Reviews for Fighter's Fumble, Battler's Bane
SeoulGamer chapter 1 . 4/25/2012
I think this is a bit better than Bountiful Harvest for the simple reason that we see things from an individual's perspective. We can hear Dimo Nor's own thoughts on how hastily he rushed into the events that lead to him losing his spear, and how he acknowledges that Khetala wouldn't have made the same mistake as he did due to her calmer Yuke nature. So, even though the actual events that take place in this oneshot aren't of any particular interest in themselves, we do get an insight into Dimo Nor himself-young, impatient and perhaps a little eager to prove himself, as he doesn't take particularly well to chalice duty.

I am somewhat curious as to why you choose to write these little snippets of your character's lives as individual stories, rather than stringing them all together into a longer, comprehensive chronicle. Is it just that their journey would consist of these typically ordinary events anyway, which might make better sense as oneshots?