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Alex chapter 26 . 2/24/2016
I've read some of Rose/Thomas fic and to tell you honestly this is the BEST OF THE BEST! It made me cry so much, If I'm going to be really really honest, I wish this is one they made as the story of Titanic. It does not just centered the Love, but also the infamous Titanic. There's more to be said actually but I can't write it in full detail. But let me say that I respect you now. This piece is remarkable believe me. I love how the story flows, even though it saddens me that in the end It's still bittersweet for Rose I believe it did gave the full meaning of love and understanding. If you ask me, Thomas shouldn't died down with the ship, He don't deserve the guilt and pain. He worked 4 years and dedicated his life for his dreams and passion. Oh men it's just so unfair for him. Anyways before I cry river tears again I'll end it here. Thank you very much for working this until the end, It's Beautiful..
Virgile Fragile chapter 5 . 10/23/2015
I really (like really really, meaning really really really) loved the moment when Rose was having fun on the bed, I think I'm falling for the silver fox or maybe the bed, I don't know. #SexWithTheSheets
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 26 . 12/14/2013
:-) Trying a review again now that I think/hope I've managed to actually log into my original account! :-( Here's hoping? FFN can be tricky! Anyway, I really loved this story! The characters were really well written and really believable, and you did a really good job of describing the ship! Also, as I said before, you did a really fine job writing the sinking. From what I've seen in the Titanic fiction world so far, that's hard to do well. But you really managed to catch the scope, scale and horror of it. So great job! Anyway, let's hope this posts too, and keep writing, especially about the Titanic!
The Phantom Radical Dreamer chapter 26 . 12/13/2013
Uh, is this where I type my review? LOL Sorry, I'm a Blind user, and I'm still trying to figure out FFN's fancy new format! Anyway, I loved this story! Well written, except for the odd bit of grammar, and really well done characters. And good job describing things too! Most of all, though, really good job writing the sinking. That's hard to do well, but you really caught the scale and horror of it beautifully! Anyway, I hope this posts. Keep writing, and especially keep writing about the Titanic!
CatalynMJ88 chapter 26 . 7/10/2012
It was an HONOR to R&R your story, and I'm so flattered to be in the "special thanks." :-) :-) :-) This story is great for an author of any age and just amazing coming from a 16-year-old. The strengths of your work bear repeating: beautiful descriptions and metaphors, great (and often unexpected) moments of humor, artful (and again, sometimes unexpected!) ties to the film, incredible nuance on Cal and Ruth, and, of course, you have the readers just fall in love with both Thomas and Rose.

My first completed novel-length story also took many months to write and there were a lot of mixed emotions when it was done. (Although it wasn't a fanfic, and it wasn't anywhere NEAR this good.) Bask in the sense of accomplishment for a bit. :-) Good luck and blessings in whatever comes next for you as a writer- whatever that may be, I'm sure it will be amazing. *tears up*

Thank you for a beautiful story.

CatalynMJ88 chapter 25 . 7/10/2012
Rose and Ruth’s moving on, growing and maturing emotionally and adjusting to a new life- all portrayed very well!

It must have been terrifying for Rose to be on the stand at all, and then for things to turn so personal… I was on the edge of my seat. But I LOVE that she has the courage to, very eloquently, declare her love for Thomas and his heroism. He completely deserves that. I was surprised by the line “She had done what she came to do.” But it fits, and it’s powerful!

A cute moment in an otherwise intense chapter, revisiting the “nosebleed” thing. :-D And I like the borrowing of Lovejoy’s line, for Ruth instead, “What could possibly be funny?”

A BEAUTIFUL, hopeful, touching, bittersweet ending… oh God, I can’t come up with more words to describe it but there should be a dozen wonderful adjectives for this ending! The hints at pregnancy throughout the chapter were great, and from “Rose couldn’t believe it” onward is just… I can’t even describe it. And then the final line! Wow. I’m in tears.
CatalynMJ88 chapter 24 . 7/10/2012
Very wise, pointing out that the sinking gives perspective on everything and escaping Cal suddenly seems a lot simpler. In the same vein, I appreciate how even class-conscious Ruth sees the similarities between all people in the face of disaster.

The woman with the 16-year-old son: nice touch, so heartbreaking. Made me think of Marian Thayer (though for her the story ended with some happiness.)

“She wouldn't have just sat on that metal mammoth and went down like a rag doll on a broken shelf.” –Fantastic line from Molly. Between her “western” background and her personal letters that exist today, she strikes me as the kind of person who would speak in metaphors, similes and hyperbole. Her warmth and intelligence shines through in this chapter so well. Once again, I have to thank you for giving a nuanced and dignified portrayal of her.

