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Joanne chapter 29 . 7/9/2016
Please come back and finish this story. It is too good to leave unfinished, especially since it is the third in a series. Please, please come back!
mariposa101 chapter 29 . 3/14/2015
Thanks so much for updating!
gail chapter 28 . 7/16/2014
Noo! It can't end now! I LOVE this!
PearlPrincess1 chapter 26 . 10/5/2013
Yaaay update!
PearlPrincess1 chapter 25 . 9/13/2013
Have I mentioned enough times that I love this series?
PearlPrincess1 chapter 14 . 9/7/2013
Neeeeed Moooore, please?
Guest chapter 24 . 7/16/2013
Yaaaay update!
jasameyespeaks chapter 24 . 7/12/2013
Love it. Seamless flow and I enjoy the pace... A tidbit of every emotion throughout.
Harlan & Faison coexisit - nice constrast of their characters to the attention to detail (freshair vs smoke filled fresh air hehe) Harlan maybe human after all. At least, he cares what Brenda thinks and knows she loves the Qs. As for Faison what can I say he's cigar pollute the air as his heart.

King Mikkos, Lorenzo, and Alexis- The King loves Helen and reasons she's flawed like Sonny. Alexis the turmoil of unrest - pros -she know deflecting her problem won't make them disappear. Cons- clueless when it comes to Natasha. Supporting actors- merely mentioning Helen & Sonny gives some details about their relationships. ooow Lorenzo maybe in over his head when Alexis & Sam figure out what he's up to.

Johnny loves Lulu. Built a potential respectful inlaw relationship with Laura while allowing everyone esp Lulu to grieve for Dante.

The trio - Johnny, Gia, n Spinelli have great chemistry. Their dialogue is simple but revealing. They blocked the sniper ;-) if only they knew they probably move out of the way for its intended target to meet a second death. (That's mean I sorry I have idea how I want it to play out. ) Gallos is behind it. Hmm.

Jasam & Nik- very powerful history laced into their dialogue and motives. I esp. Love the parts when Jason was being real with Nik defending His grandfather and reminding him his loyalties should be for Sam.

Lamby helps the trio hone in on a their first real lead... Can Spinelli keep this secret from Jasam.

Definitely look forward to your next update. I know real life gets in the way so no rush. 'Til next time. Havea great summer in the meantime.
jasameyespeaks chapter 23 . 6/16/2013
Thank you so much for updating. I always enjoy the depth of your writing. A real page turner :-)
Holly and Anna being mothers first though its complicated.
Robert, Luke, n Ethan - was so descriptive and you nailed their characters.
Ethan n Helen - whoa that's dark but so truly Helena
Flashbacks- always great (helps me recall the events ;-)
Jasam - icing on the cake. They are healing in more ways than one. Love it.
Baby Alana- wanting to be independent...its in her DNA ;-)
Alexis, Lorenzo, and Z - dynamic.
Lovely moments between Alexis and Z through all the confusion their love still shines.
Love that u brought up Dr. Lewis so kool.
Continues to shed light on what's real and continues to connect the dots.

Thanks again and until next time.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/28/2013
love love love this series, hope it continuea
NLGFAN25YRS chapter 23 . 4/24/2013
Please continue soon... LOVE IT... Can't decide if I want Alexis/Sonny or Natasha/Lorenzo. Love them both. Hoping for more interaction with Natasha & King Mikkos... Your doing a great job at keeping me interested
jasameyespeaks chapter 22 . 4/4/2013
Whoa! Impressive. Very witty overall.
Lulu n Nik - like their bond, the paternity, w/chair, all complex but the sibs at their basics

Lil Rae- tea party starts out with no one then a dozen show up. It's her charm that wins her guest over. Btw, Teddy complained about sitting on the floor shhh ;-)

Gallos- orphaned hmm don't know about him. Maybe he wasn't brainwashed but he could def pass for Helen's son. Like the interchange of sarcasm at the Qs... Edward, Lois, Skye, Lorenzo and Lila Rae all together... Odds are a shouting match will make it feel like home.. Where's Tracy when you need her? Nevermind Gallos would start flirting w/ her too :-D

The Barrett's: peeling back the onion I see
Target- ELQ? Fall out will be grandeJust trying to figure out who will retaliate first if its a physical threat-Morgans ( will Jase cross back to the mob ;-/
Sonny, Mikkos, Zander ( towards Lorenzo), or even Helena ( just for the heck of it)

Love the simplicity in the dialogue but always giving depth with your characters personalities making them pop out with their complexities.
Zander/Brenda, Sonny/Brenda, Zander/Gia each giving a glimpse of their Hx, revealing more of the past and connecting the dots,
wrapped in humor and potential troubles to come.

Lorenzo & King Mikkos have an understanding o- oh Natasha/ Alexis will not like this. Well Lo is fighting for Natasha so he has to stand up to her father. So will Mikkos ever soften towards Sonny for his daughter?

