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Black senpai chapter 73 . 9/16
loved the story one of my favourite that i ever read will start the sequel now. i hope it will be as good as this one
noxenrom chapter 3 . 9/6
Aaaaaaand i am out. Naruto alone would be great but more characters are just going to ruin it
True Rule of Cool chapter 9 . 8/19
Most of Sokka's paranoia is justified. In canon they were all kids and teens on the run with no real adult supervision or guidance. Anyone could have taken advantage of them, especially Aang, who was ignorant of the way the world really worked and didn't understand people feelings when it came to war. Karata was an attractive girl who, while not on the level of Aang, was to trusting of people. Toph was more sensible as she hung around thugs and crooks, yet was too focused on using earth-bending to detect people in their lies. Silks was the only one to look into and investigate the motives of those who participated in the war with the thought that any person could possibly be an enemy
True Rule of Cool chapter 7 . 8/17
I like how Zuko Vs Bahamut clashed against one another. In the canon, Zuko had a breakdown due to believing that the world itself didn't see him as someone to take notice of, just as his father viewed him as unworthy and Zuko saw him as a weakling. Not being able to measure up in the eyes of anyone, whether they were important to him or not, must have been a huge blow to his confidence.
HinataSoup chapter 56 . 8/17
Hilarious... love that Iruka has a romance and want to see some moremfrom side characters.
Worrisome with the aang mention, but good
True Rule of Cool chapter 4 . 8/14
So everyone is now at least accepting of the spiritual world. Ty Lee & Mai saw their cannon futures, which shows the hope they have for who they wish to be. Azula, however saw Naruto's past, opening up her emotional interest in him. Love how Sokka is more accepting of the spirit world as opposed to cannon, where he had nothing but bad experiences. Team 8 receiving closure was a nice way to tie them in to the Swamp.
HinataSoup chapter 40 . 8/13
Even though not bleach technically, all the information made towards the swords is similar, maybe not bleach, but similar.
Its good details though
este5454 chapter 1 . 8/12
Not to nitpick or anything but I believe Kawarimi only has a small radius of which to switch with objects, so for naruto to have switched to a clone that was far away from konoha seems unbelievable.
True Rule of Cool chapter 3 . 8/12
Katara and Socks having their little family moment makes little sense to me. Karata was already breaking Water Tribe tradition by being a woman training in the art of combat, so Silly had more of a right to learn then she did.

Also, it was nice seeing Naruto manipulate Team 8 with tactics that any shinobi would pull off in a hostage situation. Shows that he's willing to make the tough choices when it comes to protecting Azula and representing the Fire Nation (Colonies) as a soldier.
True Rule of Cool chapter 2 . 8/12
I find the addition of Aleka to be a good addition to Team Avatar. In the anime their were many reference of Sokka being associated with both the spirits(Yue the Moon Spirit) and wolves (Warrior's Wolf ponytail and Water Tribe Armor). It was also cut out that Sokka did receive some training from the Northern Water Tribe's non-bending warriors. Also his time with Yue as her "protector" should have earned him a guardian spirit in the actual anime. Also as a hunter, Sokka is naturally observant of the people around him so it's nice that here he was the one to notice how the Earth Kingdom would dislike their arrogant glory-hound of a general.
Snakeskull chapter 73 . 8/10
I'm wondering if there a reading of this story?
HinataSoup chapter 33 . 8/3
I never really felt comfortable watching zuko ask to join the avatar group episode or the ember island players... admittedly, the latter is hilarious to imagine other people's perspective on team avatar and the group.
But the whole thing is uncomfortable entirely.
Liked how it went for 31 and how naruto is actually good at planning more.
True Rule of Cool chapter 1 . 8/2
Just started reading this fanfic and I am already interested. Finally, someone calls or Aang on the fact that he basically abandoned his people and the world. People may say that he was just a child running away in a tantrum, but consider this. Aang has his Mark of Mastery tattoos, which would make him an adult in the eyes of the Air Nomads. This would require not only control over their element, but also spiritual and mental fortitude expected of one who has come to understand the world around them as it is. Not only that, but as an Avatar, Aang held a high position of religious, political, and military importance. To many people around the world, what Aang did was essentially desertion during a potential war crisis that he was aware of, but chose to avoid. Any normal person would have been charged with desertion crimes, imprisoned, executed, or forced to fight on the front lines as canon fodder. When Aang came back however, he was immediately seen as a savior by both the military and the common people of the majority of the Four Nations who didn't want to continue to live in a world suppressed by 100 yrs. of Fire. They gave him praise, sheltered him from enemies, and allowed him exclusive training, things that any other person would have to work years for while earning the trust and understanding of various people in various cultures.
HinataSoup chapter 28 . 8/1
For this chapter... changing it to be with kills, instead of how the series was can work. I always thought partly of the northern watertribe's customs for katara... (women heal, not fight) she learned to fight, but killing is the other part which must be tough to do.
Sokka is supposedly a warrior, and not a great one at first, so in series could be lack of experience prevents kill, or now with experience /maturity will do so...?
HinataSoup chapter 26 . 8/1
I can see katara getting told at...
Good story so far...
(Only flaws are some sentences are slightly off? Either its grammar or some spelling errors, nothing truly major) so good marks otherwise.
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