Reviews for You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 3/30/2014
I liked it. It fit in well with the episode.
peterpan chapter 1 . 5/29/2012
No, no. Why did you end there? No!

Great story though. I love all of yours.
bandreeder chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
I like the expanded version of the Matchmaker.
Cristy W-S chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
So glad you chose to expand on "The Matchmaker". I was in two minds about this episode - I didn't like it because of the duplicity involved and the fact that the matchmaking was curiously dropped to focus on the Howell's silly tiff. But then, I thought it hilarious the way the guys were ragging on poor, clueless Gill and his comic reactions to all the goings-on.

That said, you managed to make this episode so much more enjoyable and poignant for me with this missing scene fic. Brilliant insite into what Gill was thinking ("She knows that I know...luv it!) and feeling. His thoughts seemed a bit too deep for him at first - very analytical, but hey, he was so traumatised that it's quite plausable he would try to work out how to fix the situation and come to terms with his emotions.

I can just see the poor bloke fruitlessly searching for gorgeous tropical flowers and only finding weeds. Poor, sweet Gilligan! And then Ginger just watches wordlessly as he leaves the little bundle...she's so cool when it comes to romance. :)

So, what happened when Lovey scurried over to her and the proff as they came out of the jungle all laughing and looking very intimate? LOL! Guess we'll never know... :P

MA's reaction at the end is just so touching. *sigh* You're right, it is bittersweet, but at least she has these little bits of happiness, and, as you say, hopefulness. Simply brilliant! :) Well done, you!

Thanks for posting this lovely behind the scenes piece, and cheers to Teebs as well for her brill contributions. Sorry to be so late to review. Always late to the party, me! :)

Sorry you were feeling ill. Hope you're better now. :)
Maudlin Mush chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
Poor Gilligan. He has every right to be both upset and depressed. His world was just fine but others think he's missing out. I know it's all part of growing up, but being hoodwinked like that was cruel. Of course he'd be honest about who he'd picked the flowers for! Thank you and Teobi for both the idea and the execution!
Teobi chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
And this is why it's always better that you write the stories, because I would have just written something stupid like Gilligan getting to the door of the hut and falling on the flowers, causing MA to roll her eyes at him and adopt her classic S3 pose.

I still love the title, though. Now I'm wondering what it would have looked like in my list of stories, haha. **crawls into the corner and cries**

I notice that you write a lot more in present tense now. It kind of makes the events more immediate to the reader.

Should I go for the old BULLet points system? YEAH. I'm armed with caffeine. Let's go.

. 'He tries to neatly break the stem, but the entire root system rips easily from the loose soil. It hangs in his hand like a dirty octopus, dropping great clods of dirt onto his pants.'- Amazing and hilarious descriptions. I can just see him yanking that baby out with both hands and falling on his ass!

. 'Gilligan had thought he'd done a decent job covering for the flower scandal last night.'- FLOWERGATE! Yes, Gilligan, you only made it worse for yourself by telling her the flowers weren't from you. Didn't you see her little face crumple? You SHOULD be feeling like a heel!

. '...he caught the look on his friend's face and he had never felt so bad about anything in his whole entire life.'- Awwwww. Yeah, she was pretty cut up. Who wouldn't be? She had such high hopes.

. The light going out of Mary Ann's eyes and the smile sliding off her face! OMG. Stop.

You've totally got a handle on how those two must have been feeling in those awkward moments when Gilligan suddenly couldn't breathe and had to unbutton his collar. You are the Season 1 expert, no doubt about it.

'She wanted him to have given her those flowers.

Then Ginger was –

The guys were right.

The guys were – ?


Oh, boy.'

- Oh, boy indeed, Gilligan.

. 'Did he just tell her she was sweet? Did she just tell him he was sweet? Did she just touch his arm?'- Yes, yes and yes!

. Aaaaaaahhhh! You included the bit where her fingertips brush through the hairs on his forearm! Amazing that you remembered through the babbling I was doing :)

. And the old 'she knows that I know that she knows that I...' What?

