Reviews for And it happened on a Christmas night
Chyckan chapter 41 . 18h
Damn this story... ITS TOO GOOD. IT would have been great if you wrote more!
TigersAndDragons chapter 15 . 8/29
The sad thing about this fanfic that I just realised is that all the good stuff that happened in the anime never happened after episode 19. Meaning, Yasuko never made up with her parents, Taiga never made up with her mother about her past in mirroring Yasuko's makeup with her parents, and Ryuuji and Taiga never had that fake wedding kiss at his Grandparents house (aka best scene in the entire anime). Not that this isn't bad, in fact I really like it. It's kinda like Toradora only with no tragedy so far, which is good, as well as Ryuuji not going to the christmas party and not leaving Taiga out in the cold crying for him because she's in love with him (thank god, seeing her like that knowing he was off looking for Minori made me cry because he didn't come back for her). Thank you for this story so far
mffba.14 chapter 15 . 8/9
Hey. I recently started your fanfiction...and so far it's going good. I'm on chapter 15. You're good. Just kinda think that you doubted yourself too much! Give yourself some credit, chica! Anyway, that sit. Hope the story continues to get better...I think it would because you've got loads of chapters and'm hoping for the best!
Guest chapter 13 . 8/4
Hey..u may probably include some light lemon...a little won't hurt anyone... Otherwise it's perfect... Kudos
Guest chapter 7 . 8/4
Good work man... Iam overwhelmed
Gamera68 chapter 41 . 7/11
Damn what a GOOD, happy, ending. :)
Gamera68 chapter 40 . 7/11
Damn. That was a good chapter that gets ya in the feels.
Gamera68 chapter 39 . 7/11
NOOOOOO! Taiga disappeared again?
Gamera68 chapter 38 . 7/11
Damn, getting kinda dark there but still good, nonetheless.
Gamera68 chapter 37 . 7/11
Oh no! Damn cliffhangers!
Gamera68 chapter 36 . 7/11
Funny chapter ad I had no idea the baka Chi liked girls. O_O

Did NOT see that coming.
Gamera68 chapter 35 . 7/11
Interesting chapter even though I have no idea what happened in the so-called "fun house".
Gamera68 chapter 34 . 7/11
Another excellent chapter. Well-done!
Gamera68 chapter 33 . 7/11
Party time. :D
Wonder what's going to happen next?
Gamera68 chapter 32 . 7/11
OK, that was a crazy chapter but the ending was cute. Taiga likes a dark and brooding Ryuuji. LOL.
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