Reviews for Wisp
BethMasenCullen chapter 11 . 5/1
I'm not surprised there was a bet about what Edward would do...
BethMasenCullen chapter 10 . 5/1
I'm glad Edward brought Wisp back to the cabin, and I'm glad Rose is supporting him. I hope Wisp sleeps and I hope Carlisle isn't too hard on Edward...
BethMasenCullen chapter 9 . 4/30
I'm so glad they made it to Wisp!
BethMasenCullen chapter 7 . 4/30
I feel awful for what this is doing to Edward, and I am worried about what Wisp's reaction will be later
Mirksaz chapter 63 . 3/27
Awesome story. Great development.
MissWM chapter 63 . 1/23
Hmm I think you are a brilliant writer and this plot was so amazingly woven. I loved your Edward, specially at the beginning. Such a beautiful heart. I truly love your Rose and Esme was a sweetheart. Emily and Garret, though, they are 2 of my favorite characters here.

Garret was such a sweet sweet person. He had no emotional obligation to Edward or Bella, but he dealt with her in such a caring, human way. I'm still speechless by his actions, his enthusiasm and the way he treated Bella. I imagine working as a sketch artist he would deal with lots of people and see lots of tragic things, to keep his gentle soul throughout it is something to be applauded. You did an amazing job with him

The thing where Felix was not found- although not happy about it, it felt really. We do know not always the bad guys are apprehended.

And to think this all started because of a game of poker hahah

I did not like at all, though, the romantic turn this whole story took. I wanted to like it. But as I read and read more, it feels awful.

I am not even a bit comfortable with the romantic twist this took. I can't even say much about it. He bathed her like a baby. He took in a paternal role, providing a home, (blurred) boundaries and confort. It is just wrong for it to evolve to something romantic and sexual. I'd love for her to find a partner, a romantic interest, but not someone who is a caregiver. How can she differentiate? How can they be equals? This is the one thing I'm shocked Emily did not oppose to (it even felt like she encouraged it a bit). I don't think that was her being a good therapist

Neither was I confortable with bella's miracle and sudden improvement from someone learning about speech to a fully articulated person, who could voice her needs, want and feelings in such a educated way. Seriously, you took so much time with her physical limitations, with baby steps to just rollercoast it at the end

So yeah, these are my thoughts on this.

Thanks for sharing.
MissWM chapter 61 . 1/23
Wow. I expected Tanya to reacted but I did not see this one coming
MissWM chapter 59 . 1/23
Hmm I don't know what to say about this transition from barely-talking-child Wisp to mature-talking Bella. The massage scene was a bit creepy.

This felt rushed.

No one learns to talk and articulate their thoughts so well in a matter of weeks. Of course, her concerns about edward loving tanya more than her are more than justified. But the way this has been articulated does not feel natural. I mean, her development so far felt natural, but not this. It's like going from 8 to 80 without foundation
MissWM chapter 55 . 1/23
This is sick. Edward is fucking sick for having sex with Tanya. At all. Next door to a girl who crawls into his bed most nights, a girl who for all intents and purposes has not even slept a whole night at her room without him, who has been sexually assaulted all of her life. Seriously. I'm not even disappointed. I'm fucking angry. This is so sick
MissWM chapter 54 . 1/23
Insanely, I do get Tanya's point of view. She obviously has second intentions meaning she will alienate Bella to get Edward back. But this situation is all sorts of fucked up
MissWM chapter 53 . 1/23
Yeah, this chapter just made my heart ache. Edward seems like a lost boy and this whole thinking Tanya could replace Rose. How stupid is that? No one person can replace another. That is common knowledge
MissWM chapter 51 . 1/23
... Also, it feels like a dumb thing to not even consider what James said when attempting to get a plea deal: I can't give more information, or he'll kill me. That is a red alert on and of itself
MissWM chapter 52 . 1/23
I think Emmet should've argued conflict of interest from the moment Edward was listed as a suspect. It's obvious he could not be objective and should've only be put in that spot if there was no other alternative
MissWM chapter 50 . 1/23
Hmm I'm curious about this sudden Tanya appearance. It feels a bit like drama just for the sake of it. Although I have to say seeing Bella have a tantrum was unexpectedly cute
MissWM chapter 43 . 1/22
I'm so so glad Emily addressed the whole sleeping situation. She seems competent for the task ahead
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