Reviews for The Impossible Shot through the Heart
Intoxicated Gnu chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
The only man ever? And here I thought she just chose wisely. Does she have some type of sexy voodoo? I find the idea intriguing. I also wonder how he could "sinuously" move his arm to put it back; it makes me think of someone trying to feed a baby by making airplane motions. Although the writing is otherwise good, what are the italics for? I couldn't tell if the mid-narrative italics were supposed to be thought or something that should be interesting or what. Poor Jigen, trying so hard not to be a normal heterosexual hot-blooded male. "I-It's not like I shot him for you or anything!"

Aside from a few bits that took me out of the story a little, I think the description of action was pretty smooth and I like that it didn't read like you were trying to rush it. Jigen and romance usually don't go together well, so I'd like to see how it works in your story.

Keep up the good work, - To-Gnu