Reviews for The Show Must Go On
Nenya85 chapter 29 . 4/6
About time! lol just kidding. But more seriously one thing I liked was that the love-making scene really had the weight of their first disastrous one and the slow hesitant steps they've made towards repairing trust behind it. That made it really emotional for me. And it was so sad how hesitant Kuja was and how ugly he felt he was - you really got to see how badly he'd been hurt.

I also liked how Kuja can't put a name to his feelings, but his actions - from repeatedly dancing with Kuja to jumping in front of a dragon - show how much he cares.

The dragon scene was well done; I liked the way it came on top of this domestic kind of scene and it was very tense.
Hana13 chapter 29 . 3/28
YAY! NEW CHAPTER! :D It's been a while! Seeing an update from you always make me happy!

I love the Festival scene! Seeing Zidane and Kuja having a good time makes me smile! I like Kuja having interested in dancing! It's suit him and he did live in a noble area Treno for years, so it naturally he at least has some knowledge about dancing! Oh, and the whole "don't dance with multiple times unless there a serious interest between the two" is so cute! Kuja is not a very honest person, so I like it when his actions conveys that he cares for Zidane!

And the scene with the dragon is very good too! Zidane is so cool and brave! And Kuja was able enter Trance! Does that mean he'll he'll get his magic back? The talk about birthdays makes me a little sad, Kuja really need to stop with the pessimistic thoughts and tell Zidane "Happy Birthday"! Ah well, maybe they will revisit that conversation on later date.

The love scene put a big smile on my face and made me go "KYAAA~!"! :D I'm so glad Zidane and Kuja finally make a huge step in their relationship!

Oh, it's been a few months since the English release for Dissidia NT - Have you seen it? All the scenes with Kuja and Zidane makes me SUPER happy! Seeing them get along and bantering is one of the best things about the game for me! Plus, the graphics makes Kuja, Zidane, and the other characters look so BEAUTIFUL! Ever since the Dissidia NT came out, I been keeping an eye on the fandom on Twitter and Tumblr, and lot of screenshots or GIFs fans tend to posts are ones of Kuja! New and old fans are absolutely falling for Kuja and his beauty ! ;)

Anyway, great chapter! I can't wait to see the next one!
NinjaSheik chapter 29 . 3/26
KYAAA! I'M SO HAPPY YOU UPDATED AGAIN! :D It's been a while, hasn't it? Have you saw the story mode for "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT"? While it can definitely use improvements with the narrative, it was AMAZING! Seeing Kuja and Zidane work together and interact was great! The graphics really make them look beautiful, and the voice actors did a fantastic job, too!

I read the lovemaking scene on your website, though the site seems to have some weird symbols on it. But I think you did a wonderful job with it! It makes me so happy to see Zidane and Kuja taking that step in their relationship, and it shows how far they've come! I wish Kuja loves himself more, though. The talk about his birthday and his scars made me sad that he doesn't cherish himself. :(

The fight against the Great Dragon was incredible! I could write descriptive fight scenes very well, so I really respect people who can pull it off. :) I can't believe Kuja went into Trance! And to save Zidane, too! Kuja isn't good at expressing his feelings through words, so to see him dashing to save Zidane was so heartwarming! The dancing part with Kuja was very wonderful, too. It definitely suits him, so I don't mind it being a common trope among the fans, since it does suit his theatrical character. ;)

Overall, this such a heart-pounding and brilliant chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next. The fact that Kuja was worrying about being found out again will probably come into play soon, which we kinda discussed before. And if Kuja is capable of going into Trance, then maybe that means he can use magic again? If Garnet finds out, then she will seriously see Kuja as a threat again. In any case, I'm excited to see what's gonna happen next. :D
Skye chapter 29 . 3/23
I was so happy when I saw the update ! I really like your story, please continue it !
Myst chapter 28 . 3/20
I first read your story a few years ago when I was playing the first Dissidia game and replayed FFIX so I was hard at work, looking for ZidanexKuja fanfics. (since they were my faves and I love their dynamic). Needless to say, I fell hard. I kept on re-reading it since I loved it so much.

But as time flew by, my interest kind of... left, along with my FF obsession, since life was getting hectic and kicking my ass. I sometimes still think about it, but never really have time to read it again.

