Reviews for Ireland OC profile
Athenabeth chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
Alright, I'm Irish so maybe I can help a bit. The Irish are stereotyped as being stubborn, drunk, always looking for a fight, and very short tempered.

You might want to emphasis the stubbornness and short tempered, quick to anger thing because right now you're character doesn't have any majors personality flaws. None of this 'sometimes', give your characters flaws. It makes them far more believable. Since you made a female OC you really should give her flaws to stop her from being characterized as a Mary-Sue.

I wouldn't call the British, even the English, enemies of Ireland. Not in the present anyway. Yeah, there were wars but no one is still sore about it. Americans don't go around saying they hate the British because of taxation before the Revolutionary war, do they? We make fun of each other mercilessly, but that's only in good fun. You could add that for her relationship with England and the others.

One thing that many people get wrong is the relationship between Ireland and Northern Ireland. I have lived in both places and I can tell you that if any of the UK and Ireland really hold grudges against each other it's with the Northern Irish. The Northern Irish do not like the Irish, the Irish were very nasty to them. I mean terrorism nasty. No terrorism isn't just in the Middle East and US. Northern Ireland did it back to them though so it's kind of even.

Beware of that if you plan on writing a fanfiction with her. Northern Ireland isn't going "Oh, please save me from the terrible English. They're so cruel and I wish I could leave the UK and become one nation with you, Ireland. The English were so awful by making me stay in the UK and separate from you!" . Realistically, Northern Ireland is going "Leave me alone. I will not become one nation with you and bombing me isn't going to change that. I chose the UK and you need to deal with it. I remember getting attacked by you and it wasn't all that fun. Go away!"

You seem to take England's 'bullying' a bit too far. Yes, the English were cruel to the other British Isles nations but they were far from kind to the English. Just as bad, even. I'm Irish, but I'll be the first to say we were cruel and attacked them many, many times. Often unprovoked. The Irish weren't saints, about as far from it as you can get.

You're over exaggerating the other's hate for England. Again, no one, anywhere in the UK and Ireland, are still sore about what happened back the characters were still hung up on that then you would need to have England be upset about Wales invading him. Same for Scotland. However, you don't so you can't have the rest of them still angry over what England did to them. We're over it so the characters should be too. In the Webcomic does South Korea always fight with Japan and angst about what Japan did to him? No, he's over it. He gets along well with Japan and still sees him as a brother. Ireland would do the same. We're okay now. We've moved on, just like America has moved past Canada and the British setting fire to the White House.

Also, if you're making her hate England based off the history of attacking and invading they've done to each other then she and Scotland should hate each other. Far more than she hates England. They have a very long history of invading each other.

Ireland should be older than England if you're basing the ages when off when they became proper countries. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales were all established before England. Her human age should be about twenty four or twenty five.

I hope I was of some help!