Reviews for Friendship is Magic: Off the Record
Guest chapter 128 . 1/24
It's awesome that you're updating so often :D
MLP4ever chapter 127 . 1/23
When is the next update? Lol
noah2x4 chapter 127 . 1/23
Awesome another chapter and so soon
Taeniaea chapter 126 . 1/23
cool chapter poor Pinky Pie:(
CameronNinjaDragons chapter 125 . 1/22
Guest chapter 125 . 1/22
Now I'm really curious about what's gonna happen in the next chapter XD
Taeniaea chapter 125 . 1/21
cool story
Amous Anona chapter 125 . 1/21
ye must post, More frequently. T'is an entertaining and exemplary story.
D.J. Scales chapter 123 . 1/20
Great chapter. Nice job. Very enjoyable.
noah2x4 chapter 123 . 1/19
Gotta love that uncle, great chapter as always.
MLP4ever chapter 1 . 1/19
Wow this is awesome ill read it to the end... :)
CameronNinjaDragons chapter 123 . 1/19
Heh. Nosebleed.
Guest chapter 114 . 1/14
I seriously love this story 3 it's great for when I'm bored I hope it keeps going for a good while :3
noah2x4 chapter 122 . 1/5
I have now power through this story to catch up and all i have to say is that it's amazing, I love your characters and how you make me laugh and sometimes cry, please keep up the good work.
LillyAndMe chapter 122 . 12/23/2014
Great chapter. It has been a long time since you updated this story. How in the world did they get to the human world? I bet that they did have a hard time waking on two feet. But they will get to it. They are right, Alex do need to go back to equestria, to fight their bad sides. Maybe that is why they came to Alex. Hope you post a new chapter soon. I really love this story. Keep up the great work.
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