Reviews for Friendship is Magic: Off the Record
Skyress1 chapter 34 . 6/6
Poor Celestia... she seemed you know, slightly disappointed. However, Luna's on the ball! And as for the little romantic episode between Rainbow Dash and Alex was CUTE. And pinkie pie was hilarious as always. And I like how Spike and Rarity work together. Oh hay, I love this story so much, can't stop giggling!
Skyress1 chapter 33 . 6/6
LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL, juts LOL I love the last part, not I know why the boys don't always mind watching, or reading my little pony, I am not a boy by the way. Anyways, Luna is the miost funniest pony in this story... she just hilarious.
Skyress1 chapter 32 . 6/6
Well... sometimes little girl stuff isn't lame... otherwise I would not be reading this story and I would certainly not know the characters from My Little Pony that appeared in this story. Wait, didn't Scootaloo join the Cutie Mark Crusaders a little later? Oh never mind... this new world is weird enough already...
Skyress1 chapter 31 . 6/6
Wow this was an amazing and creepy chapter... creepy because of Dax of course...
Skyress1 chapter 30 . 6/6
Okay, I don't know wether this is the most crazy or most romantic, or maybe both, chapter I have ever read but I know I will never forget this one.
Skyress1 chapter 28 . 6/6
Oh boy... don't say... just don't... she's mad at him...
Skyress1 chapter 27 . 6/6
Well... that start was great but Doc ruined it again!
Skyress1 chapter 26 . 6/6
Hehe... good chapter and probably the bestest ever... I could have never, in my wildest dreams imaging that this might have a chance to be happen... it's like a wish granted. After all, I hope for Spike's feelings to be similar to Rarity's... this is great!
Skyress1 chapter 25 . 6/6
LOL... but at the same time... it sounds so romantic...
Skyress1 chapter 24 . 6/6
Well it's Discord... even the name sounds like if some music went off cord. And Rarity and Spike sure had some reason... bunch of dresses... that's what!
Skyress1 chapter 23 . 6/6
Well what do you know... Rainbow Dash is not a man and Alex is not a woman, what next, flying pigs.
Skyress1 chapter 22 . 6/6
Hearts Desire... Poison Joke... of course... I think I get it! I think so...
Skyress1 chapter 21 . 6/6
Okay... that was different... great chapter... but the time...a little inconvenient don't you think?
Skyress1 chapter 20 . 6/6
Yep, that does not sound right... you writing a romance book, or what?
Skyress1 chapter 19 . 6/6
Hmm... well that WAS romantic until that Doctor appeared. And as for his stopping the bad guys, first he should stop himself maybe.
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