Reviews for Scars and Stitches
Nairil chapter 31 . 7/7
Wow, Team Gai makes love quite complicate matter. I really enjoyed this fanfiction and all it's twists and turns. Tenten is a lucky girl ;). But than again, who does not love Tenten? Thank you for entertaining story!
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 31 . 7/4
So who is that girl? I was so curious of who she is but it appears to be Shizune but I see her hair more of as black but I'm not really sure... You really got me there again when I thought Tenten is pregnant... I even thought why it's not the same time as Hinata... And yeah, why is that Kakashi and Gai don't have love lives, especially Kakashi? Unless the woman in the Kakashi Hiden would count... You might want to check it out ;)
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 30 . 7/4
It was suspenseful until the end... Because it was Naruto and Hinata's wedding after all, which happened in canon... And Lee is still hanging around her... And indeed, Ino would be a good wedding coordinator... It would have been her job if it's modern AU verse... Or a psychiatrist, like in one fic I read... Or a model... So this is what the title is about then, huh? The line about being home still reminds me of the episode about Tenten's dream and you have written this way way before that episode... And it just goes to show that her home would be where Neji is... Haha I ended up changing the word 'heart' to 'Neji' :P
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 29 . 7/4
I took a peak at whose POV would be used for the bonus chapter! Haha! Did you ever have an inkling that Ino could possibly end with Sai when you wrote this chapter? Before the ending it has been the InoShikaTem triangle for me all along... I am more in favor of Ino though... Sorry to comment about that when this is a NejiTen fic... Geeez none of the ships I like ended up together... It won't be wrong to assume that the main characters of this fic would have ended up had the other one stayed alive, neh? XD
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 28 . 7/4
Haha I have read this story before... Had it not been so obvious who is it that she has chosen, there would have been so much suspense... Tenten's last line reminded me of the episode about her extended dream in the Infinite Tsukiyomi... Those who haven't watched might want to ;)
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 26 . 7/4
Hmmmmmm would this be another fight again? :)
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 25 . 7/4
Funny note about your upcoming project... That Gai reacted like that about love is so mysterious, but there is no place for that in this story... This is one of the stories that I read so fast and I hope to find more and more of this here...
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 24 . 7/4
Owww really... I'm really more into NaruSaku rather than the strong ships NaruHina and SasuSaku which became cannon... The ending of this chapter is funny with Naruto asking Lee about funeral arrangements... :D
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 22 . 7/4
I am not one for a love triangle in this team, but I just like the bittersweetness of it all... And Tenten appears to be confused with her heart...
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 5 . 7/4
Thank you for pushing with this story despite what happened to Neji... I like bittersweet ;)
Broken Jar Of Hearts chapter 3 . 7/4
Touchy Neji. Nice.
Kagamine Arimonori chapter 31 . 1/24
Wait, I'm confused. Isn't Hinata Naruto's wife? Who is Sakura married too?
Amazing story, but this chapter had me confused.
Deleque chapter 31 . 8/3/2015
Good ending. I loved it.
Deleqie chapter 31 . 8/3/2015
What I ride! I really loved this story, it was so much fun, and I think you did well with their characters. Especially Gai and Lee, you've got their youthful dialect down to a T. Thanks so much for writing this!
sunhasrisen chapter 13 . 7/19/2015
Aww it would've been cool if tenten forced both of them to "sit the fuck down and let's talk" instead. I thought she was the mediator between the two? I think it would've been better if she took control of the situation and forced all of them to sit and communicate with one another, instead of being helpless as Neji and Lee fought.
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