Reviews for Aftermath
The Queen of Mean chapter 1 . 8/18/2013
I think the thing that struck me as so beautiful about this piece is that it is not one of the typical stories where the war is over and everything is sunshine and roses, everyone is perfectly at peace with life and blissfully going about their business. I've always wanted to read a story about the psychological aspect of what Harry went through immediately following the war, how he might be somewhat emotionally damaged from all that he saw, the friends he witnessed being struck down. I always wondered if perhaps he had night terrors or some form of PTSD, after all, how could he not? I appreciate this piece for it's realism, not just the fluidity with which it was written, but its nature of true-life. You managed to convey how stark and plain life was after the war, for two young parents struggling to add some form of stability back to their lives. I applaud you for this! Really well written but also very *real*. I think a lot of Potter fan fiction authors overlook the human aspect of the Potter-verse, simply because it's all magic and highly fictional. The characters are still human, facing very human psychological issues and I like that you managed to capture that. This is a melancholy piece and is so very different from the multitude of others in that it is so realistic. Well done!