Reviews for Love Bugs
dg chapter 5 . 6/17
oh my god! am not really a fan of naruto and sasuke pair.. but this was just... officially blown out of my mind!
emowoods205 chapter 5 . 3/1
I enjoyed this thanks for writing it
emowoods205 chapter 4 . 3/1
aweee so cute I hope there's mpreg where Naru gets pregs and tells Sasu but it all has to be in sasukes point of view
emowoods205 chapter 3 . 3/1
this chapter legit made me cum...
emowoods205 chapter 4 . 3/1
awwweee so cute urghhhhh now I want some mpreg I want Naru to get pregs and then tell Sasu but it has to all be in sasukes point of view
emowoods205 chapter 3 . 3/1
I legit came just reading this...
GummyBearsAreAwsome1 chapter 1 . 12/23/2016
Hahaha Freak'in Shino LMFAO
OrangeJellyfish chapter 4 . 6/18/2016
"Don't fuck with me" the irony XD
OrangeJellyfish chapter 3 . 6/17/2016
Now that's some yaoi smut. ;)
nika0645 chapter 5 . 3/8/2016
I'm literally crying right now. That was so amazingly hot... One of the best NaruSasu I've read. Thank you for this masterpiece!
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 5 . 12/2/2015
hot and awesoome
KazaHaru45 chapter 5 . 11/4/2015
Wow. Enough said.
RoniBopShop chapter 5 . 6/8/2015
Wow, that was great! Absolutely loved it!
Insanity's End chapter 5 . 4/29/2015
I loved your fic. And ot course your "Love Bugs"
Which was most likely an excuse to have Sasuke and Naruto to have passionate animalistic sex. I liked the way you think.
BlackKiryuu chapter 5 . 4/19/2015
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