Reviews for A Marauder's Plan
flipflopswithsocks chapter 11 . 4h
A wonderful story so far. I’m hooked
batman11 chapter 87 . 9/17
Amazing story, all the twists and turns had my heart in my throat. The whole story had a natural flow, so it felt forced or like you had lost motivation. I have one question, who gave hannah the fertility potion? I don't remember if that was answered in the story but I am curious.
princess.of.darkness.3100 chapter 87 . 9/11
Truly a work of art! I thoughly enjoyed reading this, it was a refreshing change from form! The redemption of Dumbledore for one was beautifully crafted. Thank you
Kimmytrainer chapter 87 . 9/10
This story was absolutely fantastic, beginning to end. You never dropped the ball, and I was never disappointed. It’s truly a feat to write something this brilliant. Thanks for writing and I’m so glad to have read this!
Kimmytrainer chapter 86 . 9/10
I just adore Luna. She’s been a great reference point any time I got overwhelmed by the plot and its possibilities. Everything she says is guaranteed to be true!
Kimmytrainer chapter 85 . 9/10
Whoa. I actually started to feel sympathetic for Peter, but then you turned it back around from pitiful Peter to criminal Peter. Great job with that. And so cool to see the Marauders all together.
Kimmytrainer chapter 84 . 9/10
Wow okay. That stuff with Hannah is crazy. It’s realistic, though. The complexity of human nature is what’s crazy.
Kimmytrainer chapter 83 . 9/10
I had figured the sacrifice would be either Severus or Albus. This makes sense. Awesome job!
Kimmytrainer chapter 81 . 9/10
Ah so it was Hannah. Tracey hasn’t been in this, so I guess it would have been silly to pick her. Poor Neville; his whole romance was a lie! You’ve done a fantastic job tying cannon romances into this story in a way that doesn’t make the end romances at all obvious.
Kimmytrainer chapter 80 . 9/10
Here’s to hoping you don’t kill too many people!

So if it’s someone in Harry’s year, the girls could be Tracey and Daphne, Susan and Hannah, or Lavender and Parvati. I think you want us to think of Susan and Hannah, and I doubt Parvati would go to the dark side and betray her twin and her best friend, so I’m betting the girl is Tracey Davis.
LinzerTorteS chapter 66 . 9/10
loving this story. well thought out and the emotional depth and political astuteness are stupendous
Lauramichca chapter 81 . 9/10
Oh! Did you actually kill him? And after his dad sacrificed himself? I'm hoping a rescuer finds that he's not all dead

Thanks for sharing this!
Guest chapter 75 . 9/7
I'm really enjoying bookie!Blaise.
Lauramichca chapter 70 . 9/9
Ah so curious about the cabinet(s)!? Did Bill and Caro remember to check? Did Barty sneak past them? And will they continue mining through the room of requirements' contents for the betterment of Hogwarts, for relics/books from the Chamber of Secrets, and for safety?
Lol so much fun! I am going to enjoy continuing reading!
Thank you very much for sharing!
NathanielTheCat chapter 33 . 9/8
I can't continue, your story just takes so long to get anywhere. :(
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