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Earial13 chapter 46 . 10/11
Oh. Wow. I know this story was finished years ago, but still... Wow. I am very picky when it comes to phan fics and other stories in general, but I say without reservation that this is my favorite PotO story I have ever read (and I've read quite a few) and my favorite longer fic of any genre. I mean it. I appreciate how tastefully you portrayed everything, even when talking about nitty gritty stuff like sex trafficking or rape. Also, I loved how you kept Raoul in character! One of my biggest problems with the fandom is people blowing him out of proportion and making him the criminal or a drunk or an abuser, etc etc. And the fact Christine was truly terrified of Erik at first; she had growing to do too, and I enjoyed every step of her journey. I honestly wasn't sure if the story was going to end 'happily' or not (the title had me convinced it would not) so I was therefore beyond pleased at the final ending. Thank you so much for putting the time and talent into creating this beautiful work. I know this will be one I'll come back to read again and again. Thank you again and sorry for the ridiculous length of this review; I just had to share how much I loved this!
wondergirl257 chapter 46 . 8/16
Oh wow this was wow for some reason I thought this story would end badly but I'm really happy it didn't it was nice to see Christine Grow she was so annoying and always saying stupid things in the first 20 chapters or so and then she calmed down which I'm grateful for nice read thanks for writing
wondergirl257 chapter 19 . 8/15
I'm screaming! This is so BIZARRE LIKE dude what on earth did I sign up for when I started this Erik is Christine's sugar daddy I CAN'T now he's buying her dresses And an apartment and bloody lipstick for crying out loud and our doe eyed little darling just called herself a woman for the first time and bakes heart shaped cookies Oh my Lord I feel like once her dad dies or she unmasks erik whichever disaster comes first this is going to go downhill very fast
broadwaygirl818 chapter 46 . 6/11
I, for one, LOVED this characterization of Christine. She has both naïveté and wisdom, and I love way her character matures throughout this story. It was truly a beautiful read. Thank you for sharing. :)

Highest regards,
JustaGuest94 chapter 18 . 5/26
Why hello.

So yeah, I actually made myself an account just to review this story, though I had considered just leaving a guest review, but hey, you can’t reply to guest reviews, anyway, so…

As you can see, I’m up to chapter 18. And, well, I really want to discuss of this with you, because, well, I do want to leave some constructive criticism, especially if you ever have the intention of publishing this one of these days. I can be pretty blunt at times, and I never try to sugar-coat anything, but I’m pretty certain there’s an adult behind this story, so yeah.

Your writing style is really good, and your portrayal of Erik until now is great and I have nothing to say. Actually, my two main issues are Raoul and Christine.

I can see you probably smiling and immediately guessing why I have issues with Christine, but being perplex with Raoul. So I’ll start with him.

The thing is, well, he’s just being the cardboard perfect boyfriend. Now, I’m glad to see he isn’t portrayed like a jerk or anything like that. But the thing is, he just doesn’t have any personality whatsoever. Leroux!Raoul obviously has one, but I guess here we have ALW!Raoul. A lot of people go and say he’s boring and has no personality anyway, but, well, I have to disagree with that. He doesn’t get much time, of course, but we can gather some things from him that give him characterization. I don’t have the impression that I’m being really clear here, but hey, as I said, I made myself an account precisely so I could be able to calmly and politely talk to you about it despite my raw honesty.

And here I come to Christine… okay, I assume she’s going to get some character development and that I should just finish the story, but I still have issues. Really big ones. There are times where I just feel like grabbing the chair I’m actually sitting on and smacking her hard with it. Now, I know you wanted to have being “childlike”. It’s not something that I mind at all, actually. I had the chance of seeing Julie Hanson as Christine Daae on Broadway back in 2005, and her Christine was very childlike. But… I hate to say this, but… argh, I don’t know how to express how she was in general. Whiny? I mean, I know you're going to say: "Yeah, but Erik is way worse." But you know, Erik is Erik.

She just seemed to have a severe case of Electra complex here, and I found that really disturbing. I mean, Gustave is supposed to be the great father here and all, but the way Christine behaved towards him and about him in general really made me feel uneasy, to the point I wondered for a while if there were some things about their relationship that weren’t said…

And also, it’s really a small detail, but there’s that part where Raoul shows his disappointment that she isn’t registering for a university or something (because, well, let’s face it, that would probably be the wisest thing to do, considering that Gustave is actually pretty irresponsible and that Christine refuses all help from Raoul unless it becomes absolutely necessary, and well, going to university is probably the best option, especially that, well, in show-business, you have to fight to keep your place, and Christine obviously doesn’t have the potential for that. Oh wait – there’s Erik. *sigh*), and she goes like “OMG he’s so mean!” I mean, he actually said nothing *mean*, actually. And even, well, Erik has been far more harsh with her and she never complained about it, and I just feel like it’s just to easen up the Erik/Christine romance.

So another point is really the dynamic Christine has with Raoul and Erik. On Raoul’s side, well, I just don’t get it why they’re together in the first place. So, on Christine’s side, it’s pretty easy to guess why: it’s to satisfy her Electra complex, or at least, that’s how I see it. But I just don’t get it why Raoul actually *likes* her in the first place. Already, I found him to be pretty patient with her in the “modern-day red scarf” thing that I admittedly found… disappointing (I don’t know if it really is or if it’s just me: but that part of canon really holds a special place in my heart. Oh well). But, as he points out, she does nothing on her side for their relationship. There’s no reason whatsoever for them to be together, no chemistry, no nothing. And I just find it all a bit too easy for the love triangle that’s going to take place.

