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ambarose chapter 33 . 12/24/2017
hi can u write some more plz it would make my day i have read them and i loved them

i would like to know what happened to her and klaus
Elizabeth chapter 1 . 9/30/2017
Brilliant story. It's super romantic how Klaus still loved Caroline after 5 centuries.
Young Griff chapter 1 . 9/28/2017
Hm the blood thing still doesn't make much sense. It's not like it really evolved in the last 1000 years...
Klarobass chapter 32 . 9/12/2017
I loved this extra one-shot. I'm going to go on a limb here and guess the effing of this one-soy will be the setup for the sequel changeless? I love the way you depicted Klaus's pain and suffering being amplified by the hunters curse. If course he'd manipulate Klaus to find out his true weakness, Caroline. Really great job in writing Klaus's emotions and thoughts through that whole process. The Hunter really knew how to prey on Klaus's emotions and his love for Caroline. The effing is the perfect setup for the sequel. I love how open Klaus was about his past without Caroline and those 52 years he was cursed. It would be interesting to see it explored more in the future. I'm off to read the sequel next. Hopefully between later tonight and tomorrow I'll start the first chapter.
angelic-bitch chapter 33 . 9/12/2017
I read this over one night! Bloody brilliant!
Klarobass chapter 31 . 9/10/2017
Thanks for writing such a wonderful story. I love the way you tired everything together in this final chapter plus the Epilogue. To me, Damon ha no leg to stand in when it comes to morality. I'm no Damon hater, I actually love his character, but one thing that frustrated me with his interactions with Klaus is his he acted his morality was somehow superior to Klaus's. Like, no. If I was Klaus I'd probably rip his throat out for how he treated Caroline back in season 1, but he loves and respects Caroline to not cross that boundry. I loved seeing her suave up to Damon the way she did. He needed to be knocked down a peg or two. I'm glad they they were able to come to a resolution to accept Klaus and Caroline's relationship and that it was Klaus who made the first effort. He's choosing her over his obsession over building a hybrid Army and is willing to let her friends go and allowing Elena to live her life while he has a chance to build a life with Caroline. He's not making her choose between the both of them, but create peace so she can have both. I'm pleased that Caroline was able to explain and make amends with Elena and Bonnie over the situation. Sure, they'll never be best friends with Klaus or anything, but the fact they're trying to understand Caroline's decision is a huge effort on their part. I loved their trip to London and how they visited the museum that used to be their own home over 500 years ago in 1492. After reading your extra chapter, I'll be starting the sequel changeless.
Klarobass chapter 30 . 9/9/2017
I knew that Mikael threatening Caroline would get Klaus to realize his feelings for Caroline. Veggie he was focused on his Hybrid Army, but the thought of losing her to Mikael was absolutely unbearably. It's the one thing they was able to get him to realize ether his true loyalties are. I don't think it's quite over yet though. They still have to deal with the aftermath of Caroline saving Klaus. Her friends are going to be livid, do I'm guessing there'll have to be done kind of peace agreement to get them to not kill each other. It won't be easy for Caroline to convince her friends I'm sure. I like your flashback of Klaus and Rebekah shortly after Caroline's death in his timeline. It seemed before Rebekah was able to convince him, he was ready to surrender. I can't imagine the emotions he must have felt for six Hibberd years without knowing if she was alive or not. That'd be the worst kind of torture. Loved their reunion scene and look forward to seeing what's next.
Klarobass chapter 29 . 9/7/2017
Uh oh, what is Mikael going to do with Caroline. I'm guessing he'll use her as bait to draw Klaus out, in order to kill him, but knowing how Klaus is acting towards Caroline right now, he'll act like he didn't Care and that it'll take away his leverage, but I think once the reality snaps in Ave he realizes he could actually lost Caroline for good he'll surrender and face Mikael, but the question is who will save him in this fic? Will it still be Stefan or will it be Caroline? I think what goes down with Mikael may be thigh for Klaus to raise Caroline means more to him than some hybrid Army and raise he wants A shot with Caroline.
Klarobass chapter 28 . 9/6/2017
This was honestly really good. I love that Caroline is refocusing her life on herself. It'll be up to Klaus to decide if he wants to give them a shot, but if he never does, she can focus on herself. There's no reason for her to let her life pass her by while waiting for Klaus to make his decision. Tyler's sure bond to Klaus is starting to show. Looking forward to seeing what goes down at homecoming and the Klaus/Mikael showdown.
