Reviews for Wrap You In My Arms
aka AddictedToFic chapter 80 . 9/10
Did you ever write the sequel to this? If so, did you pull it? I'd like to read it!

Cina's chapter 80 . 7/5
Absolutely loved this story. Made me laugh, made me mad, made me angry, made me happy and made me cry. Couldn’t have been better. Do you think you will write the sequel?
Cina's chapter 77 . 7/5
Of all the chapters this one made me cry.
Cina's chapter 67 . 7/5
Someone must be pregnant.
Cina's chapter 57 . 7/5
He needs to tell Her about the letter from Jake.
Cina's chapter 55 . 7/5
My heart breaks for Bella. So happy Jack found her and aedwsrd was able to Kill James.
Cina's chapter 45 . 7/5
I just love your Izzy and of course Edward too.
Cina's chapter 37 . 7/5
Cina's chapter 5 . 7/4
Ha he is only a man after all.
Uisce99 chapter 63 . 6/26
Actually Izzy's Grandmother wouldn't have been forced west if she were from the North Carolina Band. That group hid in the mountains for many years, so it was very difficult for the white man to find them. I know this because my mothers fathers maternal line was from the North Carolina group. Please do your research and get your facts right, before talking about something you don't know about.
2old4fanfic chapter 80 . 4/25
Sweet saga! I enjoyed travelling with this gang and their ever expanding family! Well done
Kristy chapter 80 . 4/22
mytwilightaddiction chapter 80 . 4/22
Awesome story, I really enjoyed ur ExB story.. thank you
dancer54 chapter 77 . 4/22
Absolutely loved this story!
Guest chapter 68 . 11/26/2017
I really have no idea how I have lasted through this story. Lol. I can almost deal with the language but using pecker annoys me more than anything!
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