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KittyJum chapter 51 . 4/16
These last two chapters have been brilliant again and you really have a talent for the meanest cliffhangers! Just as I had recovered from the one at the end of chapter 50 and wanted to write something you published chapter 51 with a new cliffhanger, still not relieving the pressure whether you would let Harry live!
I love your attention to detail and your ability to weave in hilarious moments into quite serious bits and it's also great how you can "get away" with these long descriptions of events without letting them be boring the slightest bit. Others have mentioned how good you've portrayed Towers in these last chapters and I can only agree. Like so many other characters you have fleshed him out quite beautifully and I really like him immensely!

I also love how you've written about the observations of the team seeing Jane and Harry interact and wondering about their relationsship, probably just like those two are wondering themselves from time to time and for example in those nicely woven-in moments like when Jane is finally realising that she too might need/want Harry in her life.

As for the build-up of the story it's quite remarkably I think, that one could almost get "annoyed" (not really but I can't think of a better word) that you are often leading us almost to the moment where the beans about Ruth should be spilled – the moment of Harry's reaction to the play and Jane observing him comes to mind – but of course this is kind of postponed again through other things happening and this is all put back again, not forgotten but overlapped by more imminent questions and it's all still flowing together quite perfectly!

I feel I'm rambling along a bit and not really saying anything here (in contrast to your storytelling ;-) ) what I want to say is, I'm really looking forward to reading more, I need to know if all parts of the Pearce-Townsend family will see each other again (I really hope so) and yes, as I'm clearly rooting for Jane and Harry (as good friends at least) I'm of course anxiously awaiting information on both Harry's health and Jane's whereabouts.
Thanks so much for your efforts!
Genevastar chapter 51 . 4/10
Aagh! Another cliffhanger! My exasperation would make Nat look like an angel of patience and least I thought Harry's family was safe now, even if he's hanging on for - oops, nearly did a Graham there. With the guard not being there either, I'm now almost as worried by Jane's disappearance as I am by Harry's condition! But Coaver is in custody ... oh dear, it's no good. I'm doomed to fret until the appearance of chapter 52.

This is so good, so many completely unexpected twists. And so many lovely lighter, funny bits amid the drama, too. Loved William Towers shedding his politician's garb and veering between 'grizzly mauling' his bodyguard and coming all over protective with Jane. And however inappropriate a reaction, I laughed out loud at Jane's musing over why people always persist in force-feeding hot drinks on other people in distress. She's quite right; all it does is exacerbate the problems you already have!

Beautiful writing, fabulous plotting. Can't wait for the next chapter!
rosetintedblindspot chapter 51 . 4/9
Wonderful chapter, wonderful story, wonderful writing. Looking forward to more ;)
transmissionends64 chapter 51 . 4/9
Loved the opening paragraphs of this chapter. You captured Jane's anxiety perfectly and Towers was wonderful as well. Apart from Harry and Ruth I thought he was the only other interesting character in Series 10 - in fact when those three weren't occupying the screen I was shouting at the other characters to bugger off and let the real actors have a go! but I digress. Your observations re the hospital signage was spot on as well. This is one of the best things about this story - your ability to write about everyday things that get passed over in a lot of other fan fics. I love your Jane so much and I really feel for her having gone through hell so recently with Catherine and then in a matter of mere days she's back there again with Harry. Graham's thoughts on Erin 'being an inefficient tart apparently in charge' was a corker - my sentiments exactly:). Malcolm also hit the nail on the head with his observations of her lack of ability to handle the situation (gosh, can you tell I'm not a huge fan of Erin?) Good old Malcolm with his hankie! I'm not sure who I'm more worried about - Harry dying on the operating table or Jane having gone missing. You cruel, cruel person to leave it like that. Can't wait for the next update:)
Sigma Creations chapter 51 . 4/9
I have faith that you're not going to kill Harry. Loved how Jane admitted that she needs him and how Graham is finally showing that he cares. Also enjoyed Towers making sure Jane's all right because Harry "Sir Harry would be furious if Ms Townsend is left on her own". Looking forward to more.
Sparky75 chapter 51 . 4/8
Another wonderful chapter and at least (for now anyway) Harry is still alive. I particularly liked Graham and Catherine coming in and defending Harry's corner though I think if I'd have been one of the assembled Spooks they'd have received more than a few home truths from me! As always looking forward to your next update.
Antonia Caenis chapter 51 . 4/8
Don't leave it there! Gaaarrrgggghhhh...

