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La Donna Ingenua chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
I loved the awkwardness of this. I mean, really. They are just both so awkward and young and have not yet been hardened by Pamuk-gate, the War, Sir Richard, paralysis, impotence, "we're cursed you and I," etc etc (wow, it's quite a lot when you put it in list format). They are young and awkward and I love it. I love that they are on equal ground in that Mary does not feel like damaged goods yet. I love their befuddlement with the situation and with each other. It is such a refreshing dynamic to series 2 M and M where they both obviously wanted one another but couldn't have one another and oh, the angst (which of course, has it's own appeal). But I love the youthfulness of this. Did I mention the awkwardness of it? Because I loved it.
R. Grace chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
I'm so glad you decided to continue! Very promising beginning. Can't wait to see where you go with it.
Serena89 chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
*screams internally*

Oh this is brilliant news! A new WIP! And such an interesting and original starting point. As you've said, introducing sex in 1x02 is a very daring leap from canon, and I think you've worked it beautifully and somehow plausibly into the story (I don't know how you do it. It usually bothers me, but in your fanfiction it felt so...natural. My mind accepted its logic, and the feeling behind it. Again, I think it's because with you it's never *just* sex. It's a physical storytelling, a visual description of a deeper experience and I love it!).

Anyway, I'm very very intrigued. I can't possibly imagine how their dynamics will change, and I'm excited about the future chapters like a child waiting for Christmas. But let's talk about this first one.

Oh, Matthew, Matthew, my beautiful, bashful Matthew. I loved his major panic attack. Very in character, especially in 1x02 - he was more naive than during/after the war (where, I assume, he had been more in contact with the topic of sex and anyway had seen so many things that he was not that impressionable anymore). I was saying, I thoroughly enjoyed to see him lost in utter panic and trying to breath with his head between his knees (LOL!).

I was also thinking about CotC, but what I find particularly interesting here is that...Matthew is not yet in love with Mary. In fact, he barely knows her. Sure, he's attracted to her, but he can't even bring himself to call their intercourse "making love" because he's an hopeless romantic; maybe in his eyes it would've been more acceptable ("If it was love, then") but having let himself being led by pure passion...and I can really see Matthew being torn between duty (he has to marry her) and his principles...can he marry a woman he doesn't love?

Another point you've highlighted was very dear to me. Mary and Matthew are in the same situation: both have to deal with a life they haven't exactly chosen for themselves, that choice having been taken away by entails and titles. Up until a few months ago, Mary hadn't even had a say in her choice of husband. And now take Matthew, future Earl despite his wishes...two people who'd be thrust once again in a binding situation without a choice. And what I found deeply touching is that Matthew weeps for Mary more than for himself, worried that she'd resent him so much there couldn't be a possibility of future love. Awww. Beautiful window on his soul!

Okay, I'll stop fangirling over every paragraph, but I need to address your description of Matthew when they're at the installment of Isobel on the hospital board; fiddling with his hat, sheepish, socially awkward and slightly aroused. I love your descriptive power, especially when it comes to Matthew. You own him.

I was lying. I will fangirl on every paragraph. Sorry.

Because Mary...almost teasing him, but not quite (she had been worried too, angered maybe) about the possibility of pregnancy. Can I just say: THANK YOU? It's so rarely addressed! There's a chance it could happen, and it would surely be my first concern. For God's sake, half of my friends have had a pregnancy scare at least once and they used condoms. I think it was a very real, shocking moment. Especially because it shows the reality of the time: there wasn't enough awareness. To Matthew, it came as an afterthought. AND let me just tell you that I was thrilled when Mary bluntly told him everything was alright. Another thing I applaud you for. Menstrual cycle sometimes seems like a taboo subject, and surely in 1910's men were not to be...too informed. In fact, when Matthew got Mary's meaning ("I can furnish you with the precise details of my proof if you wish but I hardly thought you'd wish to hear –" OH THIS LINE! I love Mary. I'll talk about it specifically in a moment.) he was slightly horrified, bless him.

They were both vulnerable, and they were just kids if one thinks about it. So young, similar and yet still so angry and scared by the world and circumstances! What a beautiful confrontation. It started with Mary (who has been alone with this fear for so many days, and I can only imagine the agony. But you've let us get hint of that, how she had shielded herself, her cold demeanor) waiting for him, almost warily (she barely knows this man, and she's heard him saying he would choose his own wife. For some time she's believed a probable child would force him in a marriage against his will. Of course she was vulnerable) and it ended with the two of them actually starting a relationship. It's weird, how some stories go, in a different order. They were lovers first, and friends later. Not quite, but only now they're giving themselves a chance to know each other and I loved how you've shown it with their hands holding, sexual tension building and Mary breathlessly and blushingly standing up and leaving thrilled awww. I am looking forward to see how this story progresses!

And now a big OT about Mary threatening Matthew to "furnish" him with the precise details of her "proof". It reminded me of an anecdote of the life of the philosopher Hypatia; she was at the head of the Platonist school in Alexandria. One day, after one of her pupils declared his love for her, listing all of her virtues that made her more than a simple woman, she threw a tissue stained in her menstrual blood to his feet: proof she was just like any woman, and just like any human...made of flesh and blood, flawed. And of course it shocked him, to actually see the proof of not only her mortality, but her femininity. Because men in love sometimes idealize the woman, and forget how terrestrial she is. So when Mary proposed that she showed Matthew a proof of what she said, this event came to my mind: it was a challenge, it was Mary's power over him, to shock him. And I've loved it.

Oh this is awfully long and mostly random I guess! Sorry! I can't wait for the next chapter and I'll try to restrain myself from talking nonsense :)
Katie K chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
I would have loved it if she was pregnant! That would have been great! But I loved the story anyway :)
Ondine chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
What an interesting premise (an entirely new angle) and so well written! Can't wait to read more! :-)
Tripp3235 chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
*running to the computer to read this NOW*

Heh I was in a Bible class an hour ago so glad I didn't have to pretend to be reading the Bible and reading your story instead.

Yay. So happy to have inspired you to write more. This is a story that needs telling. Any story of M/M having sex is a story worth writing.

I love how Matthew agonizes in bed. And the whole "what on earth wa he supposed to do now?" question is perfect and fits him so. I love how he worries about her about what he should say and what he should do. I also love that it doesn't occur to him instantly that she might be pregnant. And no it wouldn't, he's so adorably naive, isn't he?

I'm DYING to know what Mary thinks, especially now that time has passed. Having this before Pamuk changes much about Mary I think, especially if you let Pamuk play out. I also wonder how this changes Matthew. He didn't like Mary and Pamuk in the canon but imagine how he would feel in this AU! Oh the angst is gonna be so good isn't it?
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