going at each other, doing typically WWE moves and then pulling out Heaven’s Gate Decks at the same time…but no…Hyperspatial Control ;-; WHY!? And then the highlight of the Duel, of course, is the awakening of DDZ! Wait, I mean Saint Chan Merrie, a beast by her own right.

Chapter 45 brings us a surprise. Raiden got destroyed! How can that be? He is like this hot guy with long black hot hair, how can he possibly loose and became his old self just because of a true love’s kiss from Subaru? Ok, the kiss didn’t happen, but I guess friendship made all the difference. And just to say, the portal appeared way too easily. It is like playing pokemon where u get to enter a cave and suddenly you found Mew 2. Yeah…

In terms of surprises, Chapter 46 must’ve brought the biggest bestest one, yes? Tabitha Lenox, she who wouldn’t die, appears. Yes, just like a good girl, she comes back again and again like the old bitch, I mean witch she is. The show down counts down with the individual practice duels between the good guys, but that was to be expected. If you can’t pawn bad guys, you can surely pawn the good guys first.

But here is a prob in that chapter:
"Nolan has just intercepted Kaizer's UFO and we're following his marks. It seems that his vehicle is somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Don't worry; we'll catch up with him soon!" Subaru assured him.
"Let's just hope we're not too late…" Tiger said.
And so the UFO took off and headed for the Indian Ocean. During those long hours of travel, Tamma, Luna and Tiger were informed with the situation aboard.
So how far were they ? Soon and long hours are exact opposite of each other, no? I mean they are not even close, and they had to take the chase all the way to Indian Ocean, which is quite a long distance away.
Well then, after the quick recaps, it is time to continue with something else. Right now, how about characters? For character developments, there are still nearly none, but the new characters are surprisingly cool, even if they appear for the short amount of time.

Let’s start off with Kaizer’s corp:

Kaizer came back in a Spartan suite just to look like his cosplay target of Zenith called Greatest Great. Quite a power house, but please don’t call it gladiator suite. Gladiator is more of a salvaged armor, while Spartan is customized hand forged goodness that represent a majestic powerful and glorious. And in a way, he do play in a glorifying way, with dramatic one liners and big creatures with bombastic ends. Quite fitting

Alwyn…yeah, he won, great news.

Alien, still that dog that Kaizer likes to drive around, but still awkwardly out of place. The sole purpose of his existence is to drive the UFO. Really, he is just cannon fodder.

Leona :D Lovely chick who actually for once, in a game, lost in quite a fashionable way. She tried her best and Tsugumi’s action manage to reach her while none others actually did. Power is not measured after all by how many people you can kill, but how many people you can reach out to and change. And there, Tsugumi’s decision was the most powerful move anyone could’ve done.

Raiden…he appears in 41, then in 45 he got punished in an unfinished duel by a very happily yaoi Subaru. Gay triumphs, I mean love conquers all. Well, I guess it is farewell to Raiden the bad ass pawner. Shame, he was quite a prime example of how Tiger would be if he is on the other side.

Tabitha still that sly old queen, but without a sexy bod and a dick. Oh well, without a dick I mean a Deck, she couldn’t really do much but aid in the finding of the big boss creature. DDZ, here she comes.

For the MCs:

Subaru seems to have suddenly grown up to a man after he found out that Kaizer was still alive and lost to him in quite a fashionable way. He taught Tsugumi through a single one liner and proceeded to punish Raiden for his insolence. Well, we do need that figure of black death back. Oh wait, Kok is dead.

Tsugumi, surprise surprise, she actually achieved a fine victory which ended with a very nice touch. She took her stance and she made it clear, either I will defend all I value, or I shall control my own fate with that new spiffy deck of hers.

Tamma had good fun with the Test and proved that victory cards none victories

Luna…Tiger…Robert… is still non existent in these parts…other than getting pwned in Cyber DM Arena. Oh wait, they did actually do something in Chapter 46, but it was all Gaial Ore Dragon’s fault for being too good.

Hanna you poor thing. What did you even achieve?

Blane, you are a sorry excuse of a guardian. Hm, I think you will fit Shangri La’s theme very well indeed.

Wally…nevermind, didn’t appear.

As for the new charactesr, Kikki and Nana, quite Japanese in their names, are two Cyber characters that helps to commentate on duels. Yes, with Atsuto’s death and Yuu’s disappearance, what a good Duel Masters fanfic needs is commentators. But no, only two cyber girls who will likely never appear again. I mean two cute chicks with a sense of humor and who understand the game? Hello? At least they would be cool show girls, yes?

