Reviews for A Marauder's Plan
missgsmith51 chapter 42 . 7/28
Maybe this Summers can give more information about who is included in "they." Obviously, Peter and Voldemort are included; but maybe it was Barty who freed Travers, and maybe Summers knows it, although I doubt Barty, Jr., would be that careless.

Poor Harry. It's beginning to look like his participation in the ritual is a foregone conclusion. I dread Cedric getting involved, as I fear Amos will go off the deep end if anything happens to him. He already is sounding close to it.
missgsmith51 chapter 41 . 7/28
Some surprises here! Not seems sincere in his desire to protect Theo. Does this mean he really might willingly work against Voldemort? I hope so.

Arthur has, it appears, grown teeth. Now, if only he would use them on Molly occasionally. I wonder if she did send the Howler to Sirius. If she persists in insulting him to his face - and even worse, denigrating him in front of Harry (in an attempt to undermine Sirius as a parent?) - she may lose Harry's friendship. If she creates enough trouble going forward, Arthur could be forced to choose between an eventual alliance that keeps his family safe and a wife who has become a liability. I can see it happening, because the woman has little impulse control when it comes to her mouth.

This Wenlock guy bears watching.
Bhartrhari chapter 87 . 7/28
Okay first off let me tell you the story was AMAZING. I was actually expecting a typical into the future kind of epilogue though this rounded off things pretty damn well. I loved how you managed to make all the characters stay in charatcter. I found Harry a little too clingy honestly but like I said the plot made up for it and i know you've said not to expect a sequel any time soon but it's hard not to look forward to it when the initial storyline's this good
missgsmith51 chapter 39 . 7/28
"... it had been Firenze who had approached Albus and informed him that he had been instructed by the herd stallion to teach now the Raven had been found – and Albus resolved to think again on what that meant because no doubt it meant something."

LOL! I can't wait to see what Albus thinks it means. I take it he doesn't yet know that Harry has found and achieved at least one Animagus form. I wonder how long it will take him to find out.

I'm glad Dr. Jordan has come to Hogwarts. I'm sure Sirius and Harry will definitely feel better having her close. Perhaps Noshi will show up, as well.

I'm glad Luna has made her way into Harry's life. I will say, though, that he seems to have a special connection with Hermione, even though neither of them seems to think a dating relationship is possible ... even if they both want it. I have a feeling Ginny and Lydia are going to make Harry's life a little nuts.

LOL at Padfoot and Moony "hiding" on the train. I guess Sirius has probably spent more time in his Animagus form than anyone else ... except possibly Wormtail, during his years with the Weasleys. He seems to use his form to blunt the overwhelming emotions of pain and fear for a while ... which makes sense, as it's how he survived Azkaban. I've also noticed that he occasionally changes during moments of unbridled joy. Interesting.

I would send Dobby to Hogwarts. He can watch Harry invisibly - especially at night, so Harry can sleep safely - and he can snatch Harry away to safety, if necessary. He would also see Winky, if she showed up - I'm assuming she is the one doing Crouch's bidding - and might be able to figure out what's happening there. She must be under some kind of evil binding, courtesy of Voldemort.

I wonder if Kreacher could help. Hmmm ...
missgsmith51 chapter 38 . 7/27
I still think "our boys" need to talk to Dobby about the threats against Harry and the use of House-Elf magic. He might be able to tell a magical "signature" for Elves the way it is possible to read a Wizard's signature in certain magic and spells, especially if he actually knows Winky. He certainly would be able to find where Peter is, even if he can't get behind the wards. He might even be able to figure out about the two Crouches.


Harry held onto his godfather, his father, and bit his lips as the words he so wanted to say, hovered at the back of his throat and the front of his mind.
"I love you, Padfoot." But he couldn't quite say them. He wasn't ready. He wasn't sure why he wasn't ready but he knew he wasn't. He knew Sirius knew that he loved him just as he knew Sirius loved him.

I find that passage very sad. I hope Harry remembers Mother's (the snake) comment to him about telling Sirius. I think it's important.
missgsmith51 chapter 36 . 7/27
After this, Ron had better NEVER cast another aspersion on Harry's friendship or character. Ron pretty much insisted, even amid an attack on Harry's life, that Harry go with him and, after attempting to dissuade him, Harry did. Hermione's mother made it seem like Harry rushed off willy-nilly, ignoring Hermione's advice, but he didn't. He suspected it might be a trap and tried to stop Ron, but it was no use. It's good he went because the three Weasleys probably would have died, since no one there had the power to destroy the ward.

More people obviously know about Harry's ability to call the Black and Potter (and Longbottom?) family magics, and this time there is no way to prevent anyone from talking. Whoever saw will be telling, I'm sure.

