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A Random Guy chapter 93 . 6/25
Hey man,

Just got caught up again. Loving the plot twists you've been cranking out! I can see a new romance subplot being strung and I love it.

Mamoru still having ethics even after Beryl's manipulations is surprising, considering Kunzite's complete lack of moral strength up until recently. Looks like she'll have to work harder :)

Don't rush yourself, take it easy.
A Random Guy
Puffgirl1952 the 2nd chapter 92 . 6/1
Now that was an unexpected twist...
MegaBookwormGirl chapter 92 . 5/11
Damn. I was so sure Celine would be alive. I forgot the part about the gear and all that. How sad. She was very brave and wise. RIP Celine.

Kunzite is now back to his senses but for some reason I don't think he'll live through this arc. Zoicite is dead. He did soo many evil things. The whole world hates him. Gonna be hard for him to make a comeback.

Im guessing Helios is the one blocking Mamoru's memories. I can't wait to see the duel. First post-reincarnation couple fight with a dash of evil mind control!
MegaBookwormGirl chapter 91 . 5/10
So much happening its hard to comment. Looks like the arrogance of the Romans is starting to affect Kratos, Ruisila and Pious(Knew this guy was trouble).

So Usagi can't remember how she kicked the bucket. No one saw Celine, an almost immortal badass warrioress that can't die unless fatally injured, actually die. Conclusion? She's still alive. Atleast I hope so. She would be just the thing the Keepers need to keep them on track. Maybe Myddin and Celine are in league. A final wildcard. Awesome.

That part with Lares and Kunzite talking about badgers was so funny. I can just imagine them looking awkward. And there anyway for him to come back to life? He is ,hands down, my favorite Shitennou.

Mako/Neph. Ooh I knew it! Just like in the manga. Hopefully without the tragic ending like in the manga though. That would suck.
DayDreamer9 chapter 92 . 5/8
And so it begins...
DayDreamer9 chapter 91 . 5/8
Dissent in the ranks? Hmmm...

A Nehellenia shout-out, or perhaps foreshadowing?
Guest chapter 92 . 5/7
This was a great chapter, but I am still not happy you chose the English dub where Kunzite and Zoisite - both male - are lovers. *sigh* I could mention something that happened in this chapter in my review, but it would be giving it away if people just read reviews before the I am not going to.
Guest chapter 90 . 4/29
Ikuko, ;)
MegaBookwormGirl chapter 90 . 3/7
Oohh! Mr and Mrs Tsukino are quite the kinky couple hmm? That part was so shockingly funny! Well it finally happened. So the question is...why is Myddin so helpful to Hikaru?
MegaBookwormGirl chapter 88 . 3/7
I see alright. So Haruka remembered huh? Sequel foreshadowing! YaayXD
DayDreamer9 chapter 90 . 3/7
"deep breathes in and out"


"deep breathes in and out again"

Okay, well, that's a lot to take in and boy howdy, everyone is gonna be feeling sore in a few hours. Mamoru's been abducted and brainwashed, but Kunzite has snapped out of it. He needs to act fast, before things get worse. Trying to cling to my sympathy towards Beryl, but it's flickering.

Glad that you're getting the Prequel out. I'll be keeping an eye out for it while reading this one.

Hold on, Usagi. Hold on.
DayDreamer9 chapter 89 . 3/7
And just when I thought this scenario couldn't get any worse, Mio happened.

Moldies...I knew that name sounded familiar. Oh my sweet God...

Hang in there everybody!
DayDreamer9 chapter 88 . 3/7

And so the stage is set. Time for the next - final? - act.
Puffgirl1952 the 2nd chapter 90 . 3/6
Read all three new chapters; though you got some mistakes, double check...
silverhawk88 chapter 90 . 3/6
That's the one thing I never liked about Sailor Moon. After Usagi awakened as Princess Serenity, she just let all of the memories pretty much take her over. Anyway that's how I saw it and a Nero crystal Tokyo was just a offshoot of the silver millennium.
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