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avidbeader chapter 63 . 23h ago
I just found this story and have spent the last several days reading. I find it really well-done, with twists and nuances (like putting Draco as Harry's stand-in on the marriage market) and some very novel takes on characterization and the structure of magic. Looking forward to more when you're able to provide it!
Hexadecimal666 chapter 63 . 4/10
I wanted to post and say simply that this story is amazing. I don't remember where I got the recommendation but I've been reading nonstop for days. I think it's safe to say at chapter 63 that you'll come back to this extraordinarily intricate story, but I definitely will count the days in hope for it! Truly brilliant.
Mad Library Scientist chapter 63 . 4/7
Can't wait for the next chapter. Spent the last three days reading this entire thing from start to finish.
Marty F chapter 63 . 4/6
are you ever go to update
LPeck chapter 63 . 4/1
Can't wait for more! Please update! This is one of the few fics that I love that have the right amount of politics, adventure, sappy moments, and laughs. I love the Sirius, Remus, Harry, and Dobby moments as well, because it's great Harry has a family.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/29
I really don't understand people who leave a review merely to say that they don't like the story and aren't going to read it anymore. If you don't like it just stop reading - there's no need to tell everyone!

Personally I think this is probably the best Harry Potter fanfiction story I've ever read and I really hope that you will continue.
Lionasha No Bruja chapter 30 . 3/26
I love and adore the sex-talk scene with the Marauders. It felt authentic as far as teenage boys AND the characters. Sirius being the most 'adventurous' and Remus making notes made me grin because they felt so true. I'm rereading this and can't wait til you update!
Seriously, I am hard to impress. Top marks.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/22
Honestly, I'm loving the storyline of this fic. It progresses at a great pace, it shows many an unseen side to otherwise familiar characters, and it fearlessly delves into a new dimension of Rowling's timeless work. That being said, however, from the outset I haven't been able to shake the feeling that some characters are distinctly OOC. And, as much as I hate to say of, Sirius is one of them. He has his moments where I completely believe in his authenticity (i.e. The scene where he protects Neville) but the vast majority of the time he's a tad too clingy to Harry.

As much as the hugs and cuddling driving my inner fangirl into overdrive, the sheer number of them borders on ludicrous. Yes, I understand that Harry and Sirius love each other, but it deviates so much from Rowling's work I have a hard time believing it. Rowling's Sirius is a gruff, scarred man whose inactivity heightens his inane recklessness. Yours borders on being a stereotypical agony aunt that brings out similar changes in Harry - the begging and pleading in more recent chapters incited skepticism, not glee, in this particular fan. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.

I'd also be wary of committing to tangents that are on the whole unnecessary to the overall plot. The Christmas separation of Harry and Sirius didn't seem to have any point to it other than to descend into another mushy-gushy feels fest. I was half expecting (and, to be honest, hoping) that the two wouldn't reunite purely so Harry could have a chance to pursue Voldemort on his own. This would have given him the chance to acquire back some of the independence he's been robbed of since the World Cup fiasco and give us a deeper insight into his character. I felt as if you panicked at the thought of having Harry face his demons by himself and gave your fans an alternative you thought would please us. However, I would caution you against writing specifically to please your audience. In the end, you wear the pants in terms of this author-reader relationship, and you have to write in a way that genuinely suits you. Don't worry about our reactions. If anything, I for one would have admired you more for keeping Sirius away - makes for a more interesting read. Having Harry mope around for a few days just to collapse back into his godfather's arms at the first convenient opportunity just didn't cut it for me.

Please, keep writing. I sincerely hope your elbow's feeling better and that we'll get our beloved Cats back before too long! :)
snehabee chapter 62 . 3/18
Oh... I keep checking back in to see if you have updated every so often, my browser's autocomplete is very familiar with your page...Please update soon, pretty please!
Moonring chapter 1 . 3/13
Oh, and have I mentioned my favorite parts? I like to re-read them from time to time, even while I read the later chapters. I love the part where baby Harry takes over Lily for a little while, and I really like the part too, where the Heirs make their oaths to Harry. Those parts came out especially good and memorable. :)
Moonring chapter 63 . 3/13
I've just finished reading your story, and I wanted to say that I love your take on the charachters. We see them strong, we see them forming new bond and we see them with their problems too. And their hearts ache isn't so big as would take away from their independent, strong charachters that we have come to know in JK's books. It's more like you give them the backbone and capabilities that JK's book have implied but never acted on it in the later books - which always did and always would leave me with the lack of fullness. I love how the charachters develop too. How Draco didn't jump into being a good boy with a wide smile and how Lucius still takes the changes in ranks and positions with a little lemon.
I love the politics, you show them enough in every sense: you write down the important parts and mention in passing the more dull days, so they will not slow down the story. I love the little nuisance too, like when Sirius observes how fast Wenlock sits down at the last Wizengamot session.
I am in love with the family magic, and have a feeling how the story will go. But you need to be careful in the future as much as you have been these last 63 chapters that family magic will not become an all-resolving tool. Please, be careful. It would be a shame hitting this good a story on it's head by a slip like that.
I hope and wish for you a fast and at last full recover for your elbow. Don't strain it! (And of course for selfish reasons I wish you many long hour-meets with your Muse.) Thanks for the story!
jlcave chapter 63 . 3/12
I love your writing! Please continue
Guest chapter 43 . 3/12
Harry just forgives ron? That is just unbelievable. They argue back and forth like two girls and harry is seriously turning into a wee pussy. He just goes along with what everyone says.. Its really getting annoying and its not believable for god sake! This is the same harry that went after the stone and went after ginny? I know your harry is different from canon but even the way you portrayed harry at the beginning of the story is completely different to this little coward
Guest chapter 39 . 3/12
My god your harry is turning into a whimp! And such a whiner! He better win that damn dueling tournament!
Guest chapter 35 . 3/10
This is taking a while to read...Grah.
Oh well, It's still awesome!
The inky thig is, I can't connect to the characters very well.
Their emotions are portrayed very nicely, and their goals known, but we readers cannot exactly connect to these kind of feelings you know? Not many have experienced the horrors of the world, or wanting to protect someone even at the cost of your life.
I believe that this fact contributes to the effect of the story.
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