Reviews for Wisp
phantmrose chapter 64 . 8/10
Can you please send the link to my email
crazycats7 chapter 63 . 7/23
I really wished that Edward would have given Tanya a piece of his mind. She did this so she could be with him, not because she loved him.
crazycats7 chapter 56 . 7/23
I really hate Tanya and he is just being stupid. Its all about sex.
shannon30033 chapter 1 . 7/16
I have just completed your story and, WOW! Awesome writing and storytelling! So good, so very good. I liked Wisp's bravery and her determination as she struggled to become Bella. Lovely. It's odd to read a complete story and see through A/N the struggles, changes and RL things that get thrown in authors' way as they try to get these plot lines from their head to the page, while I read it in a few days. Hope all is well with you and life is sunny, or at least only partly cloudy most days. Thank you again for the beautiful story. It really moved me.
Annazonie chapter 1 . 5/11
OK isn't James in jail? How could Edward sneak into jail to kill him? So I'm very confused why Edwards being interrogated for that
iZombieslayer chapter 37 . 5/1
blewartrk chapter 1 . 4/27
Well that sucks, wheres Pet?
Guest chapter 63 . 4/24
First of all, I must admit that this was the first dark(-er) fic I've ever read and by the time I've made it this far I have no recollection of how I even ended up here in the first place. I am however very, very happy that I did. Maybe this is just because I'm sad that it's already over, but I highly enjoyed the slow pace and build-up of the story where as the ending (compared to the beginning) felt a bit rushed. I felt oddly invested in Wisps well-being and progress through out the story, if you are ever expanding this universe I would love to read your take on the start of their romantic relationship and how they would balance that intimacy. Anyway, thank you so much for the distraction from the real world for a while!
Aggie94 chapter 68 . 4/10
Well that was an interesting ending. :-) thanks for sharing. Meg.
Aggie94 chapter 55 . 4/10
Ugh... I hate Tanya.
Aggie94 chapter 54 . 4/10
1000% hate Tanya... like not thinking I read anymore for a bit. Your story has been fantastic, but triangle is not what I'm in the mood. Meg
Aggie94 chapter 48 . 4/10
Wow hell of a story. Enjoying every chapter.
vampirelady13 chapter 7 . 3/3
You are cruel lol
Lauramari chapter 26 . 2/22
Edward and Wisp need a lawyer now.
Darienlover chapter 68 . 2/14
I thought your story was really beautiful however flawed. I was really enjoying the fact that your were taking your time with it but by the end I don't know if you got bored or grew desperated with it it felt really rushed, which is a shame because it is such a great narrative. Either way, this will be getting into my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing.
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