Reviews for Wisp
Rita01tx chapter 60 . 4/2
Holy crap! First of all, YAY! Tanya's toast! And second, that rat bastard took baby Chase? No mercy!
Atwiggs chapter 50 . 4/2
I'm glad she threw his phone since Tanya was on, the bitch! Hehe
Atwiggs chapter 48 . 4/2
I've had GAD all my life so I know how deliberating anxiety is. Now, since I have been bedridden over three yrs due to failed back syndrome, due to collapsed vertebrae. Three fusions, the last one with doner cadaver bone & titanium rods still didn't fix my back. Plus two bouts of cancer. That's why I'm so depressed and the meds don't help. But writers like you take me to another place with Bella and Edward and I escape for awhile! I sooo love your writing Luv and you bring me joy and happiness, even with this heavy Bless you sweetie and Thx so much for writing!
Atwiggs chapter 46 . 4/1
That filthy bastard! I want to torture him. I want to shove a five ft dildo with razors on it up his ass! Shit he might even like he likes torturous acts on children, prick! God, Pls let the police find him!
Atwiggs chapter 45 . 4/1
The guy wouldn't have left unless he was guilty about something! I bet if they found a younger pic of him, she would scream...
Atwiggs chapter 44 . 4/1
I know it's nevessary but I just hate it! Poor Wisp, Poor Edward I hate for them to hurt! :(
readicted chapter 34 . 4/1
Poor thing.
readicted chapter 33 . 4/1
Esme, so sweet and loving. Another breakthrough, cuddling with mother Same. Oh no, Wisp is too frail to endure this, she has to be hospitalized. Hopefully this doesn't result in the State or Dr. Lawton intervening.
readicted chapter 32 . 4/1
Loved being in Wisp' s head. It was fascinating. She didn't wilt away while Edward was sick. She figured out how to care for cat and help Edward and tell Rose where he was. Wow. Big break through.
Atwiggs chapter 43 . 4/1
Poor Wisp, growing up is a bitch normally, imagine how she is going to feel. I can't picture her sleeping w/o Edward near. But I know she has to learn. They should paint Peter on her bedroom walls. This is going to be so hard for "her Edward" too.
readicted chapter 31 . 4/1
I hope everyone is getting through to Edward. He must seek professional help with Wisp. And Carlisle is dead on about Edward needing to be firm about certain boundaries. Emmett too, teaching and setting boundaries is not punishment. Since he took on this responsibility of being Wisp' s guardian, it is Edward's duty to establish and enforce (not punish) appropriate boundaries for Wisp. How else will see learn? Rose is such a treasure. And I'm glad that she pulled Esme in.
Rita01tx chapter 59 . 4/1
Wow! That's put Edward into a tough spot! He doesn't see her as Bella wishes he would see her, which is sad! {crap...bed time *sigh!*}
readicted chapter 30 . 4/1
Holy F*ck! My language seems to devolve with each new chapter. That was intense! Speechless, well sort of.
Rita01tx chapter 58 . 4/1
Holy shit! That just blows me away and I'm sure Emily is shocked, too, but she's copin'! Edward will shit bricks LMAO!
Hopin' this baby brings everyone back together...I hated Rose and Emmett fallin' out with Edward! It hurts Wisp for them to fight!
readicted chapter 29 . 4/1
Oh Sh_t! Someone has really, really brainwashed this girl. She's been trained and treated as sub human, an animal, and on top of that, has been taught she, as a woman, is evil, the original corrupter of man, the gateway to he'll. Oh my F'n gah. She is truly damaged and now has suffered a huge psychological setback. Now the question bares asking, is the Father her zealot dad or a priest. Hmm.
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