But since Dissidia NT was released, my previous love for the series got re-ignited like a dang explosion and since then, I've been playing and revisiting old Dissidia fanfics that I remembered. Then, when I saw that this particular fanfic is still updating, I was so happy.

This entire story just made me think of what Zidane and Kuja's relationship and future might have been. And given Kuja's past, it would seems very likely that he would have a hard time believing Zidane's love and desire to be with and protect him. I hope that he'll believe it soon and have the happiness he so deserved.

Can't wait for the next chapter, this is by far one of the best FF fanfics I've read and my absolutely fave as well.
zazozaliad chapter 1 . 3/3
i remember reading this story YEARS ago, thank you for still keeping going with it - what a thrill to find it again now and see its not only got a pulse, but has brought the characters to a place of fragile domesticity... that unique way you write kuja has stuck with me for ages; his characterization is a very well-realized bundle of traits and traumas in discord
Nenya85 chapter 28 . 1/12
Kuja with the kitten was adorable. Oh course, he'd end up with the prettiest one even if that hadn't been how he chose her. But I also liked how this was Kuja's first real experience with caring for something (besides baby Zidane) and also getting this super simple affection in return.

I also liked how even while Kuja was berating himself for letting his guard down and being realistic about the chance that whatever shelter he'd found was temporary - his thoughts aren't totally despairing - instead he realizes that he's been given something he was never able to experience before, living simply as part of a community, and how he realizes he treasures that whatever happens. I also liked his answer to Amarat: that he wasn't sure how he felt but that the thought he could trust him. I think for Kuja the question of trust is more important that the question of friendship or even love.
NinjaSheik chapter 28 . 12/28/2017
Hiya! Long time no see! :D I'm so glad you were able to update the next chapter during winder break! I'm really happy to see that Kuja is adjusting so well in the village and he's taking such good care of his little kitten! I thought it was adorable that Zidane felt a little jealous over Silky's closeness to Kuja! XD

It was nice to see Amarant in this chapter and catching up with Zidane, not to mention him promising to keep Kuja a secret and not turning them in to the authorities. It's kinda weird to imagine acting like a gracious host, but I'm glad he's on his best behavior with Amarant, and he admits that he's beginning to truly trust Zidane. Their relationship is progressing slowly but surely. :3

OMG! Have you keeping up with the latest updates for "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT"?! Although the game won't have a dedicated story mode, it's going to have an epic storyline for the heroes and villains! AND THE GRAPHICS ARE FREAKING INCREDIBLE! :D Everyone looks so beautiful in ultra HD, especially Kuja! He's so gorgeous! And Zidane looks so adorable! Have you seen the opening cinematic and the Jump Festa trailer that came out recently? And the character videos for the heroes?! If not, you should definitely watch them! I'm so excited to see Kuja and Zidane working together now that they got their memories in the new game, and the formation of TEAM TRANCE! I'm so hyped for the new game! IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC! :D

Anyway, I hope to see more chapters soon. If Amarant appears, I'm guessing that means it won't be too long before Garnet and the others figure out where Zidane and Kuja are hiding, right? Again, nicely written chapter! I look forward to more. :)
Hana13 chapter 28 . 12/27/2017
Hey, Bnomiko! It's been a while! Happy Holidays to you too! :D And a NEW CHAPTER! What a treat! I'm on winter break right now, but going back to school soon, so I'm makes me really happy reading a new chapter! I was even re-reading some of the older chapters at your personal archive (so I could read the mature stuff too. Seriously, NEVER delete that place, it's the only place I can read every inch of this AWESOME story!) because the recent FF stuff that's being going on got me hype up, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Okay, let's start - It's seeing Kuja's sewing is getting so much praise! He's really has a talent for it! And he's making outfits for himself and Zidane for an upcoming festival! I can't wait to see how that will turn out! I hope something romantic or dramatic or both happens! I'm sucker for scenes that take places parties and celebrations! And Kuja got a cute kitty, it's nice for him to getting an animal companion, all things considering with the events with injured bird from the earlier chapters...