I wonder how angry Sirius will be. You know ... if the Weasleys had been with the kids in the Alliance tent, there would have been two stronger wands - Arthur and Charlie - and they might have taken down that Hollins guy. I wonder if he was also being impersonated by Barty, Jr. (who had left early). Remus is already suspicious of Barty because of his scent; he just couldn't place it, what with a nose full of Amos's boozy breath. How long until he can figure out it's polyjuice.
ReconstructWriter chapter 46 . 7/27

Definitely like your take on politics in the wizarding world, super!Harry and loads of characters. Finally someone has justified Cornelius Fudge getting into the minister’s office without either making British wizards too dumb to live or destroying his character as Rowling wrote him. This story really drew me in, especially at first with Sirius’s grand plan, all the tension wrapped up in getting Sirius’ name cleared, guardianship over Harry and getting the Potter alliance put together.

However somewhere between the dozenth and the hundredth shocking announcement to the Wizengamot by Lord Black that tension began deflating. It’s still a good story and merges both political battles and magical battles well, the political battles are getting too easy. The Potter alliance is too solid. Lucius and the rest of the Black alliance are towing the line too well and any opposition is small stuff. I do want our good guys to succeed, but it’s more entertaining and satisfying to read about a climb up a mountain than a walk down Main Street. Would Augustina really defer to someone so much younger than her, someone of the same family as those who tortured her son and daughter in law, so easily? Would Lucius Malfoy bow to Sirius day in and day out without complaint, without any kind of manipulation. Alliances can be messy things and I don’t see much friction despite the wild variety of allies you’ve got going along with Black’s plans.

On the magical battles side of things, while they are doing more with all the horcruxes, I find it stretching disbelief that Voldemort’s plans are still going on schedule for as long as they have been.

Also, I’m not sure if you deliberately wanted to follow the old cliché of “Victorian wizards” in HP fanfiction but it is a big cliché in your story. It also doesn’t quite mesh with Rowling’s canon where the magical world began separating from the muggle one around the late renaissance period and witches were elected as Ministers of Magic for about two centuries before Margret Thatcher.

Finally while you generally do a good job portraying Super!Harry without him breaking the story, there are points where it gets a little unbelievable. Power and a few months of dueling training doesn’t seem to be enough to beat experienced Aurors, in the same way that a big guy with a few months of training in Karate is still going to get their ass kicked by their second-degree black belt teacher.

Still, there's a reason your story is one of the fan favorite's and I'm glad you posted.

missgsmith51 chapter 35 . 7/27
"Crouch forgot to order a translator from the Embassy." I always thought Barty, Sr., was multilingual ... or at least knew some spell that made him able to speak and understand any language, including Goblin and Mermish. If so, his son may have trouble impersonating him with so many foreign dignitaries on hand this year.

I knew Amos Diggory was rather pompous and full of himself, but I never realized he was a bigoted jerk. I wonder what Cedric would have said, had he heard his father. Would he have been mortified? He usually seems to be friendly and accepting of most people. I wonder if he liked Remus as a teacher when he was at Hogwarts. I'm glad Cornelius took the high road and supported Remus.

Ron didn't seem too chuffed about Harry's Animagus form. Jealousy ... again? Or is it something else? (LOL! I secretly hope Ron's form is a big spider!) I know ... I'm evil.

Well, Quidditch seems to be something that can unify the boys, and Nott and Zabini seem okay with Harry - more than just neutral, I think. I'm glad Ron was able to meet Viktor. Perhaps he will settle down now, as he will be able to speak with Viktor at Hogwarts, since they've actually met.
missgsmith51 chapter 34 . 7/27
I find myself wondering whether Draco will eventually succumb to the Oath. It's amusing, in a way, to see how even his thoughts can trigger it, whether or not he takes any action. That should definitely enlighten him as to how ... OBSESSED he is with Harry.

"... there had just been an endless stream of confrontations, although in hindsight Draco could acknowledge that he had provoked most of them, Weasley the rest, and Potter was mostly just there." Actually, I think that was part of the problem; Harry seemed quite content to ignore Draco and leave him completely alone, and Draco simply can't handle being ignored. He's one of those kids whose ego requires attention, even if it is negative. If Harry won't respond to his personal taunts, he goes after a softer target who WILL: Ron. He goes straight for Ron's weak spot by insulting Arthur and Molly, and Ron takes the bait, forcing Harry to help defend him. Hermione is another target Harry will always defend ... although Sirius has rather pulled Malfoy's teeth regarding that target ... for the moment, anyway.

