Reviews for Black Diamond
QueenGB chapter 54 . 12/14
Thank you thank you thank you and then some. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 53 . 12/14
Charlie rocked it and it was sweet too.
QueenGB chapter 52 . 12/14
Seriously Alice and Rosalie a triple wedding? There is nothing romantic about that at all. What bride wants that? Im glad Edward was like...ahh NO! Hahaha anyway, that's sad about Sandra. Hope you let her live and run away with Jenks to France or something.
QueenGB chapter 51 . 12/14
Leah was the least threatening but epically annoying. That skirt sounds amazing btw.
QueenGB chapter 50 . 12/14
Yay the Chief came to town. You know I always wondered how could a small town with less than 4K people be so busy for the police department.
QueenGB chapter 49 . 12/14
Jenks tale is sad but Im surprised Edward didn't seek criminal charges and again where is Chief Swan it's seems odd Bella wouldn't ask for her Dad in the wake of this drama.
QueenGB chapter 48 . 12/14
WTF where the hell is Charlie? I know he hates leaving Forks but damn.
QueenGB chapter 47 . 12/14
So much going on in this one. Good. Good. Good.
QueenGB chapter 46 . 12/14
I don't know Bella you should have pussy punched her all she had was a syringe. A gun totally different story. Tanya is cray and so is her partner Jake.
QueenGB chapter 45 . 12/14
Hell we all want an Edward especially this one. Lauren sounds too convenient or maybe I'm paranoid. Also I don't trust Jenks. There I said it! Fried chicken, Edward, lemons, oak tree and wine ? Hell and yes!
QueenGB chapter 43 . 12/14
Your right sweetie you don't deserve him yet. But at least he forgives you and loves you wholeheartedly and isn't pulling an Eclipse. And sort out your fathers issues wth our Edward while you're at it.
QueenGB chapter 42 . 12/14
I do think even though Bella's first response is to freak or run (at least edward knows) she will be a bit jealous the girls are getting married and she is only living with Edward. Kind of like the sex in the beginning that weekend in Tahoe . But that's Bella!
QueenGB chapter 40 . 12/14
I'm with Edward on Jenks. It's Napa how hard is it to keep tabs on Tanya and Jake. Also he broke the restraining order. Next time 911 girl.
QueenGB chapter 39 . 12/14
Sexy sexy lemons! Nice punishment too. Bella's lucky the family welcomed her back so quickly without hard feelings. Especially mama bear. Now Charlie not liking Edward because Bella was hurt well she needs to fix that because her hurt was self inflicted unlike NM. Tanya and Jacob? Haha that is all.
QueenGB chapter 38 . 12/13
Edward leather? Yes please!
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