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boopgirl chapter 63 . 15h
Great Story
saintfudge chapter 63 . 11/22
Great story .. I did start this a while ago caught up to you and left it in my alerts until it was completed.. . I have had this in my alerts since April 2012 .. Don't read WIPs .. And have finally come back to it .. And loved it .. Liked the way it ended but would have liked them to be caught ... Thanks for sharing have fun
Dusellie chapter 63 . 11/11
I'm so glad I've only found this fic, years after it first began so I could totally glut myself on it in a couple of sittings. I don't think I would have survived reading it as a WIP.

What a mammoth fucking effort! That was amazing! Such an emotional journey - I teared up so many times. You should be so proud of this big little baby. Wisp was so real - you brought her to life. This story will stay with me forever which is testament to your talent Asia remarkable storyteller.

I loved the 'Tanya interruptus', it was totally worth it for the wickedwitch scene. I will remember that fondly. Oh how I laughed, I literally had to put the iPad down and just let it out. Brilliant. :) I also enjoyed your portrayal of Tanya because you didn't write her like the stereotypical 'bitch'. I think any outsider would have the the situation exactly the same way.

I only wish the decision regarding children had been left as a 'not now, maybe not ever, but maybe someday' like the idea of marriage. I mean they are both still so young, who knows how they would feel or improve (in Bella's case) in ten years time? *sigh* I might just have to content myself with my own head canon on that score huh? :)

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story with us. It was wonderful.
116jeff chapter 31 . 10/26
Edward is like a parent who can't say no to their kid. He thinks he's making her happy hit he's not really teaching her anything. Kids who are never told no or shown boundaries end up being brats. I know Wisp has a complicated past but carrying her around and never making her uncomfortable isn't probably the best thing for her. Humans are meant to walk upright. There are all sorts of physiological problems from humans being on hands and knees. He's kind of terrible for her at this point.
116jeff chapter 30 . 10/26
OK, this is getting nuts that he can't see that they need a professional to help them navigate this crazy girl's issues. Hopefully we'll see some improvement soon. This is getting to be such a drag!
116jeff chapter 28 . 10/26
I don't understand why Edward hasn't found a shrink yet. So stupid! If anyone on earth needs therapy, it's this girl!
Jlhamlin84 chapter 63 . 10/2
This is one example of the best fics I have ever read. It was a difficult read, but one that I am glad I read. Amazing job!
yboldyreva chapter 44 . 9/3
This was so wrong on many levels..
Nemesis chapter 63 . 8/14
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing story. I'm so sad to see it end. I think you have a real talent for writing, and if you really enjoy it, then don't give it up, no matter what. I know you were talking about getting flamed for this story, but hey, you might become a successful writer someday. And while you're bathing in money, you can tell those haters who got the last laugh. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story, it got a little graphic at times, but hey, that's reality. Thanks so much! :)
Birddy chapter 63 . 8/2
This story was so good and I'm sad to see it end. There were a lot of parts of it where even I had to stop for a moment or skip past certain graphic parts because they were a little too much, but all in all great story.
stephanie.j.daw chapter 2 . 7/23
Very well written chapter. xxxx
stephanie.j.daw chapter 1 . 7/23
I did not see that coming. xxxx
Miss Laura Padfoot chapter 9 . 6/21
I mistakenly posted the review before I had finished it. I was going to say that there were many other things I didn't like on it... For example, a story like yours could be much better if it focused on women saving this other woman... Something from Rosalie's, Alice's or Esme's point of view could have been much more emotional and truer.

I honestly don't know how old you are nor your position on feminism. And I usually don't write reviews even though I read a whole lot of fanfics (this is my first one in more than 5 years). But the whole approach you had really threw me off in such a way that I felt as if I needed to say something. Bella's story could be a story about overcoming this traumatic experience, because she is a strong woman full of potential... But it feels like it going to be a story about a girl being saved and falling in love with her savior, almost like a Disney princess movie, but with much more angst.

Please don't take anything I said badly. I honestly think you can write beautifully, it is really had to come across people who write in a way you feel like you wanna read more, more and more until it's finished and then some more. And, if I'm telling the truth, I really felt like I should keep reading your story, but I was just becoming really frustrated with the way things were going.
Miss Laura Padfoot chapter 8 . 6/21
Man, I really wanted to give this fanfic a try... I mean, it has so many reviews it ought to be good, right? You can write, don't get me wrong, the story is extremely well written, but its content is deeply disturbing.

Okay, James is a vile kidnapper/rapist/abuser. Unfortunately there are many people like this in the world... But I really don't like the way you portrait the good guys. The Cullens are kind, but more important (in this case) well educated people.

You find a corpse (or someone who appears to be dead), you get scared as hell of course, but you call 911 not a relative who is a doctor. You at least try to see if the person is alive! You want this stranger person to be taken care of by professional people with access to everything they need! Okay, Carlise is a doctor okay, but he doesn't have access to everything he needs (and what kind of doctor is he btw?).

But okay, you don't call 911, you keep this stranger girl who was clearly abused at your place. Why don't call Esme to help?! You don't wanna bother her in the middle of the night so you have a guy bath a girl who was abused? The scene would have been much more sensible if a woman had bathed Bella. As a woman, I really empathized with Bella in a way that no man can empathize.

And then the way Edward acts towards her, like she is fascinating, saying she is adorable, saying that she amazes him! WTF? SHE AMAZES HIM? Bella's situation and behavior did not amaze me, they horrified me, they made me utterly said. A human being in that situation should "amaze" no one! I'm sorry, but I think Edward's behavior is super creepy...

And then, you have Jasper who is a doctor freaking out because they are taking her to a psychiatric hospital. Of course they should take her to a psychiatric hospital! Of course she should be monitored by professionals! Psychiatric hospitals are not anymore seen as a place where only "crazy" people go. The Cullens certainly would know that... And the fact that the psychologist is portrayed as heartless makes everything much more surreal.

I don't really know how you will develop this bond you created between Edward and Bella. I hope it does not evolve to a romantic relationship. Bella was emotionally traumatized - she was sexually, mentally and physically abused. I don't think anyone really recovers from that kind of trauma...

I could criticize it even more
evoldrawdereverof chapter 63 . 5/30
I absolutely loved this story. It was incredible! Probably the best story on this site. Great job, seriously, what a great job.
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