Reviews for Change it up
YokaiAngel chapter 7 . 11/17/2017
Guest chapter 7 . 8/21/2017
Awesome, truely enjoyble...
Besan chapter 7 . 3/14/2015
Thank you for the story
I hope you can update it soon and write more stories of this kind
doremishine itsuko chapter 7 . 2/8/2015
when are you going to update I'm curious to know what happens next
rvmaknae chapter 7 . 12/17/2014
Please update! I REALLY LOVE THIS FIC OF YOURS. I cried my heart out when Suguru died ;;
Cesar chapter 7 . 12/16/2014
i love this story *w*
Anon-san chapter 7 . 6/15/2014
-Looks at last update date- ... ;_;
Y-You are going to update it, r-right?

Anyways, it's a great fanfic. I mean, a fanfic were Suguru doesn't die was exactly what I came looking for. So I'm really happy I found this one :
Hope you update soon!
Ultimatum12 chapter 7 . 3/25/2014
TheUchihaLord chapter 7 . 3/18/2014
i wish you can continue this story its a very nice story please continue
Wallariel chapter 7 . 12/1/2013

I really love your fanfiction, good writing (well I cant say for the spelling since I'm french :p). You try to keep the character's personality and that's work !

I hope to read the next soon.

Good luck !
My Lunatic Crow chapter 7 . 10/26/2013
Oh I wish you would update soon!
Xrupa chapter 7 . 10/22/2013
It's not bad. You should continue it.
BlackxDragonxEmperor chapter 7 . 10/16/2013
Nice as usual and really great to read it after a long time in a torture room called classroom this really made my day
Hope to see more updates
SnowyScales chapter 7 . 9/10/2013
I love you for this.

I've only just started watching this anime and just finished ep 3 and omg it totally ripped my heart out.
Angel-Amy-22 chapter 7 . 6/29/2013
The plot line is great, and there were plenty of creative new scenarios but it would help if you put more detail to help readers visualize the story more.
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