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BridieM chapter 1 . 2/1
A really good start and an even better climax. Wow. :D
ecdreams chapter 53 . 2/1
So curious where this is going with Tanya and how the investigation can move forward with James dead. Can't wait for more.
Anita chapter 53 . 1/29
You're back! Hope all is well. Thank you for this, as always, great chapter.
tsm0836 chapter 53 . 1/31
It was great that Edward got some adult time with Tanya. She sounds like a great friend to have. If anyone thinks that a massage therapist is 'skanky', obviously had a good massage by a qualified therapist and knows the benefits. Thank you for sharing your words they are always worth waiting for.
horseap chapter 53 . 1/30
please please please update soon!
Guest chapter 53 . 1/29
Are you going to update this because I love this story so much!
Grumpy Cat chapter 53 . 1/27
What up Cris? I hope I remembered your name right. I never review but I wanted to tell you thanks so much for this story. I enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was so original. The pacing is perfect. The one entry from Wisp's POV was pretty cool. I'm glad that it's almost all Edward but it was so intriguing that one time (I hope it was really just one time cause that's all I remember) but I am constantly wondering if we readers will get a peep again into her diamond mind.
Some of my other favs include that scene when Edwards get's all shaken up hearing Wisp beg him to stay and I thought it was hilarious what she cusses and gets jealous over Tanya's phone call. Looking forward to see how things develope if Edward decides to date Tanya again. I think Wisp's reactions will be epic when they meet soon. I just can not wait for that. I think jealous Wisp is going to be a catalyst for some huge changes in the dynamics of the relationship between Edward and Wisp.
I also wanted to write something encouraging about your personal life. I feel a connection on that level because I too have suffered from depression. I have been committed 2X so I know it sucks. I hope things get better for you sooner rather than later. XO

RoryCullen chapter 53 . 1/27
I'm so relieved Edward returned home and was obviously so elated and sated to be in Wisp's arms again. I think the fact that Rose came by was probably what kept Wisp from having a melt-down from Edward's long absence, since she sees Esme practically every day, but Rose is more of a treat- who left all too abruptly and in an agitated state the last time - and in her mind she might have put that together that Rose was with her so Edward could go away for a while.

I was not expecting Tanya to show up in the story again. I was expecting a different type of turmoil to do with Wisp's captors perhaps but not Tanya. Clearly she still likes him, and I am surprised that she is not asserting her wishes more strongly, but perhaps she knows he would not respond favorably if she did and instead is taking her time to win his favor and enmesh herself into his life. She is probably no dummy and realizes that Wisp means a lot to him and wants to check out for herself the relationship he has with Wisp. I would think when she meets Wisp and sees them together that she tells Edward what she sees that he is in love with Wisp and that clearly she (Tanya) has no chance with him.

I wonder will Tanya's incense or Crystals bring back any bad memories for Wisp of her captors? These people used to make her pray to false deities, and memorize Bible verses, so maybe they used candles, or incense, or the like. Now that could be something good that could come out of Tanya's reemergence in Edward's life.
NanStew chapter 53 . 1/27
My chiropractor had one in his office. It's great. Helps you relax and the adjustments just work better.
irelandk chapter 53 . 1/27
Gillian Aubrey chapter 53 . 1/27
I can see how Edward feels conflicted about wanting adult companionship but also wanting to be with Wisp. I'm also glad Tanya was so cool during their evening out. I do think if she shows up Wisp might be a bit pissed about it tho.
Guest chapter 53 . 1/26
piccolover22 chapter 53 . 1/26
Oh my gosh it has taken me forever to catch up on this story! Hahah I've been reading it forever but always lose where I stop so I just end up rereading the whole story! But it's amazing I love your story! Looking forward to the next update!
enisnomine chapter 53 . 1/26
You are right a massage therapist can do wonders. I have had problems with my shoulders for several years, but my therapist has made my life much easier. I can move much more freely now.
I enjoy your story very much. When you began, I couldn't figure how you would proceed/ Now I find I like the way you are progressing.
Evelyne-raconte chapter 53 . 1/26
OH MY ROB ! An other EXCELLENT chapter of yours. It's a real pleasure to have an alert in my inbox for your wonderful story. I hope you are in good health and that every thing is the best possible for you. Take care of you. I wish you a happy new year, bonne et heureuse année 2014 !
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