I'm surprised at Draco's hostility to Theo. I'd always thought they were part of the same circle, both dads having been DEs. His attitude toward Blaise is surprising, too, although perhaps Draco has needled Blaise about his Mom ... and Blaise has dealt with him in ways Harry cannot. (Just speculation.) Blaise's comment a few chapters back makes it sound as though his mom ignores him. If this is the case, and he gets along well with both Harry and Neville, he could be pulled into the younger Black Alliance by the two, as both boys would recognize a kindred spirit. It will be interesting to see which way Slytherin swings once school is back in session.

Harry's acknowledgment of finally feeling loved and wanted by Sirius and Remus was very poignant for me. The whole passage really shows his consideration of his friends - well, Neville, at least - over his own wants. I do hope he figures out his feelings toward Hermione, although I wouldn't mind seeing him with Luna or Daphne.

For a moment, I thought Harry was going to be a multiple Animagus. I think the raven form is a good one, though ... great for spying.
missgsmith51 chapter 33 . 7/27
I love Neville. He is so worthwhile. I just hope he isn't too gone on Ginny, because I don't think she deserves him. He deserves someone who knows how wonderful he is, truly values him, and treats him like the treasure he is. I hope both he and Harry weather the coming storm in one piece.

I wish Sirius would talk to Dobby about the elf doing the messages. I bet he could find out, if he doesn't already know. The Elves seem to know quite a lot about what's going on, even with other Elves in other households.
missgsmith51 chapter 32 . 7/26
Wow! I wondered how Sirius and Harry would ever figure out that Dumbledore had the Elder Wand unless he chose to tell them. Thank goodness for Arcturus. It will be interesting to see how Harry deals with this information and what he decides to do with it.

I will admit I didn't realize Lily was so pro-Albus, although she seems to be less ... enamored of him in the last visit. I'm surprised she wasn't suspicious of what seems like an excessive interest on his part in Harry and Neville.

I'm wondering why Harry hasn't been declared the Heir of Slytherin by conquest. If he were, could he strip Voldepants of his magic the way Sirius stripped the Lestranges? Just curious.
missgsmith51 chapter 29 . 7/26
I'm sorry, but I don't think anything should go to Lockhart for any reason, whether he was take under duress or not. If Ron's wand hadn't been broken (resulting in Lockhart's self-obliviation), both Ron and Harry would have been Obliviated (of ALL memories, based on Lockhart's condition) and probably killed, Ginny would have died, and Voldemort would have a new body. I think Lockhart should be in a prison hospital. Period.

It's too bad Dobby wasn't with Harry this time. He might have told them about the Come-and-Go Room, and maybe they would have found the Horcrux sooner. I may curious about what they are looking for at GH. The Diadem is at Hogwarts. The only one left is Nagini. Bill needs to get the Goblins involved. Perhaps they can use the other Horcruxes to locate the two final ones.

I'm glad Poppy set Molly straight about Ginny ... and the "wisdom" of listening to Dumbledore about her mental/emotional state. I'm surprised Molly, as overprotective as she is, didn't get Ginny to a mind healer immediately upon her arrival home after school let out. As for Ginny having only "a few nightmares," how would she know? Ginny was at Hogwarts for 9 months of the past year! What an idiot! She's probably suffering from PTSD. I'm surprised Bill didn't say something.

Yeay, Harry, for testing into Runes! Maybe they will come in handy in the tournament. Speaking of the tournament ... it appears the real Mad-eye is at Hogwarts, since he has whiskey in his flask. Will he go home then, only to be nabbed by BC, Jr.? I hope not. I'm getting curious, though.
missgsmith51 chapter 28 . 7/26
Well, Bill seems to have had some success with getting Ron to set aside the jealousy and envy for a minute and take a hard, honest look at Harry's life. I don't think anyone, even Arthur, has ever really done that before - actually talked him through each of the issues that seem to grate on him so much. Bill - having spent so much time with Harry lately and seen the pressure he is under - is in a unique position help Ron understand. He has even managed to point out that Ron needs to work if he wants to reach his goals.

I think Bill is also the first to point out (to Ron, at least) that Harry goes along with what Ron wants to do not necessarily because he enjoys it, but because he has been programmed to consider others' needs and desires before his own ... as they are more important. I believe Dumbledore planned to capitalize on this and reinforce it when he thought that Harry needed to die because of the soul fragment. Maybe Ron will ASK Harry what he wants someday ... and maybe he will even listen!
hpk1220 chapter 10 . 7/26
love it.
hpk1220 chapter 9 . 7/26
I'm only on page 9. this is all i have to say. this. is. how. it. should. have. gone. why jk Rowling why didn't it ...anyway. love the story. can't put it down.
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