Reviews for From the South to Virginia
Guest chapter 1 . 9/24/2016
Nice story

This is how to edit already publish chapters:

1. Click on "Manage Stories".

2. Click the "edit" button of the story you wish to edit.

3. To make changes to the actual content of the story, click "Content/Chapters" near the top of the page.

4. Next to each chapter you will see four buttons. I will explain each of these in turn:

Edit: to change the chapter title and its position. Simply click it, make the changes then click "save". NOT for changing the content of the chapter.

Delete (del): Pretty obvious. Delete the chapter.

Export (exp): Very useful, moves a copy of the chapter to your doc(ument) manager. A copy of the chapter you export also remains where it is, you can replace it later.

Backup (dl): Bring up a page with only the text of your story on, convenient for copying and pasting back into word (or equivalent).

6. What you do next depends on how much editing you have to do. If you only have to change a few typos, then it's probably easiest to do it in the editor provided in the doc manager:

i. Click "Export". A link to the exported chapter in the document manager (Doc Manager) is provided. Click that and move on to step iv.


ii. Click "Doc Manager" on the left of the screen. You are shown a list of documents that are available in the Doc Manager.

iii. Click "Edit/Preview" for the chapter required.

iv. Make the changes.

v. Click "Save changes".

vi. Follow the steps for "adding a chapter" above, simply selecting to "replace" the chapter you have edited.

If you have a copy saved to your hard drive that is exactly the same as is up on the site, then simply edit on your computer and resubmit it. Follow the instructions for "adding a chapter", using step 6 ii).

If you don't have the original document anymore, you can download a backup copy from ffnet.

i. Click "backup"

ii. In the new window simply highlight the text (or press Ctrl A)

iii. Right click anywhere on it

iv. Click "copy"

v. Open up a new word document

vi. Right click in the blank space (or click "edit")

vii. Click "paste"

viii. Make your changes, remembering to save them at the end

ix. Follow the instructions for "adding a chapter"
HorseMagic17 chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
how a bout all three of them!

Update Soon please