Anyway, Zidane meeting with Amarant was interesting! I'm happy he'll keep Zidane's and Kuja's location a secret! What a good friend! I really like his talk with Zidane, blunt and honest! Zidane really does need a little lecture about what doing whatever he wants. And Kuja is making a little progress in trusting Zidane. Both of them are still a little "limbo" in their feelings with one another, but that's okay since they are making progress! :)

All right, FANGIRL TIME! Have you been keeping track with the news for FF Dissidia NT?! IT'S REALLY, REALLY AWESOME and the GRAPHICS ARE BEAUTIFUL! The graphics is the same as the Dissidia Arcade, so please check it out! EVERYONE, HEROES AND VILLAINS, LOOKS AMAZING! Have you seen the Opening Cinematic? Or the characters trailers, especially Zidane's trailer? Or the cutscenes of the game that been posted due Beta version that been going around?! I can't wait to see Kuja spending time with Zidane! It's a dream come true for me! And Kuja looks SO, SO BEAUTIFUL in the game! When I first saw the Opening Cinematic, it was so amazing I could cried! :D

It's coming in Japan soon, January 11, which is a few days before I'm going back to school, so I'm really looking forward to it and will be watching it, even though I don't understand Japanese! In the meantime, I've been re-reading some of my favorite ZidanexKuja stories! ;)

Great chapter! And I can't wait to see the next one!
Guest chapter 27 . 12/5/2017
Love this! One of the best ZidanexKuja fics around here! Can’t wait for more!
Nenya85 chapter 27 . 8/18/2017
Sorry for the late review! I really love that poor kid walking in on Zidane and Kuja! It was perfectly timed comic relief and that the poor kid was probably only there because he had a crush on Kuja made it worse - because I'm betting, even in his imagination, he didn't get as far as Zidane did!

I think the conversation afterwards was one that Zidane and Kuja really needed to have. I like that Kuja didn't for a minute view himself as a victim, if anything he blamed himself for not being smarter or driving better bargains. But it really served to underscore just why Kuja has so many of the beliefs he does, and how totally alien having anyone care about him is to him.
NinjaSheik chapter 27 . 8/15/2017
KYAAAAAA! I'm so glad I was able to read the chapter before school started tomorrow. I'm sorry for the late reply. The last few weeks have been kinda crazy and busy for me.

I really loved the chapter! I like the idea of Kuja and Zidane getting a cute little kitten as a pet. :3 Kittens are adorable! I think it suits Kuja well, too.

I love that Kuja and Zidane talked about Kuja's past experiences with sex, and Zidane teaching Kuja the importance of intimacy and how seriously he takes his relationship with Kuja. The scene where they sleep and curled their tails together was so heartwarming and adorable! :D

As always, I look forward to reading the next chapter and see Kuja and Zidane's relationship develop further! :)
Hana13 chapter 27 . 8/14/2017
Waah! I'm a little late, but I'm glad stop by and dicover a new chapter! And just in too! Going back school soon, so I got a lot stuff I want to do before I lose my freedom and free time! V

Exploring Kuja's past about physical relationships was interesting...and sad, but I happy that Zidane can fully understand how Kuja's attitude to sexual acts. Zidane wants their intimacy to good for the both of them, so he wants to Kuja to understand that...