Gallos- lurking in the shadows so the speaks more Helena's seed than her flesh n blood. But now that he is green will he continue status quo or could this work against Helena now that he knows (overheard?) who was his mother.

Thanks for the update! Until next time
jasameyespeaks chapter 21 . 3/14/2013
Chapters 16-21

Brenda grieving Alec
Lulu's wheelchair the complexity Spencers' dealing the latter chapfor Lulu hearing news. You did warn us there would be another victim.
Dr Jackson is now Mikkos Sr's minion.
Project Orpheus more resurrection even if only temporary creative :-)
David good intention vs Mikkos objectives
Loyalty n dynamics Robert, Holly, Anna, their children. Holly found Frankenstein is human maybe.
Barrett connection unfolding -the family ties are getting quite blurred and soapy haha BrendaSam, BrendaZander n that's just the icing... I'm cont to dive to the layers.

Carly & AJ -TPTB must have read your fic. I wish they would copy your parings, triangles and s/l (refreshing plots)though.

Lia Rae - always a delightful read

Starvos - a pig and hope Nicholas keeps him at arm's length

Mikkos found by bio mom tease :-p

Sonny takes Alexis to his past Bensonhurst style. This seems more realistic than Sonny & Kate maybe because Alexis was always hyperventilating during their attorney/friend mode before their ONS. So I think Sexis let themselves be vulnerable to each other because they trusted each other back in the day.

Sonny wants Alexis and is for integrating her personalities however Natasha is as stubborn as ever.

Taggert is back! Out of retirement huh. Ok that's your story and sticking to it ;-)

Lois Cerullo applying make up to the future mob boss - priceless.

Gallos part of Greco-Russian mob?
His warning to Jason that outside of PC enemies would eat him for lunch
- love that line. It's so daring to say such things to my favorite Enforcer. When Sonny is later upset by Jason's ties to Johnny he calls it like it is toeing the line. So will Jase cut all ties with the mob or will the danger itch draw him back?

Mikkos always a joy love his personality and strong bond with Lorenzo and Natasha/Alexis.
Lorenzo gradual helps Zander to trust him though everything is chaos in Zs head. Hopefully Kristina and Brenda will help him feel grounded until he finally meets Cam.

Kristina's sobriety: AJ, Ethan's longevity , new roommate hmm, Dante, afraid Alexis will pay for Natasha's crimes, Mikkos kidnapping, Daddy issues ( though she feels she can always go to Sonny) wonder ;-/

Love Jason giving brotherly advice to Skye ( stay out of S bed)

Alexis baby sex revealed. Nice!
Sam's relationship with Johnny will change if he is her mother's baby daddy. Poor Sam she might have multiple personalities too... No she would never cheat in Jason.

Oh no Olivia :-(
Now I'm all caught up I guess I patiently wait but hurry up ;-) Thanks again for your regular updates and inspiration.
jasameyespeaks chapter 15 . 3/14/2013
chap 13
Patrick reaction to Lulu's paralysis so's hard not to allow false hope if it helps until we have a definitive prognosis. Robin, Liz and Lucky's reactions also totally believable and in character. Love that u tap into Gh character history and interwine their emotions as it unfolds.
Love Luke and Laura - you nailed it
Natasha/ Alexis she's a true lioness love the backstory and her explanation that Kevin is wrong about her. She loves who she loves and desires to protect them fiercely.

Jason snoring lol

Kristina tell Mikkos Sr that Sonny Corinthos is no peasant was priceless. I hated when Kristina died but I will always remember those words dripping from Alexis without mercy towards Sonny at the funeral. Great performance but now you have given this some perspectives maybe that was Natasha going off :D

Chap 14 &15
I've read these chapters over n over each time I pick up where I left off so I could keep my promise though belated. Thanks for your constancy for this muse.

Love the continuity the flow with Alexis inner struggles and dealing with Jax's death. The gravesite with so many young ones so sad but true to Gh history.
The inter-connection n suspense of Zander's tires grew stronger; another pawn for Helena.

Brenda & Nicholas acceptance of each other. Nice history linking the Faberge egg.

Luke & Ethan aw so much has changed since they were on screen ( don't get me started on that haven't watched in a long time) love their dynamics. The nuts, Luke's frankness about Sonny wanting Ethan's on a platter balanced with oh Natasha's is his girl and Ethan's embarrass vs self- preservation.

Jasam - oh I miss them so much. I think "lack of discretion was their grief or just the reality that they almost lost each other" speaks volumes for what is lacking onscreen but will be right in target whenever they reunite. Yep my hope is someday SB will return . They truly are "two ships passing in the night."

Lucky - tempted while his sister's life is falling apart yep that's dealing with life as a Spencer.

Lorenzo n Mikkos chemistry perfect!

Zander poor baby so confused.

Sexis moments

Flashbacks - love it! Great pace and editing as always seamless.

I'll catching up ;-)
Anon chapter 21 . 3/12/2013
Good Job
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