Reviews for Save me from Imprinting
chemistrykim chapter 46 . 7/14
I never really cared for jared or paul in other fics but i like them both here :)
chemistrykim chapter 40 . 7/13
you know what this is first fic that got me liking paul... lol
chemistrykim chapter 37 . 7/13
i'd rate this at 8.5...
chemistrykim chapter 32 . 7/13
leah as alpha is the best thing in this story! :) and yeah everything do make sense with marking and imprinting.. i like that you're taking your time and blackwater
chemistrykim chapter 28 . 7/13
I would have preferred that this chapter did not happen... but you're the author and it's your story...
chemistrykim chapter 14 . 7/13
I really like this Sue...
chemistrykim chapter 9 . 7/13
This is really interesting and there's more chapter and i'm enjoying this :)
Gunreal chapter 35 . 2/26
Super bs... In the description says Jacob n Leah.. I have only seen fragments of Jacob in this story so far...anyway,..the story is well written but the plot does not really appeal to I am out of here... Good luck with the next...
Silverfires chapter 27 . 2/14
I am really enjoying this story. I am hoping that Leah and Jacob will get together soon.
Silverfires chapter 9 . 2/12
Poor Leah! Harry was horrible to her. I feel so badly for her. I am so glad that Jake imprinted on her.
Silverfires chapter 7 . 2/12
I am so mad at Sue! Why can't they understand how hurt Leah was? Why does she have to apologize to Sam and Emily? I am glad though that she went to University.
Silverfires chapter 5 . 2/12
I am proud of Seth too! Well done!
Silverfires chapter 4 . 2/12
Good job! And I agree with Leah 100%. I always thought Harry and Sue were too understanding of Emily in this. Honestly if I didn't know this would eventually be a Blackwater, I wouldn't be able to finish this, not because of your writing (which is amazing), but because of the pain that Leah had to go through. That is why it is so hard for me to get through Twilight. Well done, and looking foward to some Blackwater soon.
Silverfires chapter 3 . 2/12
It was wrong! Both of them should have fought harder to do what was right. I am not saying that Emily deserved to be hurt, but I honestly felt like the two of them were totally wrong in this. I can't stand imprinting, but I have to believe that ultimately we are in control of our actions. Excellent story telling.
Silverfires chapter 2 . 2/12
Oh poor Leah. Imprinting or no imprinting, I think the way Sam and Emily treated Leah was horrible, and I'm not just talking about your story, I'm just talking in general. You illustrated this so well in this chapter. Great work.
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