(to be continued below)
WhiteWaterLily chapter 45 . 3/18/2013
(continuing from the one above)

Aside from characters, the test that was done was genuinely fun. Unlike me who just copied a bunch of words from the wiki/cupcake, you actually made a quiz of sorts with valid questions that test ones’ knowledge eon the game itself. Now that is a feat. No, not just a feat, but a seriously cool thing that makes the story interesting. Duel Master is about knowledge of the cards after all, and completely ignorance is not okay.

So we had Tama doing the test as the focus is on him, but really, y not perception of others? Like them talking afterwards about the test on the contents? And how about having Tama actually get punish for this insolence of ignorance? But no, we don’t have the papers graded, which will make some readers quite sad…they too have no idea what the answers to the test questions will be. Would’ve been better if it was compared to Luna’s paper.

What is a Duelist without a Deck? What is a DM fanfic without good Duels? Yes, Duels are the focus of DM fanfics, and now we have wonderful plays from both sides, pumped up action none stop like a show of great magnitude. Oh yes, we do love good games.

Subaru vs Kaizer: Greatest Great is a great Zenith. Subaru had no chance if he had no idea what those 10 cost beasts can do. It is not easy playing against one, especially with all those throw away mana ramp that Kaizer did.

Cyber Arena Games: They were generally just chunks of mid game or end game stuff, didn’t really show the skill of the Players, but more or less their playing style. And yes, Alwyn likes attacking.

Kaizer vs Blane: If Subaru looses, then Blane is a no brainer. Assault doesn’t really survive that well against mana ramp beatdowns with Zeniths.

Leona vs Tsugumi: I somehow thought that the two swap roles. One playing HG while the other plays control? That is just mean. Queen Alcadeias and then Saint Chan Merrie. Leona couldn’t have done anything else meaningful before being utterly destroyed by these powerhouses. Almost a torture for Leona.

Raiden vs Subaru: not exactly a finished game is it? Though how the hell would Subaru know that Kaizer is untrustworthy? Kaizer trusted his subordinates enough to send two of his best to stop the chosens (even if they failed)

Nolan vs Tamma: Nolan…oh yes, your deck is so old it aught to be changed a bit, yes? Or else it is still that horrible piece of…even Tama defeated you, poor thing. Go Kasai!

Tiger vs Robert: I think Robert don’t really have a chance. Tiger took out Kaizer once, putting him probably at the top of his colleagues. Robert? No chance. However, Robert did take a big bite out of Tiger’s arse…figuratively speaking. Okay fine, I mean gave him a run for his money.

Luna vs Hanna: Hanna speaketh of her ideals, which is kinda strange, and Luna wonders what’s hers. The game was really short, but again, Gaial Ore Dragon Zombie Dragons any day. Sad story. Oh well.

Well then, quite a long review, definitely long enough to whoop those nolan’s reviews back to mama :D MUHAHAHAHA!

Some lines worthy to be highlighted:
"Our quest for Devil Diabolos Zeta's temple may have turned into a fool's errant. The monsoon might have destroyed it!" Kaizer explained with disappointment.
-I actually laughed when I read this line. It would be such epicness if that happened.

"Tsugumi, don't panic, I know you can do it!" Subaru's voice woke Tsugumi up from her thoughts and had her turn to her black haired lover. "Just trust your cards and you will get their help!"
"Trust my cards…" Tsugumi mumbled.
-Suddenly I have the urge to look at the date of the completion of this chapter. Why does it sound so familiar to the words of…oh well, I am paranoid. But yes, A Duelist without a Deck is pretty much nothing, so there you go.

"Grr… When did you get so powerful?" Leona asked.
-Kitty getting cornered and utterly pissed off. Well, people get better at dueling, girl, especially when they take up meta decks…yes, meta hyperspatial annoy-the-hell-out-of-you-control. I can’t blame you if you loose against a deck like that. Any good combo decks will fail to function as planned in front of beasts like Queen Alcadeias.

All of a sudden, Raiden began to feel dizzy. The R from his forehead lost its power and slowly began to fade away.
-What is this scene fashioned the same was as W in Zakira’s corp? Though W looks way cooler than an R on the forehead. Oh well.

Well, no wonder the 5 chosens all won their preduels, now all ready for the big actions to pwn Kaizer. It will be one heck of dogfight very soon and it will get ugly since Tabitha is there. Big hopes? Yes. Big reviews? Double yes.

Oh well, time to write more!

And Tolkien is so right.

‘Courage is not exhibit by being merciless, but by knowing when to be.’
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