Reviews for A Marauder's Plan
Saw-v1 chapter 76 . 10/5/2015
Awesome chapter as always! Although I'm starting to despair at the thought that there's so few capter left. What will I do with myself once this story will be over?
mudbloodpotter05 chapter 76 . 10/5/2015
I just started rereading this yesterday and then you post a new chapter! I have to say a big thank you for such an amazing story and how well you are writing this and how thick of a story it all is. It is actually my go to story when I have nothing else to read. I loved this chapter and I haven't liked crouch before, but I think it was this chapter that made me actually hate him and his madness. I do hope we won't be seeing him again at least in the school. Also, quick question; I thought there was a fidelious around the riddle property and they didn't know where it was anymore? Did that not include the cemetery? Either way, this is brilliant and I cannot wait for you to post again! My prayers for your health are continuing...and not just so you can post more sooner, but because I know how health can impact ones life and it is not fun.

Keep up the amazing work!
HarnGin chapter 76 . 10/5/2015
I'm sure it's just a difference in usage, but, when I read, "joined them on the table," all I could picture was a bunch of witches and wizards in black sitting on top of the Gryffindor table!

Your Snape is the best. He actually thinks ahead. He needs to be made an honorary boy scout!

How long can you keep Albus in the infirmary? It looks to me that the longer he's out of the way, the more the rest of the "cast" can get things done.

Thanks so much for writing. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
thechosenbibliophile chapter 76 . 10/5/2015
this is just... holy!
I can't believe it!
next chapter the power is found, and I am actually sitting on my bed and my stomach is churning because finally, finally after all this time it's going to be revealed!

I really hope that means 9 and then an epilogue *wink wink*
aha I can't wait!

this chapter was fab! full of action, and abit of cuteness with Harry the messy lion and they finally find out why Miss Summers was in her state! YAS! this is great, omg... cant wait for more xx
Guest chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
Supporting a story thiss good is a piece of cake. Thank you loads for writing well and finishing the tale. I hope you plan to continue writing more.
shubhendu dutta chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
Another very good chapter.
Jennixst chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
an avid reader of this fic and I loved the action in this chapter. Lavender is right, Harry made a cute lion
lilmisadiva chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
great chapter
ladysavay chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
I really do hope you have someone finally do away with Peeves. He's not just been annoying, he's now conspired with the enemy to cause murder and mayhem, even if he didn't intend to. Knowing it could happen again anytime someone offers him what he thinks is a prank: that's just too dangerous. Actually this is one of the few stories in which Peeves actually does something so deadly as to need his removal, so it would be good to see it, especially when Albus "he had the best intentions and deserves a second chance" Dumbledore is still indisposed. Maybe the school board, or Minerva, or maybe even the Bloody Baron, can move him along?

Anyway, a good chapter and I'm glad to see that Severus had saved the potion, but I was really looking forward to Barty's death at the hands of either Harry, or Sirius, and did feel a bit dissapointed. It's been a while since the good guys actually won one instead of one step ahead, and one step backwards, like this chapter. Getting frustrated.
Finsart chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
Wonderful! I'm always excited for my update emails 3
TurkeyPower chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
The stupid useless blah-blah that allowed Crouch to escape was extremely frustrating. Albus, Snape, Harry & Sirius all allowed him to control the field, Harry's hunter instincts conveniently fading out and Sirius just standing about picking his nose while Crouch boasted and threatened and summoned and repaired his broom. I mean, WTF. Seriously. That just smacked of convenience rather than sense.

And I'm not even gonna mention Albus & Snape failing against a cornered Crouch with his back to them (or front) as he was busy pouring into the potion. I'm sure whatever Stupid episode they had was part of a longer epidemic where they didn't just drug the kids to sleep in the great Hall to take individuals for testing. For the protection of children, you'd think the DMLE would authorize something like that. But no, everyone can just hum and haw and worry instead. The latter, I concede, is harder to get morally uptight idiots to sign off on.
BMS chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
Great Chapter!
Very exciting w/ plenty of action but I wish you'd let them catch Crouch already. The way he keeps pulling all these attacks and then getting away when twice cornered especially the scene w/ Harry / Sirius and the damaged broom seemed very unrealistic. (he had to do two spells & hop on the broom and Sirius couldn't hit him w/ one stunner?) For that matter why all the talking. . . Crouch is an insane highly dangerous criminal / terrorist stun him 1st and question him after. Frankly, Its like a bad Bond villain scene where he monologues so long James escapes his trap.
Nice bit having Severus keep some of the potion at his home though. Now they know where the ritual is going to be performed...Trap time!
Looking forward to more.
Shadowblayze chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
This is a~ma~zing!
Loki Firefox chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
If you wanted me to hate Barty Crouch, congratulations, you have succeeded. I hope when he gets his comeuppance, it's worth all the pain and trouble he has caused! But I have to admit, a competent antagonist makes for a great villain and a satisfying story.

I think I won't be satisfied unless Barty realizes he's lost, either he knows he monumentally failed or that his master did. Because Barty won't ever believe he's in the wrong (the only other satisfying ending). Of course, I don't mind him getting away if it meant this will have a sequel though (hint hint).

I think this story has hammered home how insidious and dangerous the Wizarding World can be. When Sirius took Snape to the infirmary and were met with a healer, I was like "who is that guy? has he been vetted? what if it's another Death Eater?". You really had made polyjuice and the Imperius (or even a Confundus) really dangerous and I finally get a hint of how scary things were when Voldemort was in his prime.

Other stories use the Imperious and Polyjuice, but usually the heroes have a way to counter it, it's not something that is used throughout a major part of the story and a source of tension. I now understand why Snape would be pissed to discover 2nd Years playing with it back in CoS.

Great stuff as usual!
DarkRavie chapter 76 . 10/4/2015
Really good chapter. This story is an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens next.
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