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dksaga chapter 45 . 2/6
So I just read this thing in a massive marathon of neglecting my children and home, and finally am asking your apologies, dear writer, for the delayed review.

You're really good at this writing stuff. putting it mildly.

For what it's worth, I wasn't inclined to read this story because of a strong preference for deformed musical geniuses whose nondeformed bits are gorgeous and perfect and manly and sexy. In other words, Gerik works just fine for me. Yes, I am that shallow. The only truly corpse-like/horrifying Erik that has ever moved me has been Leroux's. Until now.

While your Christine annoyed me, she was very much like Leroux's (in my not so very humble opinion) and so was able to hold in the urge to smack her every so often for being slightly pathetic. But her strength coming to the fore so late in the day fit perfectly with Erik's unmasking, in all senses of the word, and the way you moved all of it into the modern day just works.

I'd like to say something useful, but for the moment can't think of anything. Have to finish the story. Now.
electronic.neko chapter 46 . 1/24
electronic.neko chapter 44 . 1/24
Ha. I'm glad that Erik is being a snooty, obnoxious, pain in the ss. I feel like they are getting to know each other for the first time. It can't be good for Erik to be sick for so long, though...I wish they would take him to a doctor or have one visit him.
electronic.neko chapter 42 . 1/24
Marvelous. I'm glad Christine has had the chance to be the strong one, between her and Erik. And that she wouldn't let Raoul take care of her, like a doll. She's grown in the time they were separated.
electronic.neko chapter 41 . 1/24
Raoul?! Raoul was Nadir's grand plan for Christine's escape?! I am extremely unimpressed. And for whatever Nadir has told Raoul, they as good as kidnapped her themselves! Nadir didn't even ask her anything. I was actually rather amused when Christine was just vaguely wondering what dress Erik had chosen. My only hope is that Erik is far too stubborn to be parted from Christine like that.
electronic.neko chapter 39 . 1/24
I have a strange feeling that Erik's surprise is a wedding, since it can't wait until after her debut performance.
electronic.neko chapter 37 . 1/24
Aw, it's a bummer that Erik and Nadir's friendly conversation went sour so quickly when Christine came in. And that Christine didn't get to hang out with Meg. I'm glad she resisted Raoul, though.
electronic.neko chapter 36 . 1/24
I wish Erik hadn't made her scratch him. If he'd just raged at her and, I don't know, broke some stuff, instead of that trauma with the blood, things might have been better.

I found Erik's preparations, the arrows and the flashlight, rather sweet. I wish he had warned her more specifically that wandering off the path he designated for her was dangerous, though.
electronic.neko chapter 34 . 1/24
Oh, dear. I understand Christine's reasoning, I think (although why can't she just ASK?), but being de-masked after that vulnerability in the car is really going to set Erik off.
electronic.neko chapter 33 . 1/24
Nadir is going to get himself into trouble, sneaking and telling parts of stories. I wonder if he has considered that if he manages to talk Christine into leaving, bad things would happen. He's lucky Christine's sense of inertia is keeping her firmly ensconced in Erik's house.
electronic.neko chapter 32 . 1/24
I get the feeling Erik doesn't quite know what to do with Christine now that she's there. He doesn't seem to spare much thought to keeping her entertained, unless they are practicing or she is listening to him perform.

I liked his line about meeting Raoul - "what an incredible coincidence that happened completely by chance, with no orchestration from me whatsoever!" Because I do get the feeling he somehow engineered that, that he wanted to see what Christine would do if she encountered Raoul again. The timing of the gift of the ring makes me think Erik was waiting to see if she would come back once she had gone outside again.
electronic.neko chapter 31 . 1/24
I'm imagining Erik sent Nadir a nasty text to rout him out of the house. And now Christine's in on Erik's joke about the roof! It wasn't exactly a joke, since it was the absolute truth, but it was ironic enough that I'm counting it as a joke.
electronic.neko chapter 29 . 1/24
I can't imagine what Nadir was thinking to point a gun at Christine. I suppose Erik's house is full of dangerous things, but Christine hardly has a threatening presence.

I was almost amused at the scene with the strawberries, but also pretty creeped out by Erik's manner towards Christine. Christine noted Erik was talking to her like an animal, and he really, really was. That's exactly the way I talk to my cat when I'm trying to get him to come out from under the bed or something. Right on down to telling him he's a good boy when he does something I approve of.
electronic.neko chapter 27 . 1/24
Ha! I wondered how Erik would react, considering how he hates Carlotta (Does he know her from London?), but I didn't imagine he would make the cards burst melodramatically into flame! Parlor tricks to impress Christine, hm? I love how nonchalant he was about it, as if nothing unusual happened. Not fooling anyone, mister.

I'm glad Meg and Christine have met now. I think their conversation about Raoul was good for Christine. Interesting that Meg greeted Christine almost the same way Erik did at the park - you're that singing girl.
electronic.neko chapter 26 . 1/24
I am struggling not to be pissed at Raoul (particularly for that comment about not raping her, after how uncomfortable he made her LAST time they shared a bed with his family around) because really, it's not such a bad thing to like to be needed. And I see where he's coming from, wanting Christine to have education to fall back on if need be. But he's never even heard her sing, has he? And after two occasions where she overhears a family member disparaging her, and Raoul only weakly defends her, without trying to help her make a better impression, I hope she has learned it would be better not to attempt to join his family. They're so unwelcoming.
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