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readicted chapter 56 . 4/4
Co-dependent, yup. Laughed so loud about Wisp trying to disappear wickedwitch! So funny. Not gonna lie, I'd have been hot, and then to hear Edward laughing, yeah it was funny as he'll, but I still would've been loaded, and gone. Round two goes resoundingly to Wispy.
readicted chapter 55 . 4/4
I don't begrudge Edward's desire for romantic and OR sexual companionship from a woman mentally and emotionally his equal. Even physically, Wisp is a young adult, but she's an under developed young adult. I just think it was unwise to bring Tanya into their home, and then have her spend the night and in his bed AND to make love, sans music to camouflage the sounds all while Wisp is next door. Again with fanned unlocked doors! I can understand Edward dating, and then gradually introducing Tanya to Wisp. And then once there was some level of comfort, only then with the overnight 'play dates." As it stands, he just kicked Wisp out of her sleeping space for Tanya. Of course she's going to resent Tanya and of course she is going to act out. Dr. Cullen should know better. They should get their groove on elsewhere. Weekly girls nights would allow him the opportunity to spend adult play time away from Wispy, while he sleep trained her and such. And I abhor that Tanya used the 'If you love him, you'll do what he says' logic. That's wrong on so many levels with one such as Wisp who has been abused and subjugated. I did want to like Tanya, and I do think Edward needed to be romantically intimate with someone on his level, but uh!
Atwiggs chapter 63 . 4/2
Damn I got kicked out of fanfic. I just want you to know that I loved this sad fic! The ending came fast but I still have to read the future outtake and I'm looking forward to it! You are such an amazing writer baby and I pray for your depression and anxiety to leave you alone! You deserve to be happy! So do I, and I do get happy when I read your words, so thank you for that Luv!
God Bless,
readicted chapter 54 . 4/4
Welp, that didn't last long. Date two was an utter disaster. As much as I want to say he needs to kick Lady T to the curb or her patchouli patch in Seattle, she's not altogether wrong is she? She's made some very valid points, and Edward needs to recognize that Wisp is behaving jealously territorial. He had told her over and over that he is HER Edward. Sticky situation. *Grabs popcorn* Me thinks this is about to get dicey.
readicted chapter 53 . 4/4
The Tanya date went better than I anticipated. She's… normal, nice, adult, not swanky, devious, manipulative, at least so far, and I like that. They may or may not be well suited romantically, but that doesn't necessarily make either one of them bad people. I'm quite sure dear Wispy may beg to differ. Do I foresee a pretty, patchouli scented finger being bit? Hmm.
readicted chapter 52 . 4/4
Holy crap on a cracker, I didn't see this coming! I wasn't surprised by James's death, buy I didn't think Edward would be a suspect. It makes sense though. And Wisp' s abstract painting of Edward's bloody hands, crap, crap, CRAP! Thank goodness for Esme. Emmett should've remove himself as soon as he realized that Edward was a suspect, how could he be truly impartial? I hope Garett is ok. I like him a lot. And I hope Wisp hasn't been scared off from drawing with him.
readicted chapter 51 . 4/4
A Girl's Day to commemorate Wisp' s womanhood blossoming. I was miserable my first time too. I beat my older brother with my pad-filled purse for asking me why I was walking up the stairs so funny (He was right behind me and I was wearing a very uncomfortable giant, barely absorbant pad.) He thought I was crazy. So I feel for poor Wisp, and Edward. So, James is dead, crap.
Guest chapter 63 . 4/2
This is absolutely what I loved about the whole story! The triumph of good over evil...light over darkness and love over hate! Thank you so much {{HUGS}}!
readicted chapter 50 . 4/3
They're home, yay. Oh! Wispy started her cycle.
readicted chapter 49 . 4/3
Welp, it was bound to happen sometime- Wisp is jealous and trying to lay claim to HER Edward. A feel a mouth thimble may be imminent.
readicted chapter 48 . 4/3
So now they know Wisp' s name and how long she was with Father. Hopefully they'll learn more from one of the boys. Emily, as always, asks the pertinent questions, albeit uncomfortable, questions. I think Edward knows he loves her, he just hasn't admitted the very uncomfortable, and perhaps inappropriate truth that he's IN LOVE with her. Yikes. He needs some counseling to reconcile himself with these feelings. I can totally see how the feelings developed, but it did make me uncomfortable that he always called her pretty girl or beautiful when men have been exploiting her sexually her whole life. I don't think he's a predator at all, but I believe Emily is right that if she had been someone else in the back of the trust, someone less appealing, he'd have perhaps made a different decision. And that does present cause for some ethical self-reflection.
readicted chapter 47 . 4/3
So it looks like my guess about Father was pretty close. I guessed a cultish leader, but I imagined a compound of some sort. Wisp is so incredibly brave. So resilient to have endured her abuses and still come out on the other side with a heart of gold.
readicted chapter 46 . 4/3
Wisp did so well with the car trip. And how great is it that Emily accompanied them. I mean it's necessary and I'm sure also funded, but still. I'm also proud of Edward for pushing her by entering the house and the exam room when Wisp clearly prefered not to. Emily handled her so well. How many other poor girls have been brutalized?
readicted chapter 45 . 4/3
Aw hell, this was tough. Not at all surprising that Wisp would have a setback. This is a big, big change. And she doesn't fully understand the what and why-s of it. Edward knows Wispy best and perhaps because he needs to take baby steps with her. I still think this is vital. She can't keep sleeping with him. Hate that she was so afraid to leave the room that she wet herself, but I kinda foresaw that. And thank you, thank you, thank you for nit having Edward cave and get in the tub with her even when she pleaded and sobbed. That would've been a real breech of appropriate boundaries. The hot tub was pretty great. And aw damn, Gerandy fled. He got wind of them looking for him or he knows the police have the girl AND James. Hope he doesn't squeeze Mike for info.
readicted chapter 44 . 4/3
The room sounds wonderful. It's perfect, and it will become her sanctuary… eventually. After the inevitable meltdown-showdown. Parents of little ones well know how difficult this major battle can be. Oh thumb-sucking, that's new. Will bed-wetting be next?
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