Reviews for JAWS 4 Rewrite
Steve Freeling chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
Could you keep his younger son alive too?
Dr Moustachio Girl chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
Sexy Intern Cop
Name: Iza Devinity

Age: 28

OC Position: Intern cop in luurve with Cheif Brody

Appearance: Long mahogany hair (sleek and shiny) with dark blond natural highlights. Nave blue eyes with flecks of honey gold in which change colour from brown to gold wheather she's sad or happy. Slim and trim but built with some muscle on her. Built for long-distance running but can lift/carry a good weight too.

Likes: Besides Brody: Amity Island, Adventure, Red wine (green grapes can make her swell up), snakes, kiddies (either babies or 7 otherwise & I quote 'they're all sticky and messy! *insert disgusted face here*' & Total Wipeout USA

Dislikes: Spiders, Too much heat, X-Factor

Family: Leanne Devinty (mother [Desciesed]), Henry Devinity (father), Jessica McCoy(step-sister), Liliana McCoy (Step-mother), Mia Devinity (baby sister) & John Devinity (twin brother)

Personality (In addition to your selected OC's traits I listed.): Sarcastic, quick-witted, dry humored, flirty

Backstory: When her mother passed away, Iza began pushing herself to do better things than be a PT (personal trainer) so she signed up for the Internship on Amity Island and found love in a certain divorced Chief of Police. While keeping regular constant with her twin brother John and step-sister Jessica she drifted away from her sister Mia, whom became the black-sheep of the Devinity-McCoy clan due to the drugs and assault charges made against her. Her goal in life is to have a life-changing adventure that would set her up with the man of her dreams and hopefully a family of her own to start with.
TheLostWriter17 chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Name:Audrey Evans


OC Position: Young Female Skipper

Appearance:Olive colored skin that burns eaisly in the sun, a heart shaped face that is thin, skinny, long wavy tangly black hair that trails down her back, olive shaped green eyes that show her true feelings, big feet and is very tall and pink shell lips. she has a scar on her back because she fell off the roof of her house on a stupid dare.

Likes: boating, swimming and painting

Dislikes: Dancing, math and staying still

Family: Arnold Evans ( father, professor), Marietta Evans(mother, professor), Paige Mavrick nee' Evans (sister, teacher, 27), Paul Mavrick ( brother-in-law,principal,30), Nicholas Mavrick ( nephew, 7), Wisteria "Wisty" Mavrick (niece, 6), Cassidy Mavrick (niece, 2)

Personality: Audrey is very optismistic and always tends to see the light in even the worst situations. She has a lot of marine life smarts and is always sprouting out random facts about differe marine animals like sharks. She can be very tempermental and is usually the one to start fights. She hids her feelings a lot and doesn't usually say somethin until she explodes. She is very athletic and loves sports. She loves to make jokes especially to cheer people up. She is very impulsive. She has a quirk where she is always moving never keeping one body part completely still like tapping her feet or something. She is

Backstory: Audrey was born to Arnold and Marietta Evans on Decemeber 5th in the Bronx ,New York. She was born into a very strict household and was always kept in for studying instead of going outside to play. She was so pressured that at one point she cracked. She was also made inferior and insercure by her siste Paige. She disappointed her parents by not becoming something like a teachr, docter or lawyer but instead becoming a skipper. She keeps little any contact with her parents. She keeps in contact with her siste but only for her nieces and nephew who sometimes visit her.
samiamf69 chapter 1 . 5/23/2012
Name: Spencer Marie Davis

Age: 23-27

OC Position: Young Female Skipper OC

Appearance: imgres?hlen&gbv2&biw1249&bih580&tbmisch&tbnidBjt1IEr9SCJwxM:& /aggregator/sources/1%3Fpage%3D20&docidkWvY-2h1lJK0dM& &w388&h502&ei4YC9T9_0AtDjggfmjcz-Dg&zoom1

The girl looks a little young, but i'm pretty sure she is 26, besides it's just to give you an idea of what she would look like.

Likes: sci-fy, action, and fantasy books/movies. animals. listening to music. Any unhealthy food.

Dislikes: Being bossed around, loud abnoxious tourist girls, crying girls, sappy romance movies, waiting a long time for something, tardiness, bad accents.

Family: Sister age 16, Sabrina Davis.

Personality (In addition to your selected OC's traits I listed.): She pretty much has no life. She works late, then goes home to take care of her little sister. While she is very pretty and saught after, she is very loyal in her relationships. She can be some what recluse, and does not trust other very much. She sticks to a close group of friends which is pretty much 1 or 2 others from work. She can be very kind and is very likable.

Backstory: Her, her sister and her parents were in an accident when she was 17. They were hit and only she and her sister survived. They were in foster care for the couple of months until she became 18 and was legally able to take care of them both. Wishes to be a marine biologist.