Reviews for The Shark in the Moonless Sky
kitito chapter 42 . 1/16
Please continue with the story, these are really great and i mean it. I'm really getting tired of reading story's that people just give up on when they are really great saying "well i'v been getting tired of this story" or "i can't continue the story because it is getting off topic with the series" or " that they just give up on it and quit". When they do that it just ruins the entire story. So please don't quit the story.
panco.arg chapter 42 . 1/16
replace chapters.
and is a very good story
MeoWoof chapter 42 . 1/13
i prefer if you continue this story as the flow you have made, not sure whether this means new story or replace chapters hehe :3
deathshadow94 chapter 42 . 1/12
Continue this story, I like it the way it is
Guest chapter 42 . 1/11
First off, I've been following this story for a few years now. (Although I cringe a wee bit in the way Senna's used with Ichigo,) I have been thoroughly captivated with the way you tell this particular story. Makes me wish this story could be picked up by Old Man Kubo himself, esp. with reasonable takes on both Soifon and Aizen's Bankai's and additional techniques. Now, about the poll...really doesn't matter, but I'll say Option A, since you've already started the rework. *I don't normally comment unless the author(s) have truly surprised me with their works (three ex. by name: Vine man, Squalo King & UltimateUnknown). Now, You are officially on my Fave's short list (meaning amongst the best I've read so far). Keep it up. Wish I could pick your brain abit, but I doubt if I ever reach you thru games and what-not (PS3). Keep at it! GenocideKhaos, aka "GK". P.S. Exams are tough, but give it your all, and focus!
gsapper chapter 42 . 1/12
I wouldn't mind a new story honestly, whatever leaves the community with a quality story we can read and share.
JoseLuises chapter 42 . 1/12
En mi opinión deberías hacer una nueva re-escritura, pero me ha gustado la primera versión, pero ya todo es decisión tuya de lo que vas a hacer.
espadaforever chapter 42 . 1/12
Post as new story that way you can keep better track of it
TheFallenGeneral chapter 42 . 1/11
That all depends on you sir. Which one would cause the least bit of trouble to you?
TWILLINATOR chapter 42 . 1/11
if you do upload as a new story please pm me with a link when you get back to where you left off so i can add you to my follow list again
Darksblade chapter 42 . 1/11
i love this story, go try with a re write, tho me being curious what will stay the same and would change. the romance is great (lemon) but the romance is also great lol, and the storyline is kickass the characters are interesting. so what go's and what new interesting things will you bring in the make this god,kami,alla,maker of a story better )

Guest chapter 42 . 1/10
Honestly, I loved the first version and I wouldn't change it. If anything is to be done I would think a new rewrite if that's what you feel, but the first version is by far my fav ichixteir and the redone version might even be better but I would keep this as is and do a modded version as the next one. Thanks for the great story.
waytodawn0 chapter 42 . 1/10
Write it as a new story. I like the idea of reading the original and the I do like the original version.
Arcangel Xiron God of Chaos chapter 42 . 1/10
Yo...THE WHOLE F ¶NG FANFICTION IS A MASTERPIECE! Y DA F§ WOULD EVEN HAVE CONSIDERED IT TO BE BAD!? The whole EVIL PHYCHO KITTY CHICK Thing gave Hichigo a major run for his money in the "Phycho" Department. But the Department soon got leveled to the ground like a Pigeon flying face first into a 2 Billion Mile Per Hour Flaming Nuclear Semi Truck With Jet Engines that could put N.A.S.A to shame. She's Completely Nucking Futs But you made get really eager to see what's under that hood of her's...or I really think you should make continue more chapters and not rewrite the darn thing. Not only would take so much more friggan also can't wait to see whats next! This Fanfic is SO BOSS_!
JKing45 chapter 42 . 1/10
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