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WTGSU chapter 80 . 2/22/2016
I love your story! PLEASE let there be more
ZGMFHawke chapter 80 . 1/18/2015
I finally caught up on everything...ill those two ever resolve there feelings?
FloridaMagpie chapter 80 . 10/18/2014
Life on the Normandy would be so much easier if there was someone board whose full-time job it is to dope slap these two every time they're idiots. Of codes, they might both wind up with brain damage.
sepoveda chapter 80 . 10/15/2014
Thank you for this... exceptional as always. Thank you again.
AnonyMoose chapter 80 . 10/14/2014
Thought you were dead! Glad to see that isn't the case.

Excellent chapter as always, hope the next update is as quick as they used to be ;P I love this liara/shepard, and would I be a bad person if I said I can't wait to see Liara's reaction to shepard's leviathan brain invasion? If I remember correctly, shepard ends up bleeding out the nose/ears (or was it just the nose?) after that scene in the DLC. Fun times.
hugh305 chapter 80 . 10/14/2014
Someone please, lock those 2 in a room & don't let them out till they really TALK to each other! Tali? Garrus? Atheyta? Traynor?... Javic? ;)

Great to have you back... still my favourite story on the Citadel!
CornflakeGirl04 chapter 80 . 10/14/2014
OMG how I've missed these two idiots (and you!)! Nothing has changed after a year, they still want to make me pull my hair out and I still love this story very much. These updates are perfect reasons for me to revisit the last few chapters.

These two have more issues than a pair of star-crossed lovers in a mexican/korean telenovela, lol! Can I bombard you again with requests of them getting back together please please pleeeeease? I mean Shepard needs to make out with Liara again and gain those pounds back!
Deino1962 chapter 79 . 10/14/2014
Damn...gonna have to go back a few chapters and get my head around this Fic again... oh well, life is full of unexpected pleasant surprises. Will review both chapters in 80, once my brain gets with it again.
Thank you
Gateman chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
Love this story, it's so awkward and warm.
Destructomatic chapter 78 . 1/21/2014
So... not trying to rush you or anything... just letting you know your fans are still eagerly awaiting the next installment. I mean, it's only been FIVE FREAKIN' MONTHS, so maybe you do need a kick in the pants to get going :D Kidding, of course. Sort of. Hope everything is going alright and it's just writer's block that's got you lagging a bit.
RogueTenshi chapter 78 . 12/26/2013
had chance to re-read your story. still one of my favs. hope you continue. Cheers.
TenDollarT chapter 47 . 12/11/2013
This is hard.

Part 47 was brilliant. The journal, the sketches, the snippets of poetry -all terrific little tastes of Shepard's world. Kind of reminds me of a recap episode, but done so sublimely as to not be intrusive in the slightest. Bravo, no doubt. Not an easy thing to do at all, nevermind to do right.

But chapter 66 was pure sharkjump, right from the start. I can't say if it improved, because I couldn't finish it.
Let me explain.
So I get Pressure's agonizing exploration of miscommunication and doubt and personal fears. That all comes through loud and clear, and quite well. I didn't read up to 66 because I didn't like to.

That makes the shock of 66's start so profound. It's not even that I didn't see any merit in what was there; hell no! I've read some goddamn _ugly_ fanfics depicting some amazingly cruel deconstructions, and hung on every word. Good is good to me, I spare few topics on topics alone.

But 66 was the ejection seat. The "NOPE, NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOPE" moment in which I just disconnected. Where the fuck is Shep's mental resilience? Where's the capacity to emphasize at all (especially for someone so consistently characterized as being self-sacrificing) with the pain of a comrade? Where is her control? Where is the leader who inspired Liara to suck it up and push on by insinuating that other teammates had intimated a desire to leave her behind? There's too much "Shep the bumbling emotional defective" and far too little "Commander Shepard the elite N7-rated Marine" in that paragraph.

This isn't the mind of an adult, even a goofy one. This isn't Full Renegade, childish as that often is. Shep has gone Full Retard. Never go Full Retard.

Maybe the point is to illustrate the sleep deprivation? Seems out of place to me, but my own experiences in that realm are of course anecdotal.

The other element is Tanner. Oh boy. This is, I think, a textbook example of how not to use a child character. They show up, they die, they become this world-eroding example of Everything Wrong we're supposed to empathize with because Kids Are Pure. Kind of what Bioware did wrong with the kid in ME3. It's supposed to poignant, but instead I find it nauseating. It's too obvious a string pull. The fall of Thessia was impacting. "Does this unit have a soul" was a tear-jerker. "It had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong" was, and remains, a potent gut-punch.

But what about Tanner?

Fuck Tanner.

What did his life mean besides being an anchor on the plot and a reason for Shepard to sulk and fantasize about splattering Oriana. How is he at all interesting or meaningful in the way slogging over layers of dead Asari wasn't? He's got the same problem the Hanar had.

I accidentally screwed up the Spectre mission to save the Hanar. I saw the stupid "oh gnoes, suddenly Indoctrinated Human!" thing coming, and took the interrupt to shoot him. Seemed sensible to take the 2 seconds to double-tap him to save the Salarian before resuming the chase.
(I have some actual crisis management experience, and the truth is that if losing a few seconds can doom the recovery effort you're sadly deficient with regard to the challenge. That means that if someone fumbling with their car keys can doom Kahje, then Kahje is doomed pure and simple. Yeah, seconds count in an encounter but operationally having a margin of error that slim is gross fucking incompetence). But alas that was wrong, and Kahje derp-ploded.

And I didn't care, because much as I could wrap my head around the loss of the Hanar homeworld and the far greater impact on the Drell, I didn't give a fuck about the Hanar. They were never meaningful. They didn't do anything. They didn't contribute anything. They were a useless novelty and in the time it took for the cutscene to end another 100,000,000 combined Asari, Krogan, Turians and Humans had died actually fighting for something. Holy shit I didn't care, and I was pissed there was any implication that I should.

Tanner comes along, and dies. Shep is mad because Miranda went off chasing Oriana. Because Miranda was so absolutely vital to the war effort, and because her bleeding of Cereberus had so little merit otherwise. Because Shep wouldn't have done the same thing -it's been made a point that Liara think she would, but it's never actually happened. It's the presumed matching of a challenge unmade. It means nothing.

So don't change anything. Seriously. You've got 392 reviews, clearly you've made an impact. Somebody, lots of somebodies, loves what you've done and how you've done it and I sure as hell wouldn't change my tone for one random asshole with a fetish for making essays out of fanfic reviews.
But it was jarring. It was out of character. Not even as an AU issue, not that Pressure IS of course, but as a whole. Maybe it was the last straw. Too much awkward adolescent mooning and Twilight-esque clinging to chastity (intended as a comparison, not an insult) and Shepard's bizarre internal alienation built up to personal aversion to emotional grotesque? I'm not sure, and I'm disappointed.

Pressure's clearly epic and excellent, and pulling off triumphs like chapter 47 are surely bragworthy, but this is my stop. I understand the tension between Shep the person and Commander Shepard the icon, but there has to be substantial amounts of Legend in the Woman as much as Woman in the Legend. Otherwise I can't connect. And that's a true disappointment.
hugh305 chapter 40 . 12/4/2013
Just re-reading from the start... again & had to say how much I love the line,
"Any more skeptical, and Liara could be on the Council."
Gets a laugh every time :)
Yuri-hime chapter 42 . 11/21/2013
So sweet ;-;
Yuri-hime chapter 41 . 11/19/2013
These chapters are all so short, but full of emotion! :D
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