It's about time thate kid woke up to himself and realised there is some value to having a father. And I'm half expecting Catherine to have to return her father's favour of a few years previously and offer up some life-saving blood. What an incredibly tense and upsetting for all chapter! And hardly a filler, I might add. Thoroughly enjoyed the little glimpse of the real Towers and loved the kids fronting Erin, along with Malcolm's thoughts on her! He's only thinking what we all are. Splendid work, as always, and as always I'll have to sit on my impatience until the next instalment!
pook chapter 51 . 4/8
Terrific update and I loved the Towers sensitivities with Jane. Looking forward to more.
NatesDate chapter 51 . 4/8
Unfortunately work interrupted my reading of this in one sitting. I really hope Harry doesn't die as I feel there are still a number of things left unsaid between not only Harry and Jane but Harry and his children as well. When Jane notes that she responded to Harry's injury as though it was with impending widowhood, it reinforced something that I thought when I read the first chapter of this story way back when - that this story could lead to the reconciliation of Harry and Jane, perhaps in the most personal of ways, and I was surprised that the idea of such didn't bother me in the least. Even if they only end up as close friends it would be good. I want Harry to have the opportunity to tell Jane all about Ruth; I just hope it's not on his deathbed. :-) Thanks for sharing.
Velocity Girl1980 chapter 51 . 4/8
Poor Harry, I so hope he makes it through the operation (especially after everything he's been through over the last few days). It's a relief that they have Coaver, though. I love how you've been gradually drawing all of this together. The characterisation is perfect, as always. Even the background characters in this story are fully fleshed out human beings. Great stuff. But now, what could have become of Jane? I'm tenterhooks waiting to see what happens with both Jane and Harry now. Well done and thanks for sharing!
Atomix330 chapter 51 . 4/8
Hmmm...a cat fight...should have more of those. Thanks for posting.
Marcy Matters chapter 50 . 4/3
This was such an enjoyable chapter! I laughed at your portrayal of the pretentious Gawain. Unfortunately there are more than a few of those types around. I love how you wove the play into your story, and I felt so sad when reading Harry's reaction to it. I do hope that Harry survives this - you've got me worried again. And just when I thought I could relax!
transmissionends64 chapter 50 . 3/26
So glad to read a new chapter from you. Your descriptions of the reception were hilarious especially Harry's contempt at no longer being able to use someone's sexuality against them as well as the two rancid Americans that Jane was stuck with. I love how droll Harry is - I can totally imagine him there being bored and disgusted in turns! I was really hoping that Jane and Harry would be able to have a deep and meaningful conversation about how they are feeling, including Harry opening up about Ruth, and then you shot Harry! He can't die, please. Him and Jane have too much to talk about and reconcile over. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/25
Great chapter. Poor Harry, dont leave us too long waiting to find out what happens. Brilliant story.
Sparky75 chapter 50 . 3/25
Fantastic chapter once again and congratulations on chapter 50! Now I'm really hoping Harry hasn't got a Ruth style injury and will bleed to death in a couple of minutes from a paper cut :-) hopefully he's made of sterner stuff and will live to tell Jane about Ruth... Though I can see why she'd be a bit miffed that he's holding back a major part of his past life while she's had to lay hers bare and also interested to see how she'd react on learning that Harry would have left the service for Ruth, something he'd presumably never have done for her.

I love all the added extras you put into each chapter, I have to read it 2 or 3 times just to make sure I haven't missed anything. Loved the vacuous wag (reminded me of the furore in the US over the naming of the film, The Madness of King George III) and Gawain is a nightmare to behold. So much more I could add, but suffice to say that I'll eagerly be waiting your next update, which will hopefully include an alive Harry!
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