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projektrevolution20 chapter 78 . 2/1
Oh man the story of Dumbledore was heart-wrenching, and I and so glad Snape got some attention this chapter! Rest in peace, Alan.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 78 . 2/1
dragonfire1994 chapter 78 . 2/1
Wow your actually still to go Doctors!
Nebresh chapter 78 . 2/1
I didnt't like this chapter as much as the rest of the story, mostly for too Long dream and remembrance sessions. Even though you have been writing a novel-length story, so far, you have kept the story fast-paced and very well focused. I feel that you have lost some of that in this chapter, the more as at least I was expecting this chapter to lead to Harry's Kidnapping and a mean cliffhanger. Now, we face the expectation of more dreams...
jmeec316 chapter 78 . 1/31
Oooooooh! I love these visitations! Too bad asking for you to hurry and post more of them only leads us closer to the big battle. And while I can tell you're planning a truly marvelous battle for us, I'm still terrified!

This story is truly wonderful!
anotherNerd99 chapter 78 . 1/31
Thank you for another chapter! You're a very talented writer. I look forward to more.
crankypants16 chapter 78 . 1/31
thank you for this chapter - glad for the extension to Snape
teachergirl chapter 78 . 1/31
Do you really think the two situations are the same? Yes, Albus was young, foolish, and in love. But he didn't deliberately kill his sister. Snape killed not only James, but Lily. And, he didn't care about killing James. He only ever was remorseful about Lily's death. That remorse was sickening because he made a deal to preserve Lily's life but her son's life. I think so many people loved Alan Rickman that they don't see Severus Snape.
syed chapter 78 . 1/31
I always wondered what would happen if Harry shouted out I give my blood willingly.

The wand shades are similar to the stone shades, so can Harry use the prior incartum to channel the family magic. It takes a toll on him, but linked to tom via blood and magic, force him to take th strain of the summoning.

Could he summon the slytherine/gaunt family magic due to the vulnerability?
AntiCreator chapter 78 . 1/31
I hope to see more of this amazing story soon. It has been a crazy year for celebrity deaths hasn't it. Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Lemmy and now Terry Wogan. And that's just the ones I know. It's only the 1st of February.
mozaya chapter 78 . 1/31
Thanks for the chapter. I like these visits and how each have a meaning, cant wait for the next ones (hope to see really touching moments between Harry and his grampas). Im hoping that Lucius wont betray them cause i like him, that would be sad (same with Draco and any slytherins). If someone had to betray i would like it if it was someone from another house.
Cant wait for the next chapter,
Have a nice day
sylvelle chapter 78 . 1/31
Excellent chapter as usual. Thanks for the addition of Snape's scene. Thought I was never a Snape fan, I am and always will be an Alan Rickman Fan. Such a loss and of David Bowie as well.
inFamousSlyMonkey chapter 78 . 1/31
Loving the Christmas Scrooge-esque scenes with Harry's dreams, and how your showing that witches have there own magic that a wizard like Voldy with a patriarchal wizard ideology would never ever consider.

Also maybe it's just because of the passing of Alan Rickman but I have to say I think that ending it with Sirius forgiving (to a certain degree anyway) is a better ending to the chapter than ending it after Ariana forgiving Dumbledore. Especially as the Ariana scene seamlessly leads into the Snape scene and if there had been a break in chapter between scenes it wouldn't have worked as well.
justlovefanfiction2901 chapter 78 . 1/31
Absolutely loved the chapter! Really liked the forgiveness both Dumbledore and Snape were given! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Cateagle chapter 78 . 1/31
Well, now, that's an interesting time for all and I suspect Peter is going to find that his choices have damned him even more than he believes.

The nightly visits are interesting and enlightening and I look forward to see who arrives next. The reconciliation, as much as it was, between Sirius Black and Severus Snape was a deft touch and may well prove more important than either believes.

The fact that Tom has almost totally neglected one area in that ritual is, I suspect, going to have the most fascinating repercussions in the long term; there's a power there that he's denying and ignoring and I can see it biting him badly.
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