Also, I think a cat will be a good pet for Kuja too! And it's good that he has his first sewing project! :)
DaniSena86 chapter 26 . 4/18/2017
Hi, love, I must say I did an temporary account in this site to comment in this story of yours, cuz in the past few years, I've shamelessly been a ghost reader, I know, I'm awful, but really, asides that, you story is amaaaaazing, I have read it twice through the years and I constantly am visiting for updates. I can see that u have been writing it for a loooong, long time, don't know if u had any hiatus amid, but if that doesn't rlly matter. Well, what I came to say is, I'm sooo sorry I have never commented anything, truthfully, as much as I like it, I should probably have commented every chapter, buuuuuuut... So, excuse-me my sorry lazy ass, but I'll comment in this one, all that I have to say about the whole story, wich can become a little/lot elaborated and huge... So, I've read many others ZidanexKuja's stories through time, although they may be few, and mostly, incomplete, but urs is my favorite by way, waaaaay far. Ur writing skills are pointedly superior, of a much better quality than u usually find around fanfiction world. Also, u have a planned plot, which by itself is already amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, it's marvelous, and I must give u such credits. The story's followed it's plot faithfully since the earlier chapters and still is on track, with an impressive size. Then again, I love how u made Zidane so oh very confused of himself about his love and sexuality overall, it's really realistic and welcomed. Kuja, sadly, ain't the motherfu**er bitch he used to be and I've adored, I've always loved his arrogance, ego, bad personality, and excentric behavior, as bad and weird as it may sound. BUT I am not disappointed with the Kuja he came to be in the later chapters of this story, mainly, he changed so much from all the things he has gone through and all the suffering, it's only natural that he changes. Everybody change. I must say how terribly enraged I was when Zidane kept thinking about his princess while with Kuja, in the secluded little house at the beggining, it was mostly annoying, but I understand him, or better, I understand it, and I'm so glad he is over it. Mostly, I've wanted to say how much I like the way u evolve things, and write about feelings, and such, how I love that Zidane remained an smaller Seme, and Kuja a bigger Uke, wich is awfully adorable, and how u emphasize Kuja's androgyness, and crossdressing likings in fashion, I truly love that, u did it very well. Now, the main reason I've wanted to write this comment is, I've noticed ur chapters have been smaller, and fewer and I am so very frightened that u are loosing interest and becoming unmotivated about writing it, I hope u are not having issues with few comments and favorites, I hope u are not lacking support, encouragement from ur readers, or becoming disheartened by it. Really, don't be like that, ur story is oh so amazing, u've have come a looooong loooooooong now, u aren't giving up, are you? I promise to comment on ur new chapters from now on if that's the real problem, u will not lack motivation ever again. But if in truth, u've been busy, and not bein blessed with much time left to write, then it is all right. I can wait. All ur readers can wait, but don't give up on us, will ya? Now, to finish this, let me give u an unpretentious insight about what I hope for the future chapters of this amazing story, maybe it could help u feel more motivated;

So, I definitely know Kuja is taking his time healing and adjusting after being so badly injured and beeing asleep so long, and I really know Zidane is taking his time also, that he wants to take it slowly and being ever so careful with their relationship and that's adorable, BUT really! I'm dying for a little simple show of affection between them, like whaaaat, they have been so intensely determinated on seeing one another again, since their parting at the cottage wich feels like SO LONG ago, and Kuja almost died intent on staying with Zidane again, and Zidane gave everything up for being with Kuja and he missed the older genome soooo much, and now they don't even give as much as a hug, and it's terribly frustrating, I mean, I'm definitely not a huge fan of sex, and all, but I dreeeeeam of them being oh so cuddle-happy-buddy-like, u know, some huuuugging, and "Oh, I've missed u so much" words 3 *sighs* *sighs* sighs everywhere*

I think their first sex time was so cold and rude of Zidane T.T I'm so hurt about it, u were so cruel with us making Zidane use Kuja like thaaat and leaving, it was really painful for me, and I won't forgive Zidane-baby about that, although I still like him, but he needs so much of a "payback" regarding it, I wish Kuja would bring it back and rub it in his face, just to make him feel like ohhh sooo damn guilty, it would be very nice for my prideful ego, lol, haha, ignore me. But really, make them oh so little cute moments together, doesn't need to be anything much, just a little catching around about their long time apart

Well, my little insight above is nothing but me fan dreaming, u don't need to take anything seriously, the rest is important though, don't feel unmotivated, and keep it up, I'll be around, and if u need any beta, if ur beta is too busy and stuff, let me know, I can revise it for u. So, kisses, kisses, byee~
NinjaSheik chapter 26 . 4/15/2017
Hiya! Long time, no see! :D Sorry for the late review. College has sucking up all of my free time, and it's been pretty stressful. _ ;

I'm happy to see Zidane and Kuja bonding a little more. Pretty peaceful chapter all around, and it seems like their relationship is still mending quite slowly. Dragon-slaying business aside, I wonder when we're going to return to the main plot with Garnet going after Kuja's head. I really want to see the drama unfold between Zidane, Garnet, and Kuja! Their time in the peaceful village isn't going to last forever, and it makes me wonder if you're using his dragon-slaying business as a set-up for Garnet finding out about their location... Anyway, good chapter, and I hope to see more action in the next one! :)
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