Reviews for The Real Life of E A Masen
Kesme chapter 40 . 5/29
I really loved this story, usually I can't sit through a bunch of family fluff - Especially when it's over 200k words! With this story though, I looked forward to the time I'd have to read it :D

Though I do wish we'd gotten an outtake on Bella and Edward in a nursing home ;)
lazyncrazy chapter 40 . 5/24
I love you! I truly enjoyed reading it.
My fav- the Medicatedward
lazyncrazy chapter 33 . 5/24
You write something amazing...had to hold my stomach was laughing so hard
drul chapter 40 . 5/2
Great story! I couldn’t stop reading it till the end... I wish there were more chapters :)
I loved your appproach developing their charcters as adults with "realistic" problems and familiar situations, it was really funny
Thanks for sharing your work!
WritingMiss8 chapter 40 . 2/12
I so knew that Char was going to be a nurse because when she helped with Rose and Ethan. I so called that one! This was such an amazing story! Can't wait to read your other stories.
WritingMiss8 chapter 39 . 2/12
A baby. Man I love kids. They are just do precious.
WritingMiss8 chapter 38 . 2/12
I wish I could see the dress. It looks so beautiful in my head.
WritingMiss8 chapter 37 . 2/12
Aww Grandpa Edward is so precious. Awww
WritingMiss8 chapter 36 . 2/12
He was so desperate he turned to gay porn.
WritingMiss8 chapter 35 . 2/12
Hey Hellen Keller I love that quote. Aww I loved this chapter.
WritingMiss8 chapter 34 . 2/12
Wow that is a tough pickle Edward is in reading Adam's book.
WritingMiss8 chapter 33 . 2/12
Wow Edward is one lucky guy.
WritingMiss8 chapter 32 . 2/12
Aww Edward and Adam moment was so sweet.
WritingMiss8 chapter 31 . 2/12
Man Edward's got 2 out of 4. Now we just need Jake and Leah to accidently tell someone.
WritingMiss8 chapter 30 . 2/12
I don't know call me old fashioned but 16 does not mean they can get away Scott free with everything. That's not an excuse.
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