Reviews for Save me from Imprinting
FireSharingan359 chapter 45 . 2/18
Okay u have I good story but if anything sam is a prock but its not all Jakes fault. He had no clue about the imprint so he couldn't do anything about it. He did fawn over bella which was stupid but imprinting works as you can't have anyone but that person and jacob not knowing about it was stupid also pointless. It just seems like you want to blame jake when he didn't have the knowledge of the imprint not to mention Leah had sex with paul. That should be impossible because of the imprint. So realky both Leah and Jake are to blame not just Jake. Jake left because he was hurting and also because he somehow didn't know about his own imprint. Leah failed to tell him about it and refused to go after him. She slept with Paul when she knew she had imprinted on Jacob. Jacob gets back and this is all his fault. That's bullshit. No offense you have a good story but some things just don't make sense at all.
reptoholic chapter 76 . 1/27
great ending
reptoholic chapter 75 . 1/27
Too bad it didn't happen
reptoholic chapter 74 . 1/27
reptoholic chapter 73 . 1/27
enjoyed the story! I wish they had their ow pup
reptoholic chapter 72 . 1/27
If she gives birth it would be her child
reptoholic chapter 71 . 1/27
reptoholic chapter 70 . 1/27
I feel your pain
reptoholic chapter 69 . 1/27
HAH finally
reptoholic chapter 68 . 1/27
Wolfy sex? Awesome
reptoholic chapter 67 . 1/27
Poor guy
reptoholic chapter 66 . 1/27
Enjoyed it, though I wish they would have been portrayed in a negative instead of willing for death
reptoholic chapter 65 . 1/27
Keep it up... It better not be isabitch
reptoholic chapter 64 . 1/27
Come on!
reptoholic chapter 63 . 1/27
I hope they finish and seal the deal
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