Reviews for Broken Wing
Pyro Males Login chapter 1 . 10/15/2012
(Okay, I will review in JOWO STYLE) *joke*

Just like you: I. Hate. Fic. Like. This (I notice you put the words in wrong order, but I'm not grammar Nazi so just away with that...)

The opening was a bit boring, maybe because it has no dialogue?

The fight between Kojuro and Taira (or should we say 'post-battle'?) is perhaps the greatest part. I like how Kojuro showed his bravery to the end, though I don't like Wukong being there. Just... out of place...

One more thing: Maybe it's okay for other reader, but it really disturb me what Taira did to Kojuro afterwards. I mean, Kojuro asked Taira to kill him, and then a scream, and so I thought Kojuro's wish was granted. But then, the ending shows a soul-less Kojuro. So it seems Taira never killed Kojuro after all... And now I was wondering that perhaps Taira brought Kojuro to a 'Fate Worse than Death'? It seems so and... somehow... I'm still wondering (and I can say 'haunted' by it, since your version of Kojuro Lu Xun).

Well... but as usual, great English! This piece is, IMO, has a lot better English than Eternal Reverie...

That's it. Sorry I ramble to much...
Mocca-Marocchi chapter 1 . 4/25/2012
Araa~ I don't really hate this fic, since I love twists and upredictable endings. I'm just happy that Kojuro is still alive, after all.

I want to publish a fic in FictionPress, too! I also have a plan to make a Samurai Warriors fic. I just don't know which one I should make first .