. 'Gilligan doesn't know what he's going to do about it. He can just pretend that nothing happened and carry on gliding through life blissfully unaware of everything having to do with girls and the fact that the number of times they pass you things at breakfast meaning something.' - Cue Seasons 2 and 3. :/

. 'What if something goes horribly wrong and they're still trapped on the island together except then they're not even friends?'- Well, yes there is that possibility. I'd be the same as Gilligan here, over analysing everything until I had convinced myself that everything would go wrong and there'd be no point in even trying. But Gilligan IS trying. Yay! Go, Gilly, go!

. 'What if she gets discouraged and starts acting weird? Glaring at him and taking sides with the others against him and putting her hands on her hips and sighing at him all the time. He doesn't like it when she does that. What if she starts doing it more? What if she gives up on him?'- Cue Seasons 2 and 3 again! Love how you're making all these observations on how things might go if he doesn't act fast. Because as we know, they did abandon the shipping in later episodes. They even abandoned the Ginger/Professor shipping. What a mistake that was.

. Now he's just picking weeds! Oh well, a weed is just a flower you haven't met yet. If it's pretty enough, add it to the pile!

. 'He'll just be nice to her. Nice, like he always is. She knows he's shy and awkward and usually has no idea what's going on. He should play that angle and wait and see what happens naturally.' - He should play that angle! OMG. He's smarter than he looks, isn't he. Except, even if he played an angle, something would still go disastrously wrong. Except this is a JWood201 story, so everything will work out right. **Breathes sigh of relief**

. 'What kind of guy almost makes a perfectly sweet and nice girl cry?'- A guy who has no idea of what's really going on? Aww. Now he thinks he's a bad guy.

. 'He's already sweated through both of his shirts and he's covered with bug bites and dirt.'- He's intreppled! Take the shirts off, G Man! WOOF! But seriously, his confusion and self-blaming is so endearing here. Ginger's voices in his head. Poor guy.

. 'Gilligan stepped up next to her and rummaged around amongst the products on the vanity. He smelled like dirt and sweat and general wilderness.'- Oh, mama! Another reason why it's best that you write the stories. I would have run with that bit and turned it into a total crackfic. I can already feel my eyes glazing over.

. Lol- Ginger's just sitting there calmly applying her makeup while Gilligan totally makes a mess of the table. They don't even talk to each other. They don't have to. Ginger knows exactly what's going on :)

I **love** how you end the story before Mary Ann actually discovers the flowers. And now, when I watch the end of Matchmaker and see the two of them walking along together, I can imagine that he's about to tell her he spent all morning picking flowers for somebody. And that's the beauty of fanfiction. No matter what our individual levels of creativity or talent might be, fanfiction is our chance to put right what went wrong. It lets us get inside the characters' heads and try to figure out what they were thinking. At the end of Matchmaker it's obvious that Mary Ann and Gilligan have survived the awkwardness of the night before, but here you've supplied us with just that little bit extra. Gilligan realises he's been a bit of a jerk (in his opinion) and he's left her a lovely bouquet of weeds and dirty octopus flowers all squished together in a pretty pink ribbon that would make any girl happy.

I can just picture all the cheek kisses that are gonna rain down on his face when she sees those flowers! Goodbye, Mrs. Howell's bouquet! **toss** Hello squished and shabby little bunch of weeds! Except he picked Mrs. Howell's bunch too, so yeah, KEEP THEM BOTH, MARY ANN!

Damn, there'll be no flowers left on that island by the time he's through! Imagine if she got home one day and there wasn't even any room to move! And he'd picked poison ivy and everything! Damn- that's how my story would have gone. Good job you wrote it. :)

And now I'mma sit back and let you write everything from now on! Hear that whip a-crackin'? But seriously though, kudos to you for taking that idea and producing something gorgeous, as always. You rock.

Yours admiringly,

Teebs xx
Doll Girl chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Awwww! Poor Mary Ann!

I swear you have a lot more talent than I do!
TereseLucy384 chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Awwww, wicked cute. Sorry you were sick today, but what a precious gem you came up with :)

So glad to see something new from you on the board.