Reviews for Over the Edge
Agent Sandra Cartrip chapter 1 . 7/20/2015
Aw, what a really sweet epilogue! John has always been my second favorite character, and I always thought that Guy Williams deserved more screen time.

You have fleshed this out very well, showing John's chain of thoughts and feelings. I felt like I was walking in his space boots, seeing and feeling, like I was inside him while reading this. I had always looked upon him as being strong, almost invincible, unshakable, but he is haunted at the thought of trying to kill his only son, who has endured so much since they were stranded in space. And I actually like how John is completely shaken by that, because it shows he has a loving heart under all the commanding leadership we see on the outside.

I really like this story, and I hope you will continue to write more LIS stories. I think you have a very good grasp on the character of John Robinson.
ChicoThorn chapter 1 . 5/1/2015
You captured the emotions beautifully. This has always been one of my most favorite episodes, and your epilogue to it has made it even richer. Thank you.
rita chapter 1 . 1/3/2014
wonderful! I love John too!
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
That was fantastic, an excellent tie-in with the episode, and very well written. Great job! Can't wait to see what other LIS fics you come up with.:)
Steffi Hoffman chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
Well, you definitely picked the right person to ask about this experiment. I know nothing about this fandom :)

The writing was fantastic, as always. :)

My first thoughts in reading the paragraphs before the break? What kind of a creature is this? I didn't know whether to expect a man, alien, or sociopath on a power trip. However, you captured the detached emotion perfectly. Simply a being that needs to show how invincible it is, unaffected by the small emotions that make it human.

At first, I was dying to know how the boy was a threat. After reading the whole thing, I get it: it was a threat to the being possessing the father because of the love that the father and son shared.

When I read about the boy and small animal, I immediately thought 'sacrificial lamb'. Don't know if you were going for that particular effect, but what can I say? My English class has me looking for symbolism :)

The not hearing the boy anymore simply because he had now fallen too far away was a little creepy, not gonna lie. It sent little shivers down my spine. I'm picturing a huge break in the earth leading all the way down to the core, here, and the boy eventually landing in magma. Completely wrong? Quite possibly, but it works for me :)

I love the love that John has for Will. One of my favorite lines was about the world ceasing to exist if Will was gone. The thought of a boy that ready to die is frightening in itself, though. What trials has this family gone through to get to this point?

My absolute favorite part? "Maybe because it was easier to be the person falling from the cliff and dying than it was to be the person pushing your loved one away to his death, unable to stop yourself because something evil inside you was wrapped around your head and heart..." The insight is so deep. The ones that we should feel sorry for are not the dead, but the ones that are left behind, left to deal with the pain, guilt, and the world at large alone. That part totally reminded me of Sam and Dean in Supernatural, but that's off topic...

I was interesting the whole time. I loved the contrast between the being in the first part and the man in the second. Any confusion I have comes from not really knowing any prior context. Just the right length: able to get the proper emotions in without overdoing it. Great job!
NLMinStL chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
I really enjoyed your take on this. LIS never really explored the emotional impact of many of their stories. You've done a really great job here. I'm sure this is something that would haunt John even though intellectually he knows he wasn't responsible. I hope you write more LIS fic in the future.
gaben chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
Great little epilogue on that episode, I remember it well. Poor Guy, too bad he didn't get the chance to get into some charcater depth like that, Billy Mummy and the robot stole the show. Loved him zorro... Will Cartwright; well he wore his heans too hgh but other than that he was good. I believe he turned down a permanent option on Bonanza, but then Roberts decided to stay, and he got Lost In Sapce. Very nice to have a lost in Space fan fic, I'd forgotten about one of my favourite childhood series.
DarkAvenger chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
Encore! More! Bravo! I've never actually watched much of "Lost In Space", except for a few select episodes, but even then I always like John Robinson the best. And really, for a show that is basically the "Swiss Family Robinson", except in space, it's remarkable how good it actually is (I choose to remain silent on the 1998 version, although it had it's moments).

"And not just because he's also Zorro and Will Cartwright."

He was also Captain Sindbad, if memory serves me correctly.