Reviews for A Marauder's Plan
Guest chapter 19 . 21h
Omg! This chapter and with Harry and Lily. Wow, just wow. This is amazing. I'm so hooked! chapter 87 . 7/19
I can't even begin to say how happy I am to have read this story. The chapters where Harry was visited in his dreams were without a doubt the most emotional things I have ever read. I actually had to stop several time because I was so overwhelmed. I'm a 40 year old man, that has been reading his whole life. that has to say something. Truely a feel good story. From the bottom of my heart thank you for winning it!
pokefan366 chapter 9 . 7/17
"I…I just want to be shot of them."

What does that mean? Was something mistyped or misspelled?
Guest chapter 87 . 7/14
I always come back to this story when I need a good read. Thank you for writing it! I hope you do post a sequel one day!
contentchaos chapter 87 . 7/14
Great story. Couldn't put it down. Would love to read a sequel or spin off
Isilme Dragon chapter 32 . 7/12
Wow...this chapter was brutal. I mean, all the lore you've created with the Hallows and more, with your own lore of the family magic has been intense and very interesting. This story ended in 2016 and is very probable you will not read this review, but I am in need to say how this chapter was golden and a very engaging fic. I am going to continue reading it inasmuch as the political plots are totally my cup of the tea!
meandyouandyouandme chapter 47 . 7/12
Man, all I'm thinking is that Sirius needs a cane badly. I always picture him with a cane in my head as the Lord of House Black.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/9
I always love this story when I begin the re-reads until I remember that this is the one where Sanctimonious Hypocrite Sirius is desperate to find ways to punish Harry.
RexNihil chapter 87 . 7/6
I avoided reading this for the longest time, not for any particular reason, only with the slight disdain of "what could Sirius staying behind change?"

The answer, was Everything.

I expected light-hearted fluff and battle and maybe a few pranks, and got so much more.

This story is going in my permanent "must read" list on my profile.

It was a wild ride.

Thank you.
yardchicken2 chapter 87 . 7/5
Wow. This is one of the best written hp fan fics I've read. Thank you for sharing your talent and time with us, and letting us read this.
I look forward to reading your other work -G
MorganRigelBlack chapter 11 . 7/3
The way it's written, especially the handling of Harry's thoughts is startlingly similar to the books. This is my third time reading and I've scarcely seen a better work. Your scene with Baby!Harry had me rolling about laughing, though I must admit the Hannah Abbott situation was handled in a way that was unpleasantly surprising. I had thought that Harry's innate sense of justice would make him step in on Hannah's behalf and portray her as a victim, not an accomplice. I do hope you'll write something featuring Hinny as a ship, hopefully with a good deal of character development for Ginny. With your writing style, you'd do justice to the sadly underdeveloped Rowling character.
rozielrie chapter 19 . 7/1
Hello! :)
I found it adorable that harry done that and he is still in the womb...i just found this story and so far i like the plot...
I am Sword All-Contort chapter 87 . 6/29
Kept me interested from beginning to end. I don't usually like "Lordships" and "Family Magic" — such a departure from canon. But this has been done very, very well.
Andrew4815 chapter 86 . 6/29
I really don't like how Hannah's case was handled. She was a minor, and in real life she would not be held criminally liable for anything given the circumstances. She would be sent for treatment at an RTC, or even just sent home with her parents. In fact, her name would never even be known. It would go in all court records as "minor femalee.g. Barty crouch manipulated minor female into...minor female is found not liable... etc). Having a public trial for a fourteen year old sexual assault victim is the most barbaric and primative thing the wizengamot has done in the entire book IMO.
Ange.0.ailes.noir chapter 1 . 6/29
Juste pour te dire que cette fiction est la meilleure que j'ai jamais lu, mais vraiment. C'est pas juste elle est géniale, c'est elle est parfaite. Et quand je l'ai fini, elle m'a laissé un sentiment de Paix incroyable.
Chapeau pour l'avoir écrit et finit.
Et un grand Merci
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