*sobs!* I’ve been looking forward to Ruth and Rose’s post-sinking reunion for weeks now and it was 100% worth it! Great job! And Ruth’s wisdom about love, it’s just beautiful!
The Inimitable Enigma Cypher chapter 25 . 7/9/2012
Oh, wow, curveball ending! Can't say I saw this coming (although maybe I should have, considering...) Brilliant ending to the story. :)
classicmovielover chapter 26 . 7/7/2012
Congrats on finishing your great story. Are you really 16 going on 17? Wow now I feel old, since I'm 27. I'm sorry if you found my corrections annoying. I promise I was only trying to help. Best of luck to you!
Celtic Ceilidh chapter 26 . 7/7/2012
Okay, you stop now. I've got the old tears in my eyes here, reading your final notes. I'm not even kidding. God's sake. What am I like, eh? *off to get the box of hankies now*

It's been an honour and a pleasure. It truly has. Like I told you at the beginning, it's been a joy to come across someone as young and aspiring as yourself. You'll go far in this world, Arron. Your name is meant to be in lights, and one day it will be. I know you'll go far, in everything that you do. I've seen your artwork, I've seen your writing, I've seen your creativity flowing. I know you want to be an actor. You can DO it. These are you passions. Don't let anybody tell you to settle for some crappy wee 9-5 job down the Co-Op, when you have THESE sorts of talents, and such creativity oozing out of every pore. It's not just your creative story writing. You're a gifted person in so many ways. I mean every bloody word I say.

I'm always around if you need me, remember. You can reach me on this site or just drop me an email. Any time, my fellow Little Monster.

Fly the flag for the youth of Scotland!

''To making each day count...''

Much love,
Celtic Ceilidh chapter 25 . 7/7/2012
Wow - amazing! Bravo, my friend, bravo! Probably one of my most favoured chapters out of the whole story, and Thomas isn't even in it (alive, that is...)! But honestly, I wouldn't lie to you. So wonderfully written. Your details are very vivid. Rose looked so stylish at the inquest. Gorgeous glamourpuss that she is!

This line here: ''The butterflies died the day he did.'' Loved it.

The only teeny tiny bit of contructive criticism I have, is that some of this chapter is too modern for the time period. It definitely would work for, say, the 1960s onwards. In 1912, there was no real official doctor diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder (a very modern terminology). And regarding pregnancy; blood and urine tests to determine pregnancy did not exist in those days. The pregnancy hormone, HGC (detected in urine tests), was not discovered by scientists until the 1920s. In 1912, the woman's physical symptoms led to a doctor's diagnosis: lack of menstrual periods, feeling sick and putting on weight.

But these things are really the only little criticisms I can think of. Don't let me put you off! I still think your story is wonderful! Always have done and always will.

Such a happy ending to a terrible tragedy. A child of Thomas and Rose would be a beautiful child, and I've always wondered what Victor Garber and Kate Winslet's babies would look like (if they had any together, in some alternate universe!). Well done. Bloody well done! So sad to see this story maked 'complete' now. All good things come to an end, as they say!
classicmovielover chapter 25 . 7/7/2012
Ah ha I knew it! She's pregnant. Great chapter.
Celtic Ceilidh chapter 24 . 7/5/2012
Nicely written and very touching. I'd always wished for Rose and Ruth to be reunited in the film.

I do think (as classicmovielover said) that Ruth was a wee bit OOC here, though. She just wouldn't have accepted Rose's affair with Thomas so easily, especially given the reasons why she'd set Rose up to marry Cal.

BUT, seeing as your interpretation of Ruth is softer than the one in the film, I can probably overlook these little things. :) She did get her baby girl back, after all. I like to think that Rose's survival meant more to her than money and status, especially given the tragic circumstances.
classicmovielover chapter 24 . 7/5/2012
Great chapter! I hope the story isn't finished yet. It was really touching to see Rose and Ruth be reunited. However it felt a little OOC for Ruth, who was always so proper.
Celtic Ceilidh chapter 23 . 6/20/2012
Such a well written chapter - definitely back on par with your middle ones. Lots of touching descriptive narrative, which of course you have a natural talent for anyway.

I do hope Rose manages to be reunited with her mother. I think that's the one thing I'm wishing for more than anything in the closing chapter! I've enjoyed your somewhat different take to Ruth. It's been refreshing to see her from another angle, ie, actually caring about her daughter more than the DeWitt Bukater name. :)
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