Klarobass chapter 27 . 9/5/2017
Klaus to the rescue. Looks like Klaus isn't as over Caroline as he originally thought he was, and wanted to make sure she was safe. It's interesting how one minute he acts like he wants nothing to do with her, but the very next he would crush any oppanant who would dare to harm her. Klaus song fooling nobody when he speaks about not caring anymore. Right now, he's just convince himself creating a hybrid army is more important, but their loyalty will only go so far. Even they can turn on him. I felt bad for Caroline. Having your father think the worst of you and think he has you because of what you are is the cruelest form of punishment. But I bet Mr. Forbes didn't expect to go up against an original. looking forward to more.
Klarobass chapter 26 . 9/3/2017
Interesting to see you add the Caroline being captured and tortured by her father storyline later rather than sooner in your fic. Especially after Tyler becomes a hybrid sired by Klaus. I'm wondering if Tyler will seek Klaus's help to save Caroline, with the help of Sheriff forbes to save Caroline from her father's clutches. Klaus's reaction to seeing Caroline again isn't unexpected, as right now he thinks building a hybrid Army is the most important thing currently. I don't think Caroline would want to be in a relationship with him, while he is hurting, threatening and procuring blood from her friends. As much as she loves Klaus, she also has her loyalty to her friends to think about. And with Klaus's response, she's coding the latter, knowing in her mind she's doing the right thing. I do wonder if seeing Caroline get hurt will be enough to snap Klaus out of his indifference of seeing Caroline again, or will it take more than that. I think if Klaus faced his feelings he'd realize that Caroline is worth so much more than a hybrid Army, especially because they can turn on him at a heartbeat. I think it's a way for him to hide from his feelings.
Klarobass chapter 25 . 9/2/2017
I like how you wrote the events of this Woodside and the changes you made to it. Klaus loving Caroline in the past very Lacerta my changes his perspective on things, as seen even he gave his speech to Stefan. He can understand how Stefan feels and where he comes from. I'm looking fists to his reaction when he comes face to face with very the Caroline he knew in the present day. Will be shut Caroline it off his heart, live in disk my denial they were ever together in his pursuit of making hybrids. It must have come as quite the shock to learn the wish you Love and had to watch for is still alive and breathing. The thing is thigh, with his Hybrid ambitions, he might not be easy to pursue a relationship with Caroline, not error Caroline be with him while he has this ambitions and threatening her friends, Ave taking Elena's blood. They'll have a lot to figure out before they can be together. The next chapter should be an exciting one.
Guest chapter 24 . 8/31/2017
Caroline's so sure and confident that she can just find Klaus and they can pick up where they left off our nothing happened, but I don't think it'll be that easy. I think it might take something drastic harrowing to Caroline for Klaus to realize he might lose her again for them to truly reunite. For now, I'm sure he'll be in denial and go about making his hybrids. I think by the end, even he's on the brink of truly reuniting with Caroline, he's going to have to give up onn creating Hybrids and not threaten her friends. Because right now she's in a difficult position with having to choose between her loyalty to her friends and her love for Klaus. I loved reading her determination to give Klaus, the question is will he even want her back if she does find him. Also loving Tyler and Caroline's friendship in this story. I love that you kept them as grieves Ave stent turning them into a couple in this fic he is so loyal to her as a friend. Even caring about her to the point in keeping her very sweet of she stays put, to make sure she's safe.
Klarobass chapter 23 . 8/28/2017
interesting to see Caroline back in the present day. Wondering how Caroline being in 1492 could have possibly impacted the present day timeline of events. Both Klaus and Caroline are going to have major decisions to make. For Klaus, I'm pretty sure it's going to whether to make hybrids or be with Caroling. I don't think Caroline would be on board with Klaus draining one of her closest friends and using her as a bloodbath, so I think he'd need to give that up to have a shot with Caroline. So for Caroline, I think she's have to choose between her love for Klaus and her loyalty to her friends. It puts her in a difficult position, but I have faith it'll work out in the end for them. I have no problem with you using some Canon changes, while making some original scenes as well. I think sometimes it's needed to follow the arc and provide some context. You can count me as a huge Klaroline fan who is a supporter of the forwood friendship. I actually now looking back, Peter then as good friends then being romantic together. Veggie Klaroline came around, I actually was a forwood shipper, then immediately jumped ship in 3x11 and beyond. Forward never stood a chance against Klaroline in my heart. Looking forward to more
Klarobass chapter 22 . 8/26/2017
I personally think that Rebekah would have been daggered and undagger over the centuries. With what we've seen of flashbacks in tvd and the originals, it's not at all far-fetched to think he's undagger her in his time of need when he has just everyone he cares about, whether by death or by betrayal. With Elijah's case he only thinks Elijah betrayed him, when in truth he hadn't. I'm guessing Caroline has been sent back to her time, it would explain why her corpse just vanished like it wasn't even there. Mikael sure knows how to take a knife and twist it in Klaus's heart. Will get chapter go to the present days in the 21st century.
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