Reviews for The Diadone Method
tabala chapter 12 . 7/16
Do you plan to come back to this story at all? I really do hope you do, it is a great story.
Hainbuche chapter 11 . 7/6
gerade merke ich, das ich die geschichte wohl schon einmal gelesen und kommentiert habe. aber sie liest sich wirklich gut. na dann, ein zweites komi.
danke wirklich das du keines von den zuvor erwähnten weiblichen pairings nimmst. so, bis hier eine wirklich gute, spannende geschichte. davon lese ich gerne mehr. vielen dank fürs schreiben. lg hainbuche
Guest chapter 12 . 6/17
More plssssss
Wika0304 chapter 12 . 5/30
please update
nessiesmith2012 chapter 12 . 5/19
Urg no update since 2015 and this is a good story!
Insangel chapter 12 . 5/11
I love this story and it's been years since you updated. Has this story been abandoned, or can it be found elsewhere?
Guest chapter 12 . 5/5
i do really love your story, even though it’s been a long time since the last update please update :)
Guest chapter 12 . 4/7
Great story! It's been years but please updade!
Dark-Prince-of-Clowns chapter 7 . 3/31
Their problem has a ridiculusly easy solution: Just claim that Evans is Nio's uncle on his mother's side and have Remus forge all the papers necessary. And forge papers claiming his mother is dead, if they haven't already. And Evans is still magical, he can easilly claim he was homeschooled by private tutor Remus Lupin. Seeing as private tutors are hired by the individual, he requires no papirs other than skills, and Remus got all O's from hogwarts.
If asked why, he could have claimed that it was because he had to continiue working in the familly busyness, as that was tradition. And a mafia tend to have legal business venues as well, making it plasible on the legal side of things.

Another option is for Sal to adopt Sirius and change his name to Evans. That would make him Harry's legal big brother, and therefor related enough to hold the responsibillity for him in the magical world. Plus, Siri might like the name-change, which is a big eff you to his familly, dead as they may be.

And people who refuse to use their political power just because they believe it should be earned and not gifted are bloody morons. If nothing else, they could try and change that fact by unsing their political power. Then again, any politician that worries about where their power comes from is a pretty bad politician, soooo... natural selection. Lol

And that quill...bad securety. Just like veritaserum. Because you ccannot tell information you don't know, otherwise more deatheaters would get caught. And if so, you will write down what you BELIEVE to be true, and NOT the actual truth. Which means you CAN lie, by simply making yourself believe in what you say while you say it. It's tricky, but it can be done. The extremely few times I see the point of lieing, that is the way I do it. Any form of lie detection would be useless on me. And I suspect the same goes for veritaserum. Why did they not use a blood test? That's much harder to fake.

And considering the general public had no idea he was a werewolf in Harry's 3'd year, when he worked as a teacher, how the heck is it suddently common knowledge now? Oo
IshipToomanyThings chapter 2 . 3/29
You are so far doing a great job at incorporating the wizard side into the muggle. I see youFirst Remus and now weasleys cousin they don’t talk about
wolfzmasterz chapter 12 . 3/8
Amazing story! I have read a couple maifi stories but this is by far the most riveting g so fare, I think the only thing I don’t like is the super harry type it is. Though you do manage to explain and set it up very well and put it into a less of a he is supper and more just his style and lack of limiting beliefs. So what I’m trying to say is bravo!
Badbonita chapter 12 . 3/8
Lovely story you have been working on. Sorry that real life has demanded so much of your attention in the years since you last updated.

I really hadn't thought about Wormtail appearing on the Marauders map but as good as your answer was - when the twins were initially viewing the map and people, wouldn't they have noticed that Wormtail appeared near brother Percy since supposedly, Scabbers was Percy's before he was Ron's? Just curious.

Anyway, thank you for writing what you have been able to. Wish there was more but life happens and maybe one day, your Muse will dump some inspiration in your lap when you also have some free time to dedicate to exploring what comes next.
PearlJackson23 chapter 12 . 3/5
Please update.
Real cool story.
Dancing of Doom chapter 7 . 2/28
1000th review is this person. Couldn't leave it at 999
Drew86 chapter 12 . 2/21
I came across this story and was unsure if I would like it. But it definitely caught my attention. Please keep up the good work! I hope to read more chapters soon. Faithful readers await!
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