Reviews for Wisp
el chapter 49 . 2/18
God...this fic is so cute and makes me angry at all abusers in the world at the same time.
el chapter 44 . 2/18
I love the little prince, and i guess love your fic too.
el chapter 41 . 2/17
Finally... a clue.
el chapter 28 . 2/17
Oh my god...from all of your surprises of wisp, like walking or saying edward for the first time or being able to draw, this was the most shocking one. Saying a part of bible completely?! are a great writer, this only gets better and better.
el chapter 24 . 2/17
Awesome like the last chapters. But i have a question. I know this is complete but i have to ask. Is it possible that her brain function i mean her emotions her understandings her intellegence be so limited? Even if she was trained and abused since very early age. I mean yes i think it must b limited but not this far. She should have more understanding of things and comunications.
Anyway...great story.
el chapter 14 . 2/17
You know,These kind of stories need some good reasonings behind them so it actually make sense, not just some bunch of words and an abused person. And you Cris have done very well. Its very well written and it makes sense. I really like this. Going to read more.
figment7 chapter 7 . 2/5
This is the first story I've read in a long time where I wanted to read ahead SO BADLY! I'm dying here! Excellent! Well written. Ugh! Gotta go and read more!
Readaholic187 chapter 9 . 2/2
Thank you for this chapter. It shows that you do have some understanding of what goes on in such places. It was hard to read about the conditions of the psychiatric ward because memories it brought back. A lot of times, some fo the reason that the staff follow procedures so closely is because they actually don't know what to do and don't care to learn what to do. Psych places tend to attract the lowest grade of medical nursing staff because they can get away with not having to listen to the patient, not treating the patient with the same level of attention that they would give to any other patient in a regular hospital.

When I was a patient in such a place, I was treated as if I didn't know anything about my own condition. (Bipolar for 10 years at this point in time when meds stopped working and needed to find a new med combination.) For example, at the place I was at, the nursing staff was required to take patient's blood pressure x number times a day. During the time for one of my reading, I was having a panic attack. When asking the nurse to come back after the attack had passed so that she could get a more acurate reading, she refused to do so because "it would through her schedule off". She showed in that one moment that my health treatment as a person or as a patient didn't matter one bit to her, and that she didn't understand how a current panic attack would affect the blood pressure readings. But even worse than that, was when fellow patient had a seizure (turn out due to bad medication management by the medical staff), one of the nurses called out for one of the other nurses to call 911, even though we were already in the psy ward of a regular hospital.

Eventually I was released not because I was finally well, but because they were set up for people to cycle in and out of the place repeatly. Because of the way there were set up, after one week, this place would discharge you. They didn't care if you were back in the very next day or not. Just as long as they didn't have a single patient stay longer than one week at a time. On one of the later returning trips, when asking the medical staff if there was a better facility for me to go to, the answer that I got was that this was the only place around and that if they weren't good enough for me, then I just as might as well suck it up and get use to it (not something to tell someone who was suicidal at that point in time). It didn't take long for me going in and out of that place before I found a different doctor who not only didn't use that particular facility, but was also knowledgeable enought to successfully treat me (find a new med combination) out of his office.

I don't know where the rest of this story is going to go, but so far, this author knows what they are talking about with regards to the mental conditions that are being described. I look forward to reading the rest of it, even if it is hard.
august raven chapter 64 . 1/31
WOW! What a great story!
harperpitt chapter 35 . 1/31
Thank you for the best story ever.
harperpitt chapter 32 . 1/31
Oh man, I'm reading this story for the third time right now. Having read hundreds of stories on here, this one is the one that moved me more than any other one.
What a fantastic work.
Thank you so, so much.
Fleur50 chapter 68 . 1/14
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Fleur50 chapter 64 . 1/14
Wow,quel bon ami, vous êtes! J'espère que vos amis sont mieux maintenant. Je ne sais pas la date que vos amis ont eu un feu. Peut-on aider encore?
Fleur50 chapter 65 . 1/14
Fleur50 chapter 66 . 1/14
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