Reviews for Letters to Master
EmmettRose chapter 130 . 4/8
Wow you think Edward finally got a clue? Maybe he will try to better himself to become a real Dom so Bella can truely have what she needs. I mean he still didn't unblur the lines for her boyfriend girlfriend during the week Dom/sub weekends? what?
EmmettRose chapter 124 . 4/8
Wow he's so full of shit. He didn't blur the lines on purpose he was horny because she stood up to him. Now he's trying to save face and poor gullible Bella has no clue. And he didn't stop her because he didn't want to humble himself because he thinks he is a big bad Dom, when really he has no clue.
EmmettRose chapter 89 . 4/8
Go Bella! put the prick in his place.
EmmettRose chapter 80 . 4/8
Where's the contract, why have they not really discussed hard limits? He sets her up to fail as he is really giving her no real training just rules He is a poor excuse for a Dom. He needs to be a sub so he can learn how to treat one.
EmmettRose chapter 71 . 4/8
Is stay ups supposed to be thigh highs? Or stay hip pantyhose?
EmmettRose chapter 66 . 4/8
Ha why didn't she tell them he made her fuck his cock with her ass that wasn't properly stretched ahead of time? Then had her leave without even letting her clean herself up? Then the blog readers would really have a shit fit
EmmettRose chapter 64 . 4/8
HAHA. Yhis is not normal for a real Dom. He is putting in what work they have only been together twice? He hasn't taught her anything yet. She is new at this and never had anal. Get real. He has her do it herself to boot yea he ripped her wide open and sends her packing.
EmmettRose chapter 62 . 4/8
A test he's just a fucking jerk. He is no Dom. She is new at this he abuses her then throws her out. Yes I say abuses because No real Dom would do that.
EmmettRose chapter 61 . 4/8
WTF? He doesn't even do aftercare? And he calls himself a Dom?
bam23 chapter 130 . 1/29
Aww that was sweet
tanseynz chapter 130 . 12/29/2014
I love the sparseness. In many ways it makes it more intense due to the lack of background detail, yet your principle characters lack nothing, nor do their actions and angsts.
Powerful stuff.
TinaF chapter 130 . 11/17/2014
Wow...Loved it!
mlee588 chapter 1 . 9/28/2014
Hi! Quick question- what happened to your story The Cell? I was really enjoying it and now it says it cannot be found?
prrrincess chapter 130 . 9/6/2014
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 9/1/2014
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