Reviews for Wisp
A chapter 15 . 2/10
This chapter made me loose it.
KCLutz4475 chapter 36 . 2/10
I'm really hoping the Dr Lawson isn't involved in all this crap
laylasmith93 chapter 63 . 2/9
I don't usually comment or even read this type of story but you did such a good job. For how sad it was it was so happy too :)

I really just wanted to let you know i love this story. It for sure is going on my favorites. Thank you so much.

I haven't really checked out your other stuff yet but its next on my list of things to do. Judging from this story you should expect another comment in a couple of days lol.
kitchmill chapter 63 . 2/9
Wow, just wow. What an amazing story. I couldn't stop reading. Of course there were parts I didn't like, but I can honestly say that I understand the reasoning for everything. So well written and emotional. This is probably the only story I've read where the romance aspect not being promised didn't deter me. I was so invested in Wisp and couldn't wait to see what happened next. Great job!
Guest chapter 53 . 2/2
I just love how E is all about how much Wisp needs him, but in somewhat denial about how much he needs her. Interesting.
adhita chapter 63 . 1/31
Yes, Bella finally won over everything and everyone.
I liked the realism: the bad guys didn't get caught, as it unfortunately happens a lot of the time and mostly with this type of crime.
Thank you for sharing this heartwrenching but also heartwarming story with us.
adhita chapter 61 . 1/31
#$# ! Freaking Tanya, she just couldn't accept that Edward didn't want her! Witch!
At least Bella is stronger than Wisp and will be able to cope a little better with the separation, I hope.
adhita chapter 60 . 1/31
That's it, that guy deserves a thousand deaths! But who helped him in the hospital? It's not like he could have just walked into the nursery and taken Chase out for a stroll.
adhita chapter 59 . 1/30
Funny, but I find myself mourning the loss of Wisp even if her becoming Bella means she is getting better...
adhita chapter 58 . 1/30
Whoa, Wisp really surprised me here! She has made tremendous progress and Tanya was a catalyst for part of it. Her emotions and her intellect are developing more, even though she still has a long
way to go.
adhita chapter 55 . 1/30
Wisp is not in love with Edward in the adult-romantic sense of the word, she loves him dearly because he is her safe harbor, the first person to treat her with respect, compassion, kindness and love... but she also loves him and latched on to him so fiercely because he is a man and all her life has been determined and dominated by men. If Rose had found her, for example, I don't think Wisp would have trusted her as quickly as she trusted Edward, no matter how kind she would have tried to be with Wisp.
adhita chapter 54 . 1/30
I understand SOME of Tanya's opinions because she is an outsider to the situation and also has never dealt with abuse in any way or form, like a social worker, psychologist, etc. would have BUT she is speaking out of jealousy, so her views are tainted by it and Edward is to blind to see it.
Also, Edward is acting like an ass right now, not apologizing to Rose and being mad at Emmet. What has happened made a big emotional impact on everyone around him and Wisp, they love and care about Edward's wellbeing and also about Wisp's. Ass... this situation with Tanya will give him a big headache before it's over.
adhita chapter 53 . 1/30
Yes, Edward needs as much balance as possible in his life, and both he and Wisp need time apart from each other.
adhita chapter 50 . 1/29
Hahaha, little Wisp got really jealous! After all, he's "her" Edward. Lol
adhita chapter 48 . 1/29
I think Edward is in crisis right now because he's finally confronting the complexity of his feelings for Wisp the more they learn about her horrible past, which reminds him of the fragility of the word "safe": is she really, truly safe? will she ever be, even if they catch all the bastards who abused her?
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