Reviews for Wisp
Atwiggs chapter 58 . 4/2
Now Wisp will learn how she got here on earth, by a mother. God Bless Rose for wanting here there. Wisp will learn so much from this birth.
Atwiggs chapter 57 . 4/2
Yes! She can catch up! I believe in her, she's so intelligent, so talented, she'll read!
readicted chapter 36 . 4/2
I hate the thought of the media attention. Oh crud, please let Pet be ok.
Atwiggs chapter 56 . 4/2
I feel a little sorry for Tanya, but it's not going to work with her and Edward. Edwad will give her up before Wisp, I just know it. Edward needs counseling too.
Atwiggs chapter 54 . 4/2
I don't know how you are writing, unless it's an escape, that I can understand. Depression holds us down, i barely function. I read to escape. Stuck In bed. But I hope writing helps you somehow. You are so very talented, but I know how hard your life is while dealing with anxiety and depression. Poor baby, I hope you have a lot of good days sweetie and that the bad days become fewer! God Bless you darlin!
readicted chapter 35 . 4/2
I kinda love that Wisp has adopted Esme. And I get that Edward has mixed feelings at first, but like wise mama Same explained, there's love enough for everyone. She needs to love and be loved. She deserves a family. That was beautiful.
Atwiggs chapter 53 . 4/2
Yes Edward was home where Wisp/Bella was..
Rita01tx chapter 62 . 4/2
Looks to me like they'll have to take Bella's wishes into consideration! She's certainly capable to telllin' them now, right? Besides, Edward has Pet and wherever Pet is, that's where Bella belongs!
Atwiggs chapter 51 . 4/2
Hmmmm, I wonder who killed James?

Poor Bella, she's definitely a woman now, poor girl!
Rita01tx chapter 61 . 4/2
Oh, fuck! On all counts!
Rita01tx chapter 60 . 4/2
Holy crap! First of all, YAY! Tanya's toast! And second, that rat bastard took baby Chase? No mercy!
Atwiggs chapter 50 . 4/2
I'm glad she threw his phone since Tanya was on, the bitch! Hehe
Atwiggs chapter 48 . 4/2
I've had GAD all my life so I know how deliberating anxiety is. Now, since I have been bedridden over three yrs due to failed back syndrome, due to collapsed vertebrae. Three fusions, the last one with doner cadaver bone & titanium rods still didn't fix my back. Plus two bouts of cancer. That's why I'm so depressed and the meds don't help. But writers like you take me to another place with Bella and Edward and I escape for awhile! I sooo love your writing Luv and you bring me joy and happiness, even with this heavy Bless you sweetie and Thx so much for writing!
Atwiggs chapter 46 . 4/1
That filthy bastard! I want to torture him. I want to shove a five ft dildo with razors on it up his ass! Shit he might even like he likes torturous acts on children, prick! God, Pls let the police find him!
Atwiggs chapter 45 . 4/1
The guy wouldn't have left unless he was guilty about something! I bet if they found a younger pic of him, she would scream...
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