And on Erik’s side… I have to say that I do wonder why Christine doesn’t suspect that it’s precisely the Phantom who’s behind her father’s kidnapping. I mean, that option is so painfully obvious it hurts my eye and I just feel like it’s all to make things easier. Plus, I feel uneasy about their relationship – Erik is very controlling of Christine’s life, to the point I roll my eyes every time she gets annoyed of Raoul doing the same except in a far more mild way and probably in a way that’s better for her overall. I mean, that’s in-character for both Erik and Raoul, to be honest, and I have nothing to say about the subject. What does annoy me is Christine’s behavior towards all of this. She obviously won’t have the guts to stand up to Erik, and if all of this develops in a romance, it will give me overall too much of the impression that it’s all about an older and cunning man taking advantage of a younger girl’s problems in order to get what he wants of her. I mean, that’s basically what happens in POTO, but if you want to create an Erik/Christine romance, it’s not exactly the best basis for it.

So yeah, sorry if I’m being harsh. But I do think this story is worth my attention, because I do think it has great potential to the point where I am, and I will read it to the end.
powerandcontrol chapter 46 . 5/22
okay. i started reading this yesterday evening, and then it's kinda blurry. i couldn't stop reading, not until it was three in the morning, and even then, i was not glad that i had to sleep. in the morning, i've been reading instead of breakfast, and when i got home from school, i've read some more, and i almost missed my train, and i've been reading on the train, and i'm home now, and i've just finished. it was one of the most absurd, amazing, lovely, exciting fanfic i've ever read, and yeah, i've just registered so i can put this to my favourites or bookmarks or whatever this site has. also - i loved how you described parts about the music. i have a terrible voice, and i can play like 2 songs on my guitar, and i never ever do it when someone's around, but i'd probably die without music. and someone finally put this into words. thank you so very, very much for this story. (and sorry for my poor english.)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/10
I am entranced. What a charming and interesting first chapter. It immediately caught my interest. Thank you for sharing your talent!
emeraldphan chapter 46 . 1/5
This was an amazing story and I have been addicted to it for the last few days! Poor Erik had a horrendous childhood, so it was no wonder that he turned out the way he did. But by the end of the story he did show a few glimmers of humanity and Christine's right, his progress will be very slow and gradual but at least he has someone who will stand by him always.
I loved the way you portrayed Christine's relationships with both Raoul and Erik; very different relationships of course, but there were some similarities too. Her mixed feelings for Erik were very realistic - she will always be a little bothered by his past activities but her love for him outweighs any fear or doubt she may have.
And it was wonderful how they both visited Gustave's grave at the end - very appropriate, seeing as his disappearance brought them together.

A really well written story, and I am glad you are continuing it!
MFGhoulscout chapter 1 . 1/3
I just started reading this story and I really like it so far!
Im swedish and I loooove that u use words like "knäckebröd" in it. Can't wait to read it all!

(Sorry if my english is not great, but I just wanted to .. I dunno. Write something!)
emeraldphan chapter 32 . 1/2
This is just brilliant. Their relationship is so tense and uncertain and delicate, and you have written it in such a moving, engrossing way. Although Christine knows about Erik's "job" she is also aware of his feelings for her and how he has tried to make her happy, in his own weird way. I am really enjoying this.
emeraldphan chapter 21 . 12/31/2014
What I love about this story is how you convey Christine's loneliness, despair and sadness, as she tries unsuccessfully to cope in a frightening adult world. She's not a happy go lucky middle class girl with everything going for her; she really has a lot to cope with and she's still a child on the inside. The paragraph where she's looking out the window at all the people was brilliantly written, and something than anyone in a big city can relate to.
emeraldphan chapter 19 . 12/30/2014
At last their relationship is starting to thaw! Some interesting developments here, with Erik providing an outfit for the audition. I kind of wish we had some of his perspective as well, just to let us know what's he's thinking during these lessons and perhaps afterwards too.
emeraldphan chapter 16 . 12/30/2014
I can't understand how Erik expects Christine to sing when she's upset but he has also made very perceptive comments about her and her father. He tells the harsh truth, without worrying about tact and diplomacy, which is sometimes needed where Christine is concerned but a bit hurtful given all that's going on in her life. Hopefully the improvement in her voice will calm him down a bit.
emeraldphan chapter 11 . 12/29/2014
I am really enjoying this story but seriously, Erik needs to work on his communication skills! It's no wonder Christine is barely able to sing, knowing what she does about him. And yet he always demands perfection nonetheless. You've captured that darkness and lack of emotion really well, not to mention that constant need to be in charge.
emeraldphan chapter 4 . 12/20/2014
I've been looking at this story again and I just wanted to let you know how well you've written it. I love the way you create this dark myth about the mysterious Phantom and build up the reader's expectations before we ever meet him. Christine is so lost and so desperate that she is willing to enter a world that frightens her, just to find him. It's all very exciting!
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