Reviews for Sakura's Lost Memories
GLEN-K chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
Review for "Sakura's Lost Memories"
4:22pm (Manila, PH)
Monday, 17 September 2012

Hi, this is GK reviewing!

Just as what you've mentioned in the ending A/N, I feel exactly the same. Sakura may not have been my fave character in the Da Capo franchise, but the fact on how D.C. and D.C. II ended, both of them did have a happy ending, but at the expense of Sakura Yoshino herself. It's a good thing that your work has done its job: a happy ending for Sakura. Though her love for Jun'ichi Asakura in the original (first) series was unrequited, and that she sacrificed her life for the sake of Yoshiyuki, this fanfic's plot has been the perfect equalizer to everything that she had gone through for the past sixty-something years of her life.

On an unrelated note, I was wondering: why didn't Circus create a D.C. visual novel featuring second-generation characters (e.g. Jun'ichi and Nemu's children)? I'm pretty sure this has crossed the minds of a handful of D.C. fans... (Something like a D.C. 1.5?)

Anyways, you've done a great job with this fanfic. More power, and keep up the good work!