Reviews for Dreams 02:Balance of Power
lauramorgenstern chapter 11 . 6/5/2016
Great story! Thanks for the haply ending, too! Things would've been so much different if Obi-wan had been in the know. Wonderful characterization and all around writing.
Asj Johnson chapter 11 . 3/31/2016
This was a really nice fic. Though... the end doesn't feel like the end to me. But I like the rest. And, in the earlier chapters where it's pretty similar to the movie, I really liked how you wrote things. I hope that, if and when I write an idea I have, that I'll be able to make it sound like that.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 11 . 3/28/2016
Very balanced end...liked Obi-Wan's response. I loved how Anakin was shocked once more lol
BooksAreMedicine chapter 10 . 3/28/2016
Great idea having Padma kill the General, it's nice to see her not as anything close to a damsel in distress. Your description of how close Anakin came to the movie version was nice to have in detail too. I liked the battle description a lot
BooksAreMedicine chapter 9 . 3/28/2016
Good point about Darth Mal, I thought there were parallels. I like how Yoda is flexible and Anakin has good points about attachment. I love the trap within a trap, good idea
BooksAreMedicine chapter 8 . 3/28/2016
Ooh, cool twist with General Grievous.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 7 . 3/28/2016
Nice dream, like the Death Star reference and how they finally see it's him. The "not exactly" was pretty funny. I like your idea, that a Jedi is a way of life, not a job.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 6 . 3/28/2016
I love how he keeps shocking the wife...great line :) I like how they reacted, very in character. The progress of his feelings was insightful and well described. I love how Obi-Wan and Yoda had a plan all along.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 5 . 3/28/2016
I do like how Yoda is somewhat of an antagonist here, though he is good, he is in opposition to the hero so it works to add more tension to your story. I like how other things are changing too, Anakin and Padma actually talking and learning more about each other and growing closer.
Great last line btw :)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 4 . 3/28/2016
Haha, I love how shocked the council was, I would have been snickering in the background. I always thought Mace was one of the reasons he turned, especially since once he saved the Chancellor, there was no going back for him. I like how he throw off the Sith Lord too, take that power of love over pride!
BooksAreMedicine chapter 3 . 3/28/2016
I really enjoyed how you had Anakin realize that he would cross that line to save Padma, it is good to be aware of the darkness within. I also liked how he was more suspicious of the Chancellor, all the signs were there but I am glad he didn't let his arrogance silence them this time around. Obi-Wan's advice was good. I like how he sees that Padma's pain is emotional, due to the loss of Anakin
BooksAreMedicine chapter 2 . 3/28/2016
Lol, I love the "dreaming" thing, so fitting for the two of them. I like the contrast between the dream that came true and how Anakin tried to shift his dream by brushing her hair. I liked how you showed Obi-Wan with his urge for patience and moderation. I love how this time he can go to Obi-Wan, I always thought that would've made a difference
BooksAreMedicine chapter 1 . 3/28/2016
Nice way to build suspense from the start
Space Lightning chapter 8 . 9/18/2015
The sexism smack in the middle of this chapter was very uncalled for. I assure you, women have the same lust for power as men, and the reason most jedi are men is because most writers are men. I'm afraid I won't be reading any of your stories anymore.
DragonReader99 chapter 8 . 7/25/2015
Um, no, you did not just say that women were too emotional to make good jedi. Women have plenty of patience along with steady goals, we simply don't have patience for those that call us impatient.
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