Reviews for A Marauder's Plan
Bad Wolf chapter 87 . 10/14
I love this story.

Let me start off with the few things that I thought were off about it. I was unhappy with Hannah's part, or more specifically with how horrible it was. I think I would have liked it better if she HAD been imperioused and been able to recover without all the horrible effects and pregnancy etc. The main reasons this upset me was because I know too many people that have been through similar trauma and because it made the story a little too real when I read stories like this to avoid reality.

The other thing that kind of annoyed me was your repeated reference to Wicca as "the Old Religion" when Wicca is actually a neo-pagan religion based very loosely on the Old Ways. Wicca is still less than a century old. The Old Ways are called "the Old Ways" because the true name, if they ever had one other than "witchcraft," has been lost to time and was never actually a religion, but rather a spiritual path. You can find some legitimate information on this through research, but you will need to research outside of the mainstream to find the most accurate information.

Okay, that's the rough stuff out of the way. Other than those things, what did I love about this story? Short answer, EVERYTHING! Even though I wrote a review saying that the angst between Harry and Hermione seemed to go on too long, I realize now that it was just long enough to be uncomfortable, but still quick enough for her reasonings and dealing with growing up. Very well done. I also loved the underlying theme of balance, even applying it to Sirius' political idea of having the other side to keep the alliance in check. You had just enough "super" in the story, like Harry's power after the binding spell and soul shard were removed, as well as his multiple forms, but balanced with a lot of hard work. Absolutely brilliant.

I think I also reviewed once that the story is too dense. To be fair, it IS REALLY dense covering just one year with a word count almost twenty percent greater than the seven books combined. BUT, that density actually works for the story you crafted here. It could still be shortened a lot and not lose anything, but I don't think it really loses anything with how dense it is. Fantastic story! ten out of ten.
SevmioneAlways chapter 81 . 10/13
Im really glad Griselda had a part in the coven ritual. I know that shes a very side character, but I enjoyed every snarky comment she had in the Wizengamot sessions. Such a badass. XD
aygeraa chapter 87 . 10/13
I’ve been reading this story non-stop. It was incredible! Thank you so much! I’ve been crying and laughing through out whole story. You really touched my heart with it. I wish you all the best in your future works ️
Guest chapter 69 . 10/11
Guest chapter 68 . 10/11
#youRgr8! You are an amazing writer
Bad Wolf chapter 65 . 10/6
Still loving this story. Only mild annoyance lately has been the Harry/Hermione angst. She's just dragging it out WAY too long. I mean, this is HERMIONE we're talking about here. She's smart enough to know that he wasn't thinking clearly, and wouldn't be for a long time because as far as parental type roles go, Sirius was his everything. Look at how deeply she deconstructed the likely reasons for Cho crying during a kiss in fifth year. This is only one year earlier. Hermione would have a long, deep, possibly teary conversation with Harry and explain to him that if it ever happened again something like what you're writing for them would be the result.

Other than the gut-wrenching angst, you're doing a brilliant job of Hermione still being friendly and supportive of him.
tcl7189 chapter 86 . 10/5
What an awesome ride.. Just finished it for the second time. :)
Bad Wolf chapter 54 . 10/3
Still loving this story even with it being so dense. There is one little thing that keeps niggling me and disrupting the flow of reading thought. You somewhat frequently use question marks where there is no question.

I will use this line right here as an example?

See, the question mark looks completely out of place in that sentence because it's a sentence, not a question. Just thought I would pass that along in case you ever go thru and revise the story.
Razznick chapter 87 . 10/3
This has been one hell of a ride
Guest chapter 83 . 10/2
I think this is the only Aldus-redemption-scene that I have ever actually liked.
Rose1414 chapter 87 . 10/2
Brilliant story
Bad Wolf chapter 29 . 9/29
I'm loving this story! There are only 2 real criticism I have and they are very mild. The first is that the story is a bit too dense. It's actually dense in a good way to be honest... but I do find I can skip over or skim entire paragraphs sometimes without missing anything and feeling lost. I'm not sure at what point in time the story ends, but you started at the end of third year yet the story word count exceeds all 7 of the books combined by over 200,000 words. You could reduce the density by 30% and not lose a single thing from the story. The other minor annoyance is that Hermione hasn't been more present and it's taking so long to get them to the "couple" stage.
NONE1001 chapter 1 . 9/30
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Guest chapter 31 . 9/26
I sincerely doubt it'd ever happen, but if you WERE to ever suddenly decide that you wanted to play around with these particular characters more, at this point you could always have Sirius opening that particular door to reveal...Arcturus lying IN STASIS on a sofa - alive, but in stasis... ... ...
ChiDead chapter 87 . 9/27
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