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Guest chapter 14 . 3/24/2013
CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDTE SOON IT WOULD MEAN A LOT IM ADDICTED TO IT AND IT WAS LEFT AT SUCH A CLIFFHANGER sorry i just realized it was on caps lock great story and sorry I hope this didnt sound mean or rude please update
swishyla chapter 14 . 2/24/2013
I do hope you update again this is a good story
Tintinn chapter 3 . 11/4/2012
It's really interesting. Plz update soon.
thepinkmartini chapter 14 . 10/23/2012
Great chapter! I'm loving Isabelle.
Fleur24 chapter 14 . 10/1/2012
""Who would have thought that I'd be escaping the Capitol with a good-looking District 2 boy and a scowling tree climber District 12," Isabelle says and looks at us both, "You guys really aren't the best match, you know."" That's kind of funny.

""I smile and squeeze Katniss's hand slightly as we step over the solid, grey brick bridge that connects the Capitol to the piece of land seperating that part of Panem from District 1."" So that's how their connected, besides the mountains and the tunnel.

Its really interesting how they react when overcome with memories and hallucinations. I like that the others are able to recognize the signs of each of them.

""Hmmmm," Katniss mumbles. Her eyes slide closed and she's pulled into a dream. I remember her saying that in my arms, the nightmares go away, so I continue to carry her."" AWE!

Ooooooooooo train timetable. That's a good bit of luck for them.

Yea they'll have better luck with getting on the train.

Its rather interesting learning bits about Isabelle's games.

Uh oh, somethings going on in the mine. I hope Gale's okay.

""She sighs. "After running from the Capitol for weeks with barely any food and sleep, with my only companions being an arogant, sarcastic, hot guy and a short-tempered, snappy little girl? This may sound weird, but I'm alright. You know, I feel... alright. Better than I have in a while."" I like this. I like despite everything that's happening, she feels better than she has in a long time.

I LOVE that he told her about Azora. I think Katniss would have like Azora.

What is Gale doing on the train?
Fleur24 chapter 13 . 10/1/2012
This was sweet and fluffy, with a touch of angst. I like it though. Its good that they have time just to be them, before they embark on their adventure.
Fleur24 chapter 9 . 9/23/2012
""It seemed that whoever I loved, was taken away from me, as some kind of punishment for being as stupid as to think I could get away from what was keeping me alive. The Capitol. Azora's name had been pulled out of the bowl at the Reaping day almost ten years ago, my parents were killed in the Games because of their love for each other, Clove died because she had volunteered, wanting to prove to everyone that she wasn't weak, and to make her District proud, because she loved her home. To her, The Capitol wasn't bad; it was a place to love. And after all of that, Katniss and I had won because she was the one who realised I wasn't a monster, and we are now probably going to both be dead in less than a year because of our actions and feelings for each other."" That is awful! Snow seems to have a personal vendetta against Cato. I feel bad for Clove, as well.

""He'd smashed alcohol bottles onto the walls until they were all covered in an orange liquid and the place smelled strongly of Spirits. He had laid on the floor and pretended to have an seizure, screaming out to get the knives away from him, thrashing and kicking anyone who tried to come close to him. In the end, they had no choice but to stick a needle in his arm and put him out of his pretend pain. He never woke up. I don't think he treasured his life anymore. Why would he? Maybe Haymitch liked the thought of dying before the Games. Katniss probably blamed me for his death, too."" :0 Haymitch is dead! That's awful!

What the heck is Snow doing in Katniss' apartment?

""Cato, please," it's Fire Girl that is begging me now. She manages to whisper her sister's name before the president interrupts.

"Either you go, and enjoy yourselves, everyone living happily ever after for the time being. Or, Primrose Everdeen won't live to see too many more mornings."" Of course Snow is still using Prim as leevage, know that neither of them want Prim to die.

""I'm scared that if we're around each other for too long, that I'm going to have to face my feelings," she breathes and my face goes closer to hers.

"And what are those feelings?"

"I feel like… Like I love you."

And then I'm kissing her. I feel as if I'm drowning, and I'm in my last few seconds alive. They say that before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. I can't breathe, but I'm in peace for once."" I really like this. its nice that Cato is at peace for once.
The Persona chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Hah wow, that is wayy OOC
marie chapter 14 . 8/28/2012
ok i read this months ago and came back 2 c if it had been worked on, and it hasnt. thats a disappointment. its areally good story and u should work on it
DoubleTroubleWithPranks chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
MzMilo chapter 1 . 7/22/2012
ChelseaAnne97 chapter 14 . 7/19/2012
You should update as soon as you can! This is a really good story:)
Catnip E chapter 14 . 7/10/2012
Fleur24 chapter 10 . 6/8/2012
""Katniss's hand is untangles our hands falls onto the ground slowly. The tombstone reads Haymitch's name. And under it, the cause of his death is explained as alcoholic overdose. She placed a bunch of white flowers on the ground next to his name and placed three fingers to her mouth, then to the tombstone.

Haymitch might not have showed it always, but he loved the girl like his own daughter. He'd distracted the guards just so we could be together for ten minutes, and died in the process. Because he valued our lives over his. Someone with that much loyalty didn't arrive every day. I'd remember him forever, not as the drunk mentor, but as a selfless friend."" Haymitch is dead? He died the day he helped Cato see Katniss? Haymitch will certainly be missed by Katniss and Cato.

""and go and find the girl with the arrows. Together, she said they won't ever find anyone that can pull them apart. Nor will they find anything they can't do.

She doesn't have to mention the girl with the arrow; I already know who she is. So does Katniss. But I don't understand how she knew that I had feelings for her. But that was Clove, able to read everyone no matter how hard they try and conceal any trace of feelings"" Its really cool that Clove knew of Katniss and Cato's feelings for each other before they did.

""The little girl gives a shake of her head once more and points past the memorial, and in the direction of the ocean. "I'm not suggesting we go back to the Districts. But we aren't going to stay here either. I'm leaving Panem, but it's your choice as to whether or not you want to risk your lives and follow me."" SOOOOO cool! Can't wait to see where this leads.
Fleur24 chapter 8 . 6/8/2012
I was right.

""Because, Cato, what is more interesting than a girl head over heels with a taken victor? I don't think she'd have any problem killing Katniss if she has the strength to do so. At least, that's what she told me before the Reaping…"" That's not going to happen. As Cato said as long Katniss is alive, she'll be with Cato.

""Snow had decided that instead of training for months before going to the main city for our week of practice and interviews before the Games, we would be sent to the custody of the Capitol instantly so that everyone would have a fair chance to train, what with the lower Districts having barely no weapons or anything to train with."" So Snow changed his mind. It was said that victors would train in their districts before coming to the Capitol.

Yea that is the bad part of Cato killing Brutus. Him being the best mentor in district 2, and now Enobaria isn't going to help him either.

""Enobaria chuckles. "There won't a bow and arrows, Cato. The Capitol specifically asked for them to remove those particular weapons to make it more… interesting."" That will make things interesting.

"'"No, no, of course not. She just… well, only one person can survive the Hunger Games," he smiles a sad, knowing smile."' That is the sad part, Snow won't let both of them live again as he did in the 74th Hunger Games.

"""Katniss," my eyes snap into focus and I look up at the drunken mentor, "she'll be on the roof. After dinner, I will distract the guards around the elevator and all along the District 12 floor. They will be with me for half an hour at the most, so don't take longer than that."

"Do you really think it's smart? Causing a scene right before the Games?"

He smiles darkly. "Why not have some fun in my last few months alive?"

I LOVE that Haymitch is going to help Cato see Katniss.